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Re: shoulder
Sat Apr 22, 2006 10:57

It would be from the floor to the shoulder. The breed standard calls for
a height of 13" - 16" at the shoulder which is the size reputable breeders
aim for. Oversize is still a problem because collies were introduced into
the breed at one time and those collie genes have a tendency to kick in.
Undersize is highly unusual except in the cases of runts and bad breeders
deliberately breeding undersize shelties to undersize shelties.

I don't show anymore but I used to show Collies.

  • shouldershovel, Sat Apr 22 10:29
    when you say 11" at the shoulder, do you mean from shoulder to shoulder or from floor to shoulder? I'm gonna measure him and let you guys know. Now you have me very worried. Do you guys show your... more
    • Re: shoulder — Tamara, Sat Apr 22 10:57
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