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Fri Mar 13, 2009 09:43

I know everyone always asks about food here, but i have another food questions...for ANYONE!
I have a tri rescue sheltie named Maddie. She is about 2 years old. She is a food hound, anything she can get she eats and eats (i assume this is because of her past). I have had so many problems with her. I believe that she may have ulcerative colltus, but the vet has never conformed it.
I have tried so many different foods with her, and in then end something always happens.

Flint River Ranch-Fish and Chips- Firm stool, itchy itchy skin (he was on this for about a year)

FRR-Lamb formula- She threw it up eat time she even thought about eating it.(on this for about 3 days-took her to the vet, she was very dehydrated, and her iron was low….??!They did x-rays and everything and they couldn’t find anything wrong!?)

Pinnacle- Itchy skin, and very loose stools

NOW she is on Solid Gold- Beef and Barley and she did well for one month, increased energy, then in the last month she lost a significant amount of weight. She now has hot spots on her tail and bottom. Her stools are now becoming loose and she is very itchy and dry.( I am up to feeding her 2 cups a day, just to keep some weight on her)

I have been online looking for other foods….but it so difficult! I have tried to find a holistic Beef food that does not contain Lamb or Millet. I feel that she can not have those two things (and I am sure many others). Any suggestions?! If it continues I will just have to take her to the vet again for them to run test after test (and $$$ after $$$$!!). I am feeling slightly hopeless. I have thought about cooking for her…but I don’t even know where to being with that!

    • Re: Food...again?!Tamara, Fri Mar 13 13:30
      When you try a new food, do you do a very gradual switch? Have you tried a limited ingredient food like Natural Balance L.I.D.? It's grain free and a novel protein source. They have a number of... more
      • Re: Food...again?!Ashley, Fri Mar 13 13:57
        Yes i do, and i give her at least a month on the food (unless she is obviously sick). No i have not tried that food. I will check it out. There are so many i just don't know what to pick. I also run... more
        • Re: Food...again?!Tamara, Tue Apr 14 11:58
          How are things going with the food and the itchiness?
          • Re: Food...again?!Ashley, Wed Apr 15 11:14
            Ummm i don't really know. I guess the itchiness is better, but now she is eating everything she can get to. She eats grass constantly. She has gotten into the other dogs food and eaten about three... more
        • Re: Food...again?!Tamara, Fri Mar 13 21:40
          If the linatone doesn't seem to be helping, you could try a little olive oil or salmon oil (usually in health food stores). If you have Petsmart, Petco or PetQuarters in your area, they will carry... more
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