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Re: leash training
Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:34

Sorry for the delay replying. I've been away.

Most dogs start out being afraid of the leash and collar. Leave the leash out
on the floor like it is a toy. When he sniffs it or shows an interest, reward him
with his favorite treat or game. After a few days, clip it to his collar and then
give him his favorite reward and then take the leash off. Gradually progress to
picking up the leash and walking down a hallway. As he gets more comfortable,
start taking him outside on the leash.

Also make sure that it is an appropriate size leash for his size. I like to use a
thin leather leash in place of nylon, chain or rope style leashes.

  • leash trainingHeather, Fri Dec 5 21:37
    Everytime I put a leash on my sheltie he acts as if he was scared. The few times I did put a leash on him to walk him he pulled back. I even would leave the leash on him hoping he would get used to... more
    • Re: leash training — Tamara, Sat Dec 20 11:34
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