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Re: Best food to feed a sheltie?
Tue Nov 18, 2008 16:44

Dogs do not need human food and many of the things we season our food
with our toxic to dogs.

The ideal food for a dog is one where the ingredients are named protein
sources, no by-products, no corn/wheat/soy, no vague ingredients like
animal protein, no tallow and no cellulose.

  • Re: Best food to feed a sheltie?Anonymous, Tue Nov 18 01:57
    We feed our pup the regular puppy food you find in pet stores, on top of that we add some of our own food. It is better to feed you puppy a combination or puppy food (since it has all necessary... more
    • Re: Best food to feed a sheltie? — Pam, Tue Nov 18 16:44
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