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Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:43

I do not feed my dog any food from grocery store. He only gets holistic food that has no by-products and most importantly NO GRAINS or preservatives. Lots of dogs have allergies to grains especially corn. Rice is an exception.
The food I'm currently using is Wellness Core which is a protein-focused food though they have others for specific things like senior dogs, puppy food, weight control, hip & join support, etc. Another poster is correct about grocery store food which is usually sprayed with fat which dogs love and will eat almost any food with it. Yes natural, holistic food is more expensive but it's worth it for my best friend!!

    • CORE is an excellent foodTamara, Wed Jan 27 08:16
      CORE is an excellent food. Good quality food is not as expensive as it initially seems. A dog can eat less of a good quality food because it is nutrient and calorie dense.
      • FoodGene, Wed Jan 27 11:52
        You are absolutely correct! Thanks for the additional input.
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