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Re: shovel Food
Sat Apr 22, 2006 13:31

OMG that must be sooo cute when he creeps on his belly? Do you have any suggestions on how she does it? Hey do you know how to attach a picture? If so, do you have one of Max? I also would like to show you one of Shovel so you can tell me if you think he is TOOOO small!!! Please let me know. ( i know i am full of questions and i'm sorry it's just i am really new at this internet stuff - i'm a little behind the times. )

  • shovel FoodLaurie, Sat Apr 22 13:22
    My daughter has taught Max many tricks. He's the fastest learner of any dog I've ever had, and his attention span is incedible. He does all the usual sit, stay, lay down and shake stuff, and he also... more
    • Re: shovel Food — Shovel, Sat Apr 22 13:31
      • PicturesTamara, Sat Apr 22 13:41
        I've started a new thread on pictures with directions.
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