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Re: Ok....
Tue Aug 14, 2007 07:57

If you're looking for a companion for Roxi, I'd suggest going for either a
retired show dog or a rescue dog. A lot of breeders will also "grow" pups
out to see if they are going to be good show dogs, agility, etc. If the pup
gets too big is too timid then it's often offered to a pet home. To find out
more about these type of things, visit shows and talk to the breeders at
the shows.

Dogs that are top quality show prospects aren't usually offered for sale
to the general public. They are already spoken for before they are born.
The best breeders have a waiting list for pups and it can take a year or
more before a puppy becomes available.

AKC registered doesn't really mean a lot. Dogs sold by backyard breeders
can be AKC registered. Responsible breeders sell their pups on a limited
registration ie the dog must be s/n. This helps cut down on people buying
dogs and breeding them because they wouldn't be able to get papers for
the pups.

The best breeders spend a lot of time at Conformation shows, agility trials,
herding or obedience trials. Someone who is a full time breeder but does
not show or do anything to prove they are breeding for the betterment of
the breed is a backyard breeder.

If you were in FL, I know a lovely 3 1/2 year old male that is retired from
the active life of a show animal.

  • Re: Ok....Ashley, Thu Aug 9 15:18
    Foxy Roxi is what we call her! I really only wanted to breed her once, and yes i would guarantee the pups a home. I am not looking to make money or anything. I thought that was what i wanted to do,... more
    • Re: Ok.... — Tamara, Tue Aug 14 07:57
      • Thanks.Ashley, Tue Aug 14 20:45
        Sadly i live in Oklahoma. I was just wanting to know, i really don't need another dog. Thank you for all the information. Ashley and Roxi.
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