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Tom Smolich
Thu Aug 7, 2008 20:17

Tamara - You are very lucky. Our two shelties have had all of the training you could possibly provide BUT the barking still continues. They respond to vebal and silent commands for everything EXCEPT when someone or something like a car, bike etc. enters their territory which is anywhere they can see. It is a natural instinct and Shelties are normally barkers anyhow.

We have had 3 Shelties prior to this and all were barkers to some degeree, unfortunately these two we have now both have a mind of their own and are very protective.

Some dogs are more bull headed than others (just like wives) and all do not respond the same way to training.

  • Re: BarkingTamara, Thu Aug 7 12:44
    They can be trained not to do this. Nico knows he can bark to let us know someone pulled in the driveway or someone is coming up the walkway. He doesn't bark at cars going by the house or people out... more
    • Barking — Tom Smolich, Thu Aug 7 20:17
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