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Re: Barking
Tue Jan 26, 2010 15:26

Well if you have Shelties and they do NOT bark - you are extremely lucky. We have had 5 over the past 25 years and ALL SHELTIES BARK - the difference is to what exztent.

...........and we have tried to train them NOT to bark but when you live in an area where they are millions of squirrels in the trees and other wildlife - teaching to NOT bark is a real problem.

What I need is to hear from someone as to how they stopped them from barking not how yours does not bark but thanks for the information anyhow.

  • BarkingGene, Tue Jan 26 12:14
    Well I've had two and neither of them barked and didn't chase anything. Neither barked at other dogs either. Of course you may have to spend a little time to overcome these tendencies and teach them... more
    • Re: Barking — Tom, Tue Jan 26 15:26
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