cheap food
Sat Jul 21, 2012 16:35

Actually those so called cheap foods that you are knocking arent nessary bad for dogs. My husbands dog he had for 14 years was in perfect health and as i said lived to be 14 years of age (until she was hit by a car who drove off) and the vet said that they have "never seen a dog in great shape (when she had her past visit (years earlier) she ate "Old Roy" foods. So it's not nessary on how much you pay for food its really depends on the dogs HEALTH in general.

  • Re: ShovelTamara, Fri Apr 21 07:02
    Those foods are all poor quality and I can't blame your pup for not liking them. They have no real nutritional content and are made up of mostly fillers. Boiled chicken breast will not provide your... more
    • cheap food — DANNIELLE wEBB, Sat Jul 21 16:35
    • FoodLois, Sat May 1 20:26
      I just bought blue Merle Sheltie and I was talking to the breeder who has breed dogs fo 20 years and she said that if you feed them anything but food with Lamb the shelties is prone to runny poo. I... more
      • lamb and riceDebbie, Mon Jan 6 14:56
        we have our three shelties on Pro-Plan lamb and rice and haven't had any loose stools so far doing o.k.
      • Re: FoodAnonymous, Sun Jul 22 03:06
        I feed my Sheltie Science Diet Sensitive Skin.
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