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Re: puppy food
Sun Aug 20, 2006 21:22

Thanks for let me know about this. I always thought it was a good food
but now I know why it's not.

  • Re: puppy foodTamara, Sun Aug 20 18:31
    ProPlan is actually an expensive and mediocre food. It's very grain heavy and contains a lot of by-products which are not healthy for dogs. A lot of dogs love things like Purina because it's sprayed... more
    • Re: puppy food — Ellie, Sun Aug 20 21:22
      • puppy foodpattie, Sat Jun 9 19:30
        Hi, I have a 12 week old sheltie and she loves her chicken/rice proplan food for puppies. pc
    • sheltiesAnonymous, Sun Aug 20 21:05
      -deleted post. Personal attacks are not permitted-
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