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RE: food - Shovel
Sat Apr 22, 2006 08:22

I hope that little one is tiny all over, and not just emaciated. I saw a woman in NYC walking 2 mini Shelties in Central Park - they were too cute. I tried to find a "mini-me" for Max for a while after that, but had no luck!

  • RE: food - ShovelTamara, Sat Apr 22 06:12
    That's almost Nico's size. He's 17 1/2" at the shoulder and 32#. The only sheltie I've ever seen that was that light couldn't have been more than 11" at the shoulder.
    • shouldershovel, Sat Apr 22 10:29
      when you say 11" at the shoulder, do you mean from shoulder to shoulder or from floor to shoulder? I'm gonna measure him and let you guys know. Now you have me very worried. Do you guys show your... more
      • Re: shoulderTamara, Sat Apr 22 10:57
        It would be from the floor to the shoulder. The breed standard calls for a height of 13" - 16" at the shoulder which is the size reputable breeders aim for. Oversize is still a problem because... more
    • RE: food - Shovel — Laurie, Sat Apr 22 08:22
      • RE: food - ShovelShovel, Sat Apr 22 10:32
        He is small all over he is soooo damn cute. Is there a way that we can post pixs on this site. I'd like to show you to see if you think he looks to thin. It seems to fit him. I want to see you'r dog... more
      • RE: food - ShovelTamara, Sat Apr 22 09:52
        I actually hate when people start trying to breed "mini" shelties. Those dogs tend to be prone to health problems and temperament issues since a lot of inbreeding goes on to get exceptionally small... more
        • mini'sLaurie, Sat Apr 22 13:26
          Unfortunately, there are unethical breeders for every type of animal. I've seen it with cats, dogs, and horses. We wouldn't have many of our mini breeds today, though if people didn't intervene and... more
          • Re: mini'sTamara, Sat Apr 22 13:46
            I always tell people that but a lot get suckered into "it's such a cute puppy" or "I'm saving it from the bad breeder". The sad thing is every time someone buys a puppy for these reasons, they enable ... more
        • miniShovel, Sat Apr 22 10:33
          Yeah i've heard that as well, but i did get mine from a repretable breeder.
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