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Re: Shovel Barking
Sat Apr 22, 2006 13:26

Does Max bark like a maniac when you rake or shovel? Shovel goes CRAZY!!! You know what else bothers me, when he sees another dog, he just wants to play w/ them, but it scares me because - like i said he is only 10#s and the other dog could be 120#'s and he don't care so he runs up to the dog (any dog) and wants to play, i'm just afraid that the big dog will get pissed and bite him. There was one day that my husband (thank god it wasn't me) took him out to pee and he wasn't on his leash and he b-lined it to a big dog (who was on a leash THANK GOD!) the big dog pinned him up to the fence my husband said that he peed himself he was so nervous (the dog) but HE STILL DOES IT. Any advise?

  • Shovel BarkingLaurie, Sat Apr 22 13:13
    Barking is a pretty typical Sheltie trait. It's Max's only flaw. The funny thing is that when I take him somewhere he's never been before, he's a perfect gentleman. He walks very nicely on-lead and... more
    • Re: Shovel Barking — Shovel, Sat Apr 22 13:26
      • YES!Ashley, Sun Jun 10 13:04
        My Sheltie is only about 8 months old, but she still knows what is right and wrong, but anytime a vacuum, broom, spray bottle, or whoopi cushion come out she goes nuts! I have tried to spray her with ... more
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