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Re: Food...again?!
Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:14

Ummm i don't really know. I guess the itchiness is better, but now she is eating everything she can get to. She eats grass constantly. She has gotten into the other dogs food and eaten about three pounds of it, eaten a whole load of beef jerky, and also gotten into the trash and eaten lots of seven layer taco dip! I think she is still missing something in her diet. She has always been a food hound, but it seems to have gotten worse. She has put on weight, but it might be because of all the junk she has eaten. I have noticed with this food, she has very dark stools which I donít know if that is ok? Who knows, she has always had issues with her tummy and it seems nothing is the answer, but it might also because she eats everything?! I donít know.

  • Re: Food...again?!Tamara, Tue Apr 14 11:58
    How are things going with the food and the itchiness?
    • Re: Food...again?! — Ashley, Wed Apr 15 11:14
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