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Re: Ok....
Thu Aug 9, 2007 14:31

She has all the markings that she'll ever have. Females don't grow as much
coat as the boys but her coat will continue to fill in for the next year or so.

By spaying her, you're reducing her risk of various cancers (uterine, mammary, etc),
pyometra and being mated by any strays that smell her when she is in heat. Since
she's not a show dog and is just a companion animal, the type of breeding you're
thinking about is called "backyard breeding". It's one of the reasons so many dogs
end up in shelters :(. Sheltie Rescues are overflowing with shelties who need homes.
Even if you did breed Roxie, there is no guarantee that her pups would have her
personality and are you committed to taking pups back if their buyers cannot keep them?
Part of responsible breeding is guarantee a home for the dogs for their entire life.

Her ears are cute. It gives her a little bit of a foxy look.

  • Ok....Ashley, Thu Aug 9 13:35
    Cute! I love him! I love that face. Its funny how they all look alike, but they are still so different looking! So, no point in trying to fix her ears? She looks nice with her ears down, but i have... more
    • Re: Ok.... — Tamara, Thu Aug 9 14:31
      • Re: Ok....Ashley, Thu Aug 9 15:18
        Foxy Roxi is what we call her! I really only wanted to breed her once, and yes i would guarantee the pups a home. I am not looking to make money or anything. I thought that was what i wanted to do,... more
        • Re: Ok....Tamara, Tue Aug 14 07:57
          If you're looking for a companion for Roxi, I'd suggest going for either a retired show dog or a rescue dog. A lot of breeders will also "grow" pups out to see if they are going to be good show dogs, ... more
          • Thanks.Ashley, Tue Aug 14 20:45
            Sadly i live in Oklahoma. I was just wanting to know, i really don't need another dog. Thank you for all the information. Ashley and Roxi.
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