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Lucy Avellino
Into the Fire
Tue Mar 1, 2005 23:10

There was a really, really, really good reason why neither Jackie or Caleb could put their paws on Lucy and her cohorts. The quartet had made a beeline for a club run by one of the Avellino associates, and the brash young lady managed to talk all of them inside. It was one of those nightspots that only a long-time New Yorker knew about and occasionally told their friends about. It took half an hour for Lucy to force her way through three shots of brandy, which gave the lightweight something of a spectacular buzz.

"My God, gentlemen. We own the city tonight."

Sean agreed, linking his arm through hers as they left the club -- Ben and Hugh tipsily behind them. The night breeze swirled around, tossing skirts and tableclothes hither and yon in its pursuit of gratification. Or whatever night breezes yearned for. She knew, in that clarity that came with near-drunkeness, that giving up this happily bohemian lifestyle was a sure way to kill her soul. Eventually the body would shut down, leaving her in the vegetative state known as 'Mafia Wife'. Humming quietly, she wandered towards the large fountain on the west side of the Square, and leapt up onto the flat expanse of stone that surrounded the trickling water.

Later, she would blame the entire episode on Sean.

"David walked into the valley with a stone clutched in his hand. He was only a boy but he knew someone must take a stand ..." The tenor's voice lingered in the air, an invitation to shed normal inhibitions. "here will always be a valley. Always mountains one must scale. There will always be perilous waters which someone must sail. Into valleys, into waters ... into jungles, into hell let us ride, let us ride home again with a story to tell!" He bounded onto the structure beside her, soon followed by the older couple. Who should have known better.

"Let the lightning strike! Let the flash of it shock you! Choke your fears away, pull as tight as a wire. Let the fever strike, let the force of it rock you." That was Lucy's clear voice, heard clearly along this length of the monsterous Square ... clearly a beacon as tourists and natives alike began to congregate around the wild band of roving ... singers.

We will have our day, sailing into the fire. Someone has to face the valley. Rush in! We have to rally and win boys! When the world is saying not to, By God, you know you've got to march on, boys. Never hold back your step for a moment. Look alive! Oh, your courage will grow... Yes, it's higher and higher and into the fire we go ....Into fire! Onward, ho!" At least they were all talented, and not so drunk the voice suffered.

Apparently, enough people found themselves entertained that requests began to be called out. " Oklahoma!" Another voice sounded towards the rear of the small crowd, "Les Miserables". And some joker chimed in with, "Custer: The Musical!" If only they had been so lucky. " 'Ey, do that one from that Phantom show. My mom saw youse guys openin' night." Teenager, maybe seventeen. Googly-eyed at Lucy, which wasn't that hard to understand.

She glanced at Sean. He glanced back. And grinned. Oh dear. Somehow, they found themselves belting out the last chorus to All I Ask of You, the poster children for ... True Love. When the notes died away, a flurry of street flowers provided an interesting sort of shower. Riding the euphoric high of performance, Lucy descended rather quickly from the fountain without looking --- and stumbled straight into Dracula. Er, Gary Oldman. Why he was there that night she'd never know. The actor rendered her speechless by offering a rose and then dipping her into an oldfashioned Hollywood kiss. "Marvelous voice."

Blink. Blink. Blinkblinkblink.

"Did you see that? GARY OLDMAN kissed me." The brunette paused. "I'm never washing my lips again." Ok, so something could completely awe the granddaughter of Bernardo Avellino. Wasn't it nice to know she was as star-struck as the next rich-mafia-brat. Loosing a sound best described as a 'New Yawk War Cry', she darted through the crowd and into the open.

And ran smackdab into The Opera Ghost. THUNK! Her body bounced off of his, arms reaching out instinctively to steady herself. Caleb. Poor, poor, poor guy. Muddled with the alcohol, Lucy fell victim to the age-old phenomena known as I've got a huge, enormous crush on you and I'm drunk enough to do something about it! Standing up on her tiptoes, ze Italiano zinger fit her mouth against his in a kiss so sweet that if her victim could not find it in himself to enjoy, he was surely a man not fit to call himself such.


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