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Re: Ok....
Thu Aug 9, 2007 15:18

Foxy Roxi is what we call her!
I really only wanted to breed her once, and yes i would guarantee the pups a home. I am not looking to make money or anything. I thought that was what i wanted to do, but i knew i did not want to deal with all the mess of breeding her. I would have more and likely given the puppies away, because like i said i am not in it to make a profit. I understand all about backyard breeding and i know coming from a professional breeder that i must sound like a heathen.
I just love my little Roxi so much that even now I am thinking about when she is gone. I thought maybe I could have another puppy that was a part of her. But for now I will just swallow my silliness and get her fixed.
This brings up another question (sorry for all of them) I thought I was buying a high quality dog when I bought Roxi. She is AKC registered and her grandfather was a champion…(of what I am not sure), Her parents were beautiful and the breeder is now a full time breeder who was once a vet tech. What makes a dog “breeding” qualified? How much would you pay for a “Top” quality sheltie, and how do you really even know that they are “top” quality. I am not talking about showing quality, or does all that mix together. The next pup I get i want to make sure I am getting the best of the best, although I could not be happier with Miss Roxi. She is the smartest, sweetest, most loyal dog I have ever owned!
I guess I thought I knew what I was doing when I bought Roxi, but it appears I really did not.
Thanks for all the help.
Ashley and Roxi
Oh and last thing, When you look at Roxi’s "roots" she has black hairs, but she still does not have black on her body. Am i just being really impatient and it will grow, or is that just the color of her undercoat?

  • Re: Ok....Tamara, Thu Aug 9 14:31
    She has all the markings that she'll ever have. Females don't grow as much coat as the boys but her coat will continue to fill in for the next year or so. By spaying her, you're reducing her risk of... more
    • Re: Ok.... — Ashley, Thu Aug 9 15:18
      • Re: Ok....Tamara, Tue Aug 14 07:57
        If you're looking for a companion for Roxi, I'd suggest going for either a retired show dog or a rescue dog. A lot of breeders will also "grow" pups out to see if they are going to be good show dogs, ... more
        • Thanks.Ashley, Tue Aug 14 20:45
          Sadly i live in Oklahoma. I was just wanting to know, i really don't need another dog. Thank you for all the information. Ashley and Roxi.
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