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Tom Smolich
Sheltie food.
Thu Aug 7, 2008 12:25

We have two Shelties now and have had 3 prior to these two. The best foods we have found are:
1.) the raw Northwest Natural frozen beef, turkey or chicken cubes.
2.)In addition, we also feed them a mixture of Dick Van Pattens's Fish and Sweet Potatoe dry food.
3.)We also mix in sweet potatoes, that my wife cooks.
4.)We also give them pieces of raw apples and we vary additional ingredients such as cans of peas, beans, brocolli and spinach mixed in with their dry and raw food.

We give them about 2 - 3 oz. of dry food each meal, mixed in with 4 raw cubes and add a tblspoon of the one of the other vegetables mentioned above. We feed them twice a day, at 6 AM and 6 PM.

The raw frozen food comes in bags of 12 lbs. I think. We put 20 cubes in each of previously used margarine tubs and keep about 3 or 4 of them in the freezer, depending on how much room you have in your freezer. 16 cubes is enough food for two dogs for one days feeding, 4 cubes for each dog X 2 feedings per day. We take one 16 cube tub out of the freezer and it in the fridge each night after the previous tub of 16 has been used up. This allows them to thaw out prior to the next mornings feeding. You have to be very careful of E-COLI if you choose this raw food diet so do NOT put them in the fridge for more than one day, keep them in the freezer until the night before you need them.

We put 4 cubes in each bowl and heat them up in the Microwave for about 30 seconds on 30, just so they warm up a little.


Then we mix in a few apple pieces and the dry food and a tblspn of one of the selected vegetables. It is very important that you mash up the vegetables in the bowl before you give it to the dogs. Thye muist be mashed to the consistancy of mashed potatoes of they will not absorb well and will just get pooped out. You do not have to mash the apples, just cut them into pieces about the size of a nickel, just enough so they hve to chew them.

Out dogs are helathy and live to 14 years or more.

  • Best food to feed a sheltie?Bill, Sat Jan 7 20:46
    I just got a puppy and I'm not sure what a good food to feed is. Can anyone help?
    • best food for 4yr old SheltieTammy Geddie, Fri Aug 29 20:28
      I just took over ownership of an adult Sheltie. Unfortunately the owner passed and I got her from the vet. Not a lot of info about her eating habits, so I'm going thru a ton of "mixtures" and Blue... more
      • BarkingLynn Todd, Sat Oct 15 14:03
        I live in an apartment so barking was not an option and a yapping dog that won't stop drives me nuts. The only time he barks is when someone knocks on the door or rings the door bell. I tell him to... more
    • Sheltie food. — Tom Smolich, Thu Aug 7 12:25
    • puppy foodAnonymous, Sun Aug 20 18:12
      hi my name is mady and i am having the same problem. but, i suggest that you should your puppy PURINA PRO PLAN because it's highly nutritional and MY puppy loves it so maybe yours will too.
      • Re: puppy foodTamara, Sun Aug 20 18:31
        ProPlan is actually an expensive and mediocre food. It's very grain heavy and contains a lot of by-products which are not healthy for dogs. A lot of dogs love things like Purina because it's sprayed... more
        • Re: puppy foodEllie, Sun Aug 20 21:22
          Thanks for let me know about this. I always thought it was a good food but now I know why it's not.
          • puppy foodpattie, Sat Jun 9 19:30
            Hi, I have a 12 week old sheltie and she loves her chicken/rice proplan food for puppies. pc
        • sheltiesAnonymous, Sun Aug 20 21:05
          -deleted post. Personal attacks are not permitted-
    • puppy foodBridget, Mon Jan 16 22:01
      we are feeding ours Iams Smart Puppy in the yellow bag. Roxy is 12 weeks old and been on it since she was about 7 weeks old and is doing well with it. And it's not real expensive either, also our vet ... more
      • Re: puppy foodAshley, Sun Jun 10 13:24
        My sheltie is named Roxi....just thought that was funny! Ashley
      • Re: puppy foodTamara, Wed Jan 18 19:03
        I like Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover. I find Iams extremely overpriced considering the ingredients. I try to avoid foods with corn or byproducts because neither are very healthy for dogs. Iams SP is ... more
        • FoodShovel, Thu Apr 20 15:45
          My Sheltie wont eat anything. He is 15 months old today 1/20/06 and only weighs 10#s. Help does anyone else have this problem with their dog???
          • WeightJared, Sat Dec 26 15:04
            Don't worry. My Hartley is 20 months and ten pounds. He's very healthy, eats normally, and very active. Sometimes you just get a runt. Unless he's physically unhealthy, don't worry about it.
          • RE: food - ShovelLaurie, Fri Apr 21 20:04
            Has your Sheltie never gained weight, or is this new? 10 lbs is less than half the weight of the average Sheltie. What does your vet think? My 7 year old Sheltie is large - 18 inches at the shoulder... more
            • BarkingShovel, Sat Apr 22 10:49
              Does anyone elses sheltie bark at cars when taking them out for a walk? It drives me crazy. If we are in the yard playing frisbee or something and cars come by he couldn't care less, but if he is on... more
              • Sheltie barkingAnne , Sun Aug 7 16:07
                My Sheltie, Merlin barks at everything!! He was the she's of the litter. He seems to be afraid of everything and everyone. He not only barKS at cars he lunges at them. He has pulled me off my feet.... more
              • BarkingTom Smolich, Thu Aug 7 12:29
                ALL SHELTIES BARK !! It is inherent in them. They are also extremely loyal and protective of their owners. They also love to chase cars, brooms, shovels & rakes when you use them, bikes etc. because... more
                • BarkingGene, Tue Jan 26 12:14
                  Well I've had two and neither of them barked and didn't chase anything. Neither barked at other dogs either. Of course you may have to spend a little time to overcome these tendencies and teach them... more
                  • Re: BarkingTom, Tue Jan 26 15:26
                    Well if you have Shelties and they do NOT bark - you are extremely lucky. We have had 5 over the past 25 years and ALL SHELTIES BARK - the difference is to what exztent. ...........and we have tried... more
                • Barking, chasing, etcGene, Fri May 8 12:48
                  Well I'm an owner of a 2 year old Sheltie, my second. My first barked at loud noises but I eventually trained him not to except when someone knocked on the door! My current Sheltie is not a barker... more
                  • BarkingLinda, Sat Jan 23 22:08
                    I agree - I trained my last Sheltie to stop barking when I told him to - "No bark!" and he'd stop.
                • Re: BarkingTamara, Thu Aug 7 12:44
                  They can be trained not to do this. Nico knows he can bark to let us know someone pulled in the driveway or someone is coming up the walkway. He doesn't bark at cars going by the house or people out... more
                  • BarkingTom Smolich, Thu Aug 7 20:17
                    Tamara - You are very lucky. Our two shelties have had all of the training you could possibly provide BUT the barking still continues. They respond to vebal and silent commands for everything EXCEPT... more
              • Shovel BarkingLaurie, Sat Apr 22 13:13
                Barking is a pretty typical Sheltie trait. It's Max's only flaw. The funny thing is that when I take him somewhere he's never been before, he's a perfect gentleman. He walks very nicely on-lead and... more
                • Re: Shovel BarkingShovel, Sat Apr 22 13:26
                  Does Max bark like a maniac when you rake or shovel? Shovel goes CRAZY!!! You know what else bothers me, when he sees another dog, he just wants to play w/ them, but it scares me because - like i... more
                  • YES!Ashley, Sun Jun 10 13:04
                    My Sheltie is only about 8 months old, but she still knows what is right and wrong, but anytime a vacuum, broom, spray bottle, or whoopi cushion come out she goes nuts! I have tried to spray her with ... more
              • Re: BarkingTamara, Sat Apr 22 10:52
                Nico doesn't bark at all on walks but he also knows that barking is only reserved for letting us know that someone is coming to the door.
            • Foodshovel, Sat Apr 22 10:26
              Well he is the runt of the litter, so he is very petite. The vet did check him for worms and it came up negative but they wanted me to de-worm him anyway so we did. Now we have to go back to the vet... more
              • Re: FoodAshley, Sun Jun 10 13:11
                I know i just keep adding little bits here and there...but, My dog loves to play freebie, it is kind of a trick, and she loves it so much. I did not have to teacher to jump up and catch it she just... more
                • FRISBEEAshley, Sun Jun 10 13:14
                  Freebie=Frisbee That stupid spell check gets me every time!
              • shovel FoodLaurie, Sat Apr 22 13:22
                My daughter has taught Max many tricks. He's the fastest learner of any dog I've ever had, and his attention span is incedible. He does all the usual sit, stay, lay down and shake stuff, and he also... more
                • Re: shovel FoodShovel, Sat Apr 22 13:31
                  OMG that must be sooo cute when he creeps on his belly? Do you have any suggestions on how she does it? Hey do you know how to attach a picture? If so, do you have one of Max? I also would like to... more
                  • PicturesTamara, Sat Apr 22 13:41
                    I've started a new thread on pictures with directions.
            • RE: food - ShovelTamara, Sat Apr 22 06:12
              That's almost Nico's size. He's 17 1/2" at the shoulder and 32#. The only sheltie I've ever seen that was that light couldn't have been more than 11" at the shoulder.
              • shouldershovel, Sat Apr 22 10:29
                when you say 11" at the shoulder, do you mean from shoulder to shoulder or from floor to shoulder? I'm gonna measure him and let you guys know. Now you have me very worried. Do you guys show your... more
                • Re: shoulderTamara, Sat Apr 22 10:57
                  It would be from the floor to the shoulder. The breed standard calls for a height of 13" - 16" at the shoulder which is the size reputable breeders aim for. Oversize is still a problem because... more
              • RE: food - ShovelLaurie, Sat Apr 22 08:22
                I hope that little one is tiny all over, and not just emaciated. I saw a woman in NYC walking 2 mini Shelties in Central Park - they were too cute. I tried to find a "mini-me" for Max for a while... more
                • RE: food - ShovelShovel, Sat Apr 22 10:32
                  He is small all over he is soooo damn cute. Is there a way that we can post pixs on this site. I'd like to show you to see if you think he looks to thin. It seems to fit him. I want to see you'r dog... more
                • RE: food - ShovelTamara, Sat Apr 22 09:52
                  I actually hate when people start trying to breed "mini" shelties. Those dogs tend to be prone to health problems and temperament issues since a lot of inbreeding goes on to get exceptionally small... more
                  • mini'sLaurie, Sat Apr 22 13:26
                    Unfortunately, there are unethical breeders for every type of animal. I've seen it with cats, dogs, and horses. We wouldn't have many of our mini breeds today, though if people didn't intervene and... more
                    • Re: mini'sTamara, Sat Apr 22 13:46
                      I always tell people that but a lot get suckered into "it's such a cute puppy" or "I'm saving it from the bad breeder". The sad thing is every time someone buys a puppy for these reasons, they enable ... more
                  • miniShovel, Sat Apr 22 10:33
                    Yeah i've heard that as well, but i did get mine from a repretable breeder.
          • Re: FoodTamara, Thu Apr 20 15:49
            What foods have you tried? My sheltie goes nuts for Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover. is their store locator.
            • Shovelshovel, Fri Apr 21 06:54
              I've tried Beneful, Kibbles & Bits, all sorts of puppy food Is it ok to feed him boiled chicken breast???
              • Re: ShovelTamara, Fri Apr 21 07:02
                Those foods are all poor quality and I can't blame your pup for not liking them. They have no real nutritional content and are made up of mostly fillers. Boiled chicken breast will not provide your... more
                • cheap foodDANNIELLE wEBB, Sat Jul 21 16:35
                  Actually those so called cheap foods that you are knocking arent nessary bad for dogs. My husbands dog he had for 14 years was in perfect health and as i said lived to be 14 years of age (until she... more
                • FoodLois, Sat May 1 20:26
                  I just bought blue Merle Sheltie and I was talking to the breeder who has breed dogs fo 20 years and she said that if you feed them anything but food with Lamb the shelties is prone to runny poo. I... more
                  • lamb and riceDebbie, Mon Jan 6 14:56
                    we have our three shelties on Pro-Plan lamb and rice and haven't had any loose stools so far doing o.k.
                  • Re: FoodAnonymous, Sun Jul 22 03:06
                    I feed my Sheltie Science Diet Sensitive Skin.
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