Sheltie barking
Sun Aug 7, 2016 16:07

My Sheltie, Merlin barks at everything!! He was the she's of the litter. He seems to be afraid of everything and everyone. He not only barKS at cars he lunges at them. He has pulled me off my feet. It got so bad I took him to the vet for his shots and told her how bad it had gotten. After observing him she diagnosed OCD. We put him on medication and it has really helped. I should also mention I am a dog trainer. When an animal is on me ds for OCD it must be a in conjunction with a training regimen. Anne

  • BarkingShovel, Sat Apr 22 10:49
    Does anyone elses sheltie bark at cars when taking them out for a walk? It drives me crazy. If we are in the yard playing frisbee or something and cars come by he couldn't care less, but if he is on... more
    • Sheltie barking — Anne , Sun Aug 7 16:07
    • BarkingTom Smolich, Thu Aug 7 12:29
      ALL SHELTIES BARK !! It is inherent in them. They are also extremely loyal and protective of their owners. They also love to chase cars, brooms, shovels & rakes when you use them, bikes etc. because... more
      • BarkingGene, Tue Jan 26 12:14
        Well I've had two and neither of them barked and didn't chase anything. Neither barked at other dogs either. Of course you may have to spend a little time to overcome these tendencies and teach them... more
        • Re: BarkingTom, Tue Jan 26 15:26
          Well if you have Shelties and they do NOT bark - you are extremely lucky. We have had 5 over the past 25 years and ALL SHELTIES BARK - the difference is to what exztent. ...........and we have tried... more
      • Barking, chasing, etcGene, Fri May 8 12:48
        Well I'm an owner of a 2 year old Sheltie, my second. My first barked at loud noises but I eventually trained him not to except when someone knocked on the door! My current Sheltie is not a barker... more
        • BarkingLinda, Sat Jan 23 22:08
          I agree - I trained my last Sheltie to stop barking when I told him to - "No bark!" and he'd stop.
      • Re: BarkingTamara, Thu Aug 7 12:44
        They can be trained not to do this. Nico knows he can bark to let us know someone pulled in the driveway or someone is coming up the walkway. He doesn't bark at cars going by the house or people out... more
        • BarkingTom Smolich, Thu Aug 7 20:17
          Tamara - You are very lucky. Our two shelties have had all of the training you could possibly provide BUT the barking still continues. They respond to vebal and silent commands for everything EXCEPT... more
    • Shovel BarkingLaurie, Sat Apr 22 13:13
      Barking is a pretty typical Sheltie trait. It's Max's only flaw. The funny thing is that when I take him somewhere he's never been before, he's a perfect gentleman. He walks very nicely on-lead and... more
      • Re: Shovel BarkingShovel, Sat Apr 22 13:26
        Does Max bark like a maniac when you rake or shovel? Shovel goes CRAZY!!! You know what else bothers me, when he sees another dog, he just wants to play w/ them, but it scares me because - like i... more
        • YES!Ashley, Sun Jun 10 13:04
          My Sheltie is only about 8 months old, but she still knows what is right and wrong, but anytime a vacuum, broom, spray bottle, or whoopi cushion come out she goes nuts! I have tried to spray her with ... more
    • Re: BarkingTamara, Sat Apr 22 10:52
      Nico doesn't bark at all on walks but he also knows that barking is only reserved for letting us know that someone is coming to the door.
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