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Lucy Avellino
The Final Curtain
Wed Mar 2, 2005 03:48

“Wandering child, so lost, so helpless… Yearning for my guidance…”

Erik was singing to her. No, wait. Gino. With Erik's voice. Lightheaded enough to blur the difference, but not so smashed that she'd do something really stupid, and fueled very much by the 'kiss of the century', she added her own voice to his as they serenaded the entire half of the Square. At least until Jackie strolled up, giving her the evil eye. Awe. Spoilsport. Hearing something about celebrations, thinking that sounded grand, she fit herself against him as they marched towards his car. Jeep. Tin can on wheels.

Lucy giggled. So who the feck cared if she was halfway drunk? Success felt good. Gino felt better. Why shouldn't she just play the good, little mobster chick and sleep with the new guy? Find out what put that extra ounce of tension into the very fibre of his being. Fuzzy pink elephants aside, Mistah Sexy was quite willing to let her use him as a couch. And she was willing to let him let her.

Yeah. Sounded almost right.

"Yeah. I had three brandys. Itty-bitty ones." Oooo, you reckless wench. A whole three shots of the stuff. Resting her cheek against his shoulder, Lucy decided he was just about her favorite guy in the whole world after Papa and Jackie. Unless he didn't stop turning off the classical station she was trying to tune in. Dash it all, man, sometimes it was neccessary to bestow Dvorak on the rest of the world! Or, currently, the interior of a nearly speeding Jeep.

Actually, the need for music paled in comparison to her need to just hold onto him. That's all. When they got home, she'd get him onto the couch. Then he wouldn't mind one very long hug, surely. If she'd been sober, none of her overly expressive self would've been let out of the cage. Not so blatantly, anyway. So why wasn't he getting on the couch like she was mentally ordering him to?

Jackie just extracted the brunette from her attempts to pat down Caleb like a fisherman. "Yeah, I'll do it. Grab a corner somewhere and make yourself comfortable." He paused at the base of the staircase, his 'job' hanging off his shoulder like a cute sack of potatoes."Nice accent. Real relief from the Jersey." Aha. Yer slippin', secret agent man. But the older made man wasn't going to say anything else. Whatever the actor's issues were, they didn't affect him. Yet. Let Lucy make some mistakes. In his opinion, Bernardo kept too short a lease on his descendant.

Well, the plan worked halfway up the stairs, at which point Jackie figured out that he was getting too old for this shit. "Gino!" Expecting the younger man to hop to, he continued on at a slower pace and attained the second floor just a few seconds in front of Caleb. Too bad the female space was on the third, and final, floor. Huffing and puffing, more in Giacomo's case than not, the two managed to get the by-now peacefully unconscious singer to said floor. And let me tell you, quite the experience.

In what had once been three different rooms now lay a studio apartment, sans full kitchen. There was a tiny kitchette in the corner, next to the bathroom. Along one wall ran a series of shelves holding everything from clothing to books and music, to a small section obviously devoted to scripts and sheet music. Eclectic but orderly. Her bed was the antithesis of mobster movies. No four poster monstrosity here, folks. Nope. Lucy's prone form soon decorated the firm-yet-comfortable surface of a futon, over which had been thrown several handmade quilts of the hippy era. They went well with the classic rock, musical and movie posters adorning the other three walls.

And the truly terrifying part about the room? It was ... spotless. Maybe Caleb wasn't the only one who put on a convincing front. Jackie eased one of the quilts from underneath and spread it across her frame. "Sleep well, princess." Now all he had to do was deliver Gino to his boss and perhaps, God willing, get some sleep.

Bernardo was in the backyard, sitting at a small table just barely out of the spill of illumination from the porch light. After sending a relieved Jackie off to bed, he invited Caleb to sit down and share a cigar. Non cuban, thanks. He preferred the rich ones from Turkey. "So my granddaughter tried to get herself drunk." As ever, he seemed quietly amused with the vagarities of life. "I'm starting to suspect I've spoiled her rotten and made her completely useless as a ..." He paused, glancing over to judge the agent's reaction."As a dutiful wife and mother." A low chuckle issued from the plume of smoke.

"Not that she won't eventually make a good one. Wife, I mean. It was my intention to settle her down with an appropriate protector. On the surface, a boy like Sonny Piazzo is the ideal candidate." Moonlight glinted on grayed hair, turning it to steel. Somehow he had to make this young federal pup agree to take on his son's only child. One of the best kept secrets about the Avellino boss was his absolute ability to portray exactly what people expected to see. His other gift was sensing trouble. All kinds of it.

"He's dangerous when denied his wants. And right now his wants include Lucy." He paused to stub out the cigar and light up a cigarette. Hey, everyone had their vices. "Do you know why?" Not that an answer would have mattered, apparently Bernardo was going to do this his own way. Kinda like 'Luce'. "My son married an Italian woman. Rather than mining the island of Sicily, like so many do, he went north. Fell in love with a spirited painter. Married her as quickly as he could and brought her home."

Another pause, this time to drink from a beer bottle near the ashtray. "When Luciana was born, William thought to put together a family tree for his future grandchildren. My daughter-in-law confessed at that point that she had wanted out of her home life so badly that she had lied about her name. So off to the church we went -- entirely new ceremony." Yes. The story had a point. Shaddup and listen to a storyteller. "It turned out that she was a direct descendant of Giuliano dei Medici, through less than matrimonial legitimacy."

The Underboss took another drag from his cigarette, finally turning his gaze from the moon to watch Caleb. "Lucy is a Medici by birth, no matter how diluted the blood has become over the last several centuries. That is why I keep her close to me ... and why I choose to let her remain unaware of this." Sternly light eyes narrowed. "My own mother, God rest her soul, was a survivor of the potato famine." Letting the whole of everything he said sink in, Bernardo stubbed out his cigarette and let the silence unfold for a few more minutes.

"Jackie said you requested to see me alone." That, apparently, was an invitation to start talking now.

The chandelier swung out across the audience on cued, producing shrieks of alarm from those who had never seen the legendary production before. Shelly and several other techies were just offstage, guiding the massive prop with ropes and a cable system to control the progress of its fall. After yet another enthusiastic round of applause, the house lights came on halfway, signalling the end of Act One.

Lucy and Sean were seated across from Caleb, two of the three nursing cold bottles of Evian and looking exceptionally unthrilled about loud noises and bright lights. "How could you let me start mixing my shots, idjit?" The soprano glared at the tenor, who returned the favor. "After you insisted in paying for thirty dollars worth." Somehow, during the previous evening, they'd bonded into the sort of relationship that skirted the definition of 'sibling'. Maybe singing in Washington Square after midnight did that.

"D'ya think they'd let us just strike the set tomorrow? Don't wanna see the lair vanish yet." She pouted, head turning towards the vicinity of the stage when Shelly popped by, mouthing 'Places, five minutes to curtain'. Ugh. That meant getting up, didn't it. "It's ... Barbie and Ken attend the Opera." Ok, so fluffy chiffon gowns were now on her hate list. Mental note: Be nice to the bridesmaid if she ever got married. Sean snorted, struggling to his feet and then pulled up his partner-in-crime. "Gino, we look forward to be terrorized by you in a little while."

Lucy paused, straightening out the gown's skirts. "Hey, Gino. Thanks for putting up with my idiocy last night. You didn't have to be such a gentleman about it." Leaning over, she planted a much subdued kiss against the unmasked side of his face before turning to follow .... Raoul back into the wings. Just one more Act and the production would officially be closed. Explained all the bittersweet sighs whenever someone said a favored line on stage.

Damn actors, they were so .... dramatic.

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