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Caleb Holmes
Celebrations Ensue
Wed Mar 2, 2005 15:13

Yeah. I had three brandys. Itty-bitty ones.

Right now, Caleb was beginning to think that Lucy had consumed a lot more than three shots of brandy. Even if she did look the light weight! Unlimbered of her weight for a short while, he stood there in the welcoming foyer so as not to be so much an intruder, even if he still had a job to do. Everything that he could see was calculated and inventories in a mental collection, along with any other rooms viewed from here. For some perverse reason, he was happy they hadn’t received the search warrant to bug this place. Soon, they would, but until then—

“Gino!” Shit. Sprinting out of the foyer and up the stairs, he found Jackie with an unsteady Lucy, both of them having difficulties. Frowning at the sight once he reached the second floor, he scooped an unconscious Luciana up, to lift Jackie’s burdens, and headed for higher ground. Imagine his surprise at her living quarters! Neat, tidy, in an eclectic sort of fashion, and completely hippie-ish. Once the covers had been tossed back and she was in bed, Caleb bestowed a chaste kiss to her brow, ushered out by Jackie soon after.

Bernardo Avellino was not in the residence proper, but out back. Caleb hadn’t expected to be left alone with the man once again, but here he was, seated beside one of the most feared men in the country. It wasn’t a first for him, but it was definitely odd. Every other person had had an inordinate amount of security surrounding them at all times. But not Bernardo; he held the quiet assurance that Caleb knew to be wary of. These were the dangerous men, not some young punk with a gun.

“So my granddaughter tried to get herself drunk.” An uneasy smile followed from the agent, though he said nothing on the subject. At least it wasn’t he that plied her with liquor and tried to get into her pants. “I'm starting to suspect I've spoiled her rotten and made her completely useless as a…” As a what? “As a dutiful wife and mother.” Snorting a laugh, Caleb shook his head minutely. He couldn’t see Lucy in that role.

“Not that she won't eventually make a good one. Wife, I mean. It was my intention to settle her down with an appropriate protector. On the surface, a boy like Sonny Piazzo is the ideal candidate.” Caleb was not used to dealing with these types of family scenarios or mindsets, to be honest. He came from a simple home, geared towards government work, while the Avellino family… Well, they were something else. “He's dangerous when denied his wants. And right now his wants include Lucy.” That was painfully obvious. “Do you know why?” A shake of the head was Bernardo’s reply, but he was already pushing on.

“My son married an Italian woman. Rather than mining the island of Sicily, like so many do, he went north. Fell in love with a spirited painter. Married her as quickly as he could and brought her home.” What in the hell did that have to do with anything? Lofting an inquisitive brow toward the significantly older gentleman – and how did he live so long, drinking and smoking?! – Caleb waited. “When Luciana was born, William thought to put together a family tree for his future grandchildren. My daughter-in-law confessed at that point that she had wanted out of her home life so badly that she had lied about her name. So off to the church we went – entirely new ceremony.” But why?

“It turned out that she was a direct descendant of Giuliano dei Medici, through less than matrimonial legitimacy.” Waitasecondhere! Blinking, Caleb thought back on the small bit of history he had received as part of his training and only the highlights were there for the world’s past. Giuliano, dei Medici had the bastard son Giulio, who became Pope Clement VII. Oh God, this was insanity! But Bernardo was dead serious, he could tell that much by the way the man told his story. “Lucy is a Medici by birth, no matter how diluted the blood has become over the last several centuries. That is why I keep her close to me… and why I choose to let her remain unaware of this.” Now that was understandable. “My own mother, God rest her soul, was a survivor of the potato famine.” There was a shitload of heritage to take in here!

“Jackie said you requested to see me alone.” And then Avellino has to go with that!

With both men facing one another, Caleb flicked his eyes back toward the house, hoping that Bernardo would get the hint. The outdoors were far too open for this discussion, especially if his superiors had been given clearance for a far-range listening device. They wouldn’t be able to listen within the walls, but outside was another story. And God bless him, Bernardo understood! Muttering something about his ‘old bones’ and ‘ice tea’, he led Caleb inside to the kitchen, and actually got the damned tea! But there was an inquisitive gleam in his eyes, not yet clouded by age, and he could only gulp before speaking.

“You asked me to do a very difficult thing,” he began slowly, taking a seat at the table. “You know who I am, yet you took the risk! God, even I’m taking the risk of speaking to you about this.” For once, Caleb spoke as he knew… No odd dialects or foreign accents. “How I am supposed to do this, I’m not sure. I’ve spent the last five years in England! Who knows where I’ll get carted off to next? And for how long?” Frowning, he chanced a glance up to Bernardo, only to find a serene face watching him.

“You know I’ll report to my superiors what I can, Bernardo.” A sedate nod followed; the man knew exactly what risks he was running here. “And no one else knows?” No one. Breathing a sigh of relief, Caleb nodded ever so briefly. “All right, I’ll do what I can, when I can. My superiors are thrilled with the progress I’ve made so far, even while I withhold information.” Gnawing on his lower lip, the agent sighed. “I just hope I don’t get caught doing this.

“Okay, Mister Avellino. You have yourself a deal.”

Caleb felt drained the next day, and found it difficult to go through the rigorous and intense process of putting on the costume and makeup. But somehow he made due, and eventually found himself seated across from two hung over younglings after his costume change for Act Two. But he was more than happy to just sit there for a few moments. If he knew Rob, the man was watching right now, and possibly could be in the audience, no matter how idiotic that would have been.

The banter between Lucy and Sean was decently amusing at least. From muttering about hangovers to mixed shots, and everything in between, he barely even noticed Shelly pop in on them with her mouthing that it was five minutes to curtain. “It’s… Barbie and Ken attend the Opera.” Snicker. At least he wasn’t garbed like them! But a mask and prosthetics were more than enough for this agent. “Gino, we look forward to be terrorized by you in a little while.” Giving Sean a devious grin, he wriggled his fingers in farewell. But apparently Lucy had more to say.

“Hey, Gino. Thanks for putting up with my idiocy last night. You didn't have to be such a gentleman about it.” Quirking a brow at the kiss, Caleb risked it all by reaching up to caress the side of Lucy’s face. She really was a good kid; there wasn’t any doubt about that. Sighing as Lucy and Sean went off into the wings for the Masquerade portion of Act Two, he toyed with the rapier that he had been instructed to use. Well, at least the thing had a rubber tip, eh? No good for poking people otherwise.


“Why so silence, good monsieurs? Did you think that I had left you for good?” The taunt was fueled by Caleb’s frustrations with his assignment, and with Bernardo Avellino for putting him in such a predicament! It didn’t occur to him later that he could have reported it all to his superiors, have been done with it, and extracted from the operation. But, somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Not if it would hurt Luciana in the process. He was stuck.

The play went off with a smashing success, the actors being the teeniest bit more ruthless towards the end, considering it was the final performance they had together in this play. Whatever they had done before, now it was ten fold, almost to the point of hokey on some occasions. But it seemed that none of them could resist, even Lucy! So when it was all over, and the applause continued for ten minutes, and going strong, what more could they do but take a fifth and final bow?

“Lucy, ‘da wuz fantastic, doll!” Caleb declared, holding her upon high to spin the girl about the stage. She truly was an angel in that moment, even with David stalking up toward the assembled cast as they huffed and puffed their way into a cool down stage. Putting their famed Christine down upon her feet, he hugged her warmly as their pompous director began yet another diatribe.

“Bravissimo, people! That was amazing!” Wow, stunned cast to follow. “I expect each and every one of you to be at the auditions for the next play; especially you two!” Finger pointed out Caleb and Lucy, sort of frozen there by some unseen power. “Now we must celebrate! Everyone go change, and we’ll—”

“’Ey David?” Inquisitive eyes turned toward Caleb, and he couldn’t help but give a devious grin while crooking a finger toward someone off stage. It was Shelly, who else? And a load of busboys, trays in hand. “Why ‘na have ‘da party ‘ere?” Judging by the amount of alcohol that had been brought in, they were planning for one hell of a blow out. Especially when one of the fellows came up, offering a dozen roses.

“And these, my dear,” Caleb murmured against Lucy’s ear. “Are for you.” Who said he couldn’t charm ‘em?

“Now… Let’s celebrate!”

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