Lynn Todd
Sat Oct 15, 2016 14:03

I live in an apartment so barking was not an option and a yapping dog that won't stop drives me nuts. The only time he barks is when someone knocks on the door or rings the door bell. I tell him to stop and he does. They are so easy to train, but you have to establish you are the boss first as with any dog. They are very sensitive dogs so firm but not startling, and with any training a reward is always appreciated. Shelties are in the top 10 of intelligent dogs, and part of the scale is established by how many repetitions does it take to teach them something. For those in the top 10 the number is 5. If at some point when training or correcting you cave on things you're screwed. I have asked and if I am not home when someone comes to the door he doesn't bark. To train your dog I suggest that you find a sound to show your dog disapproval. Mine is a low quick "ack" Make your sound and then say no. Pretty soon you will just have to make the sound.

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