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Cindy Hockenberry
Barking Sheltie
Tue Sep 15, 2009 14:29

I have a six month old Male sheltie, Lucky. I adopted him when he was 3 months old. He is a major barker, both outside and inside; driving everybody crazy! I purchased a unit in the house that would omit a sound that only he could hear. That was not effective. I then returned it for a Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Collar - made by Pet Safe. It does not come with a remote, so you are not the one doing the punishing. It responds and adjusts to your dog's barking. It only detects your dogs bark and it has an automatic correction level adjustment for temperment. These are 129. at pet store - worth every penny, but you can find a new one on line for about $50-75. Good luck. Our house is now 100% quieter and was within the 1st 24 hours!

  • barkingHeather, Fri Dec 5 21:29
    I got my sheltie when he was 6 mos old. At first Tippy never barked and I was concerned. Once Tippy got used to everything he started barking, and once he starts he don't stop. Tippy mostly barks at... more
    • Barking Sheltie — Cindy Hockenberry, Tue Sep 15 14:29
    • Re: barkingAshley, Fri Mar 13 09:28
      You let me know if you ever find a way!! I have a rescue dog who i got about a year ago. She was so shy and scared we just wanted her to be happy, so we didn't discipline her, for fear it would make... more
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