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Sun Jun 10, 2007 13:04

My Sheltie is only about 8 months old, but she still knows what is right and wrong, but anytime a vacuum, broom, spray bottle, or whoopi cushion come out she goes nuts! I have tried to spray her with a water bottle in the face, but now she just loves that. I just tell her to stop each any every time, and eventually she gives up.
Roxi also loves to play with other dogs, but I try to keep her on the leash at all times! She will play with any dog, not matter how big. She loves my parents 120 pound german sheprad!
Good luck,

  • Re: Shovel BarkingShovel, Sat Apr 22 13:26
    Does Max bark like a maniac when you rake or shovel? Shovel goes CRAZY!!! You know what else bothers me, when he sees another dog, he just wants to play w/ them, but it scares me because - like i... more
    • YES! — Ashley, Sun Jun 10 13:04
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