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Caleb Holmes
The Decision
Wed Mar 2, 2005 00:49

And still, he wandered the Square! Eventually Caleb had made a full round through the place, barely aware of the people around him as he occasionally shouldered through the crowds. A time or two he heard the whispered words, “Is that the Phantom?” but nothing came of it, thank God. He hadn’t realized that the play was so immensely popular! Oh, sure, millions of copies of the album had been sold, but Rob had to get him into this theater, where it was so popular, didn’t he?

“Hey, Gino!” No, don’t let it be–! Oh, never mind. Jackie came trotting over, hardly looking the worse for wear. “I’m going to hit up a few of the places around here that she likes to visit.” Giving a sedate nod, Caleb tipped a short salute before returning to the walk. It wasn’t until he heard the lilting voices just ahead, beyond a small crowd, that he began to wonder.

They wouldn’t…

“'Ey, do that one from that Phantom show. My mom saw youse guys openin' night!” Caleb could hear it from half-way down the block, which wasn’t all too amazing considering everyone was pretty quiet to listen. And then it came! Wow, David would be furious if they heard this! The thought nearly made Caleb laugh as he sidled up to the backside of the crowd, simply watching. When it was all over with, and the foursome was showered with applause, he began to step forward, moving that much quicker when Lucy began to stumble.

Gasp! A kiss! Trying not to laugh hysterically as Lucy was plucked up by some guy and given one helluva kiss, he had to admit her reaction was far more amusing. “Did you see that? GARY OLDMAN kissed me.” A disbelieving hand rose with the declaration, “I’m never washing my lips again.” And then she was off again!

Right into his arms.

Blinking in surprise, Caleb snatched the girl up before she fell on her rear end. Besides, it was far too a pretty one to mar with a bruise. But before he knew what was happening, she was on her tiptoes to reach the heights of his lips for the kiss of a century. What in the hell has gotten in to this girl! Of course, he just had to make a point, and offered Lucy a replay of what had happened with her ‘Gary Oldman’ fellow. With any luck he’d make her forget all about that! Once they were upright, he had a chiding smile widening his lips, tapping her on the nose as he sang.

“Wandering child, so lost, so helpless… Yearning for my guidance…” Slinging an arm about Lucy’s waist, he made sure she was going to stay upright before eyeing the trio gallivanting around the fountain. “Sean! Ben! Hugh!” With each name barked out, a man stopped, peering over curiously. “Youse know bettah than ‘dis!” It wasn’t a glare, merely a disapproving look for all four of them, before he fished out Gino’s cell phone and dialed up Jackie. “The fountain, we’ll wait.”

Until then…

Lucy seemed to be having a buzz kill going on, and the guys weren’t exactly having that grand of a time. How to liven it up? Thinking on his feet, Caleb twirled the Avellino girl into a quick tango toward the fountain, where the men remained standing, like they were frozen in time. Then he took the daring step, up onto the fountain, lifting Lucy with him. What in the hell was he doing?!

“Insolent boy!” The shout resounded through the area, a finger pointed down at Sean. With a waggle of the brows, the men began to play along, and he began to feel Lucy’s shoulders relax. “This slave of fashion, basking in your glory!” Sure, they were drawing attention this way, but he had to get Lucy to go along with this. “Ignorant fool! This brave young suitor, sharing in my triumph!” Pausing, he glanced down at the girl, even while he still had his arm wrapped snugly about her waist, waiting to see if she’d take the bait.

“Angel! I hear you!” Yes! She was going along with it! Feeling rather accomplished at this, he played it through with Lucy and Sean until Jackie arrived, eyeing them all rather sternly. Oh well. Eventually they wound down with the man’s appearance, Caleb hefting Lucy back down from the edge of the fountain before either one of them fell in.

“We’ll see youse tomorrow, eh?” Caleb called after the trio. “Celebration on me!” Oh, they really liked that one. “C’mon princess, we’re goin’ home.” He let her get as close as she wanted, as long as the girl kept walking toward the Jeep. Ironically enough, it wasn’t very far from the fountain, which worked in his favor. Even if Jackie was hovering near her side in a hulking fashion. “We’ll meet’cha back at ‘da house, a’ight?” Well, they had done it before, even if Jackie was a tad reluctant this time, he let it slide and began jogging off toward his car.

“You taste like brandy, princess,” Caleb murmured against Lucy’s ear once they got to his Jeep, opening the door to lend a hand so she could climb inside. But she continued to hang on to him, enough so that a quick kiss allowed him to wrench free so he could get behind the wheel. Even then she stretched over the center console to rest her head against his shoulder. Oh, this girl was definitely tipsy. “Here, drink this.” A bottle of water offered, which wasn’t ice cold, but cool enough, and before they left the square he made her drink half of its contents.

The ride back was an interesting, with Caleb eventually giving in after she had fiddled with the radio, an arm wrapped about her shoulders once the console had been flipped down so it was more comfortable. And it was the longest ride to the Avellino home of his life! By the time they pulled up to the brownstone with Jackie right up his ass, it was late enough as it was. “Listen, princess,” Caleb whispered once he turned off the engine. “You need to drink a shitload of water before you go to bed, okay? Tomorrow’s the last night, and you’ll have the hangover from hell if you don’t.” But she seemed more intent to cuddle with him.

“C’mon dollface, time to go to bed.” Oh, that protest wasn’t any good, especially with Jackie helping her out the passenger side. But once Caleb got there? She hung off of him like he was her last lifeline. Once they were through the door, she seemed far more bouncy, trying to drag him further into the home. He wasn’t going to have any of that, not without Bernardo around.

“Jackie, man… We’ve got to get her to bed.” As an aside, while Lucy plucked at his jacket in an attempt to apparently remove it, he was quiet enough so she would hopefully not hear it. “I need to speak with Bernardo. Alone.” Maybe afterwards, he would ask to check on Lucy, and make sure she was all right before taking his leave. But one this was certain.

He had made his decision.

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