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shovel Food
Sat Apr 22, 2006 13:22

My daughter has taught Max many tricks. He's the fastest learner of any dog I've ever had, and his attention span is incedible. He does all the usual sit, stay, lay down and shake stuff, and he also jumps through a hula hoop, or your arms if you make a ring, creeps on his tummy, catches and fetches balls and frisbees. He plays dead if you pretend to shoot him with your finger and say "bang" and he does an awesome "high-five". I wanted to try some agility training when he was younger, because he was so good at going through the hunt course and jumping all of the fences when we'd take him to the stables where we keep our horse, but I spent all of my time and money showing the horse at the time!

  • Foodshovel, Sat Apr 22 10:26
    Well he is the runt of the litter, so he is very petite. The vet did check him for worms and it came up negative but they wanted me to de-worm him anyway so we did. Now we have to go back to the vet... more
    • Re: FoodAshley, Sun Jun 10 13:11
      I know i just keep adding little bits here and there...but, My dog loves to play freebie, it is kind of a trick, and she loves it so much. I did not have to teacher to jump up and catch it she just... more
      • FRISBEEAshley, Sun Jun 10 13:14
        Freebie=Frisbee That stupid spell check gets me every time!
    • shovel Food — Laurie, Sat Apr 22 13:22
      • Re: shovel FoodShovel, Sat Apr 22 13:31
        OMG that must be sooo cute when he creeps on his belly? Do you have any suggestions on how she does it? Hey do you know how to attach a picture? If so, do you have one of Max? I also would like to... more
        • PicturesTamara, Sat Apr 22 13:41
          I've started a new thread on pictures with directions.
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