Lucy Avellino
Cinderella Undercover
Wed Mar 2, 2005 18:09

Showtime at the Apoll-- er, Village Playhouse!

"Passing bells and sculpted angels, cold and monumental. Seem, for you, the wrong companions. You were warm and gentle ..." She stood alone in the middle of the stage, dark cape warring with the extreme level of smoke billowing from the fog machine in the wings. Bouquet of fake roses clasped in her hands, the girl made a fetching picture in the faux graveyard. "Too many years fighting back tears. Why can't the past just die? Wishing you were somehow here again. Knowing we must say goodbye ... Try to forgive ... Teach me to live. Give me the strength to try!" Her voice rose above the audience like a tangible thing. "No more memories, no more silent tears. No more gazing across the wasted years ...Help me say goodbye ..." That one perfect note lingered, freezing the tableu until the Phantom appeared.

From there the end rushed down onto them so fast that Lucy felt she'd blinked but once and lost a full half hour. The perspiration and thunderous applause proved she'd been there, right along with everyone else. Or ... maybe they'd all been kidnapped by aliens or something. "Christine! Christine! Bravo!" Yadda, yadda, yadda. Several people lobbed flowers on stage, forcing the girl to bow very carefully or risk tripping over a rose. Of course, getting swooped up into the air scant seconds after the curtain fell for the last time sent shivers of appreciation up and down her spine. Especially when Caleb played evil's advocate and slid her costumed self flush against him until her feet touched the ground. Bastard!

“Bravissimo, people! That was amazing!” Wow, stunned cast to follow. “I expect each and every one of you to be at the auditions for the next play; especially you two!” Finger pointed out Caleb and Lucy, sort of frozen there by some unseen power. “Now we must celebrate! Everyone go change, and we’ll—” Director Interruptus! " “’Ey David?” Inquisitive eyes turned toward Caleb, and he couldn’t help but give a devious grin while crooking a finger toward someone off stage. It was Shelly, who else? And a load of busboys, trays in hand. “Why ‘na have ‘da party ‘ere?” Holy Christ in Heaven! He'd bought out the local deli by the looks of things. And the roses? Nice touch. Seven million brownie points for 'em.

Trying not to blush overly much from the overwhelming praise, she accompanied Sean to the stage door and spent a good half an hour talking to audience members and actually signing a couple of autographs. "You're going to be a big star, young lady," the middleaged mother told her, standing next to a thirteen year old. Lucy smiled, now blushing like a virgin at a dance hall, and did her best to muddle through the rest of the well-wishers. By the time she and the others had trekked back to the auditorium, the party was in full swing.

Sean got to her first, sweeping the young woman around the stage in much the same way one would a ragdoll. " I have often walked down this street before. But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before; All at once, am I several stories high. Knowing I'm on the street where you live. Are there lilac trees in the heart of town? Can you hear a lark in any other part of town? Does enchantment pour out of ev'ry door? No, it's just on the street where you live." The tenor paused to catch a breath, giving Daniel ample time to make a decision. "Screw JC. We're doing My Fair Lady! I'll let you all know when auditions start." Cackling gleefully, he downed his third brewski.

The rest of the evening passed in much the same manner. Eventually it became neccessary to extract herself out of costume before something nasty got spilled on it, and came out of the room with the actress who played Meg, both donned in twirly hippy skirts and peasant blouses. Very sexy, very refreshing after all the pomp and bullshit. One by one, cast members began to leave -- promising each other to be at the theatre early the next day to began tearing down the set. Lucy was going to bring her video recorder to capture the event for the ages.

Pumpkin time.

"It's barely eleven. Christ, Gino ... we actually managed to get home before midnight. Good on ya, mate!" Giggling drunkenly, she all but fell out of the passenger door, landing on the grassy portion of the sidewalk. Oof! Before Caleb could remove himself from the Jeep to help her, she staggered back to her feet and leaned through the still-open door to plant a noisy kiss against his mouth. "See you tomorrow. I'll call when I wake up, k?" Hardly ten minutes had passed since she wheedled 'Gino's' cell number out of him and programmed it into her own.

The soprano stood there, watching him drive away and waving like a mad dog before bleerily peering at her home and wondering why all of the lights were off. Odd. Senses dulled by the imbuing of too much champage and beer, she opted to stroll up the steps and through an ...unlocked front door. Hmm. It was pitch black inside, except for the portions illuminated through the windows. "Papa?" No answer. "Jackie?" Silence. Oh, well. Perhaps they had gone off to one of their spur-of-the-moment meetings. She wandered into the kitchen, flipped on the light and extracted a bottled water from the fridge. No men meant she could watch the evening shows by herself without rude comments.

The parlor was equally dark, and it took three attempts to flip on the lightswitch with slightly clumsy fingers. Two figures sat on the large couch, their backs to her. Television was on, no sound, its grainy light flickering across the hardwood floor like a spider's web. "Hi, Papa. I'm stealing the remote." Skirting along the edge of the antique couch, she rounded the corner and leaned down to filch the small black item on the coffee table --- eyes lifting idly to smile at her grandfather and his long-time associate.

Lucy's scream rent the night like a siren, remote dropped and forgotten as she stumbled in disbelief. Giacomo Balducci, aka Jackie Giacomo, stared sightlessly at her. His throat had been sliced viciously, red coating the entirety of his dress shirt. Two bullet holes lay just above his nose. Uberkill. "Oh ... my god. Jackie?" But ... two figures. Brown eyes unwillingly turned towards the second, choking back another scream as the body of her grandfather came into focus. Three holes: Head, heart and throat. Little blood -- as if THAT was a comfort!

"I couldn't believe it when he called this morning. Said any merger between our family was off." Sonny's silky voice emerged from the corner. The one place she would have checked had she been in a right frame of mind. Strike that -- Lucy never would have entered the house! "So I took it upon myself to eliminate any barriers to our wedded bliss." He rose, all six-foot-four inches of psychotic, and moved towards her.


Blow one struck her across the other cheek, nearly toppling her right into her grandfather's lap. Instead she stumbled backwards over the table and landed in a heap on the other side. "You will call me husband. Tonight. Tomorrow. Next week. Is that perfectly clear?" Ohgodohgodohgod ... this couldn't be happening. But it was! Scrambling to her feet, Lucy took the coward's way out and dashed around the sofa, intent on reaching the front door. But she slipped on something wet and sticky, propelling her through the archway and into the wall. Strong hands whirled her around, back slamming against the edge of the staircase.

"Mine. My wife. Don't you see, Lucy? We're the perfect couple ..." His soft voice only made the nightmare worse, even as a hand grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it open. Greedy eyes drank in the sight denied to the world at large, his attention wavering for the smallest of moments. But it was enough for his victim to grab the small clock that sat on the hall table and smash it against the side of his head. The bruising grip eased with his burst of verbal fury, and let her stumble away from him and out of the brownstone.

Taking the steps headfirst, she landed in a heap at the bottom ... managing to sit up just as Sonny appeared in the doorway. "Bitch! Oh ... you little slut. Come here!" As if! Now almost perfectly sobered up, Lucy leapt to her feet ... emit a cry of pain and limped into the street, determined to escape even if she broke every bone in her body. The sudden blare of a auto horn startled her, allowing the Jersey hoodlum to catch up and slam her into the ground on the opposite side of the street. Beyond furious, the huge man straddled her prone form and hit her twice more ...

Things were going fuzzy. Lucy couldn't focus anymore, couldn't stop shivering or pleading for her life now. Sad, wasn't it? No bravado left. And then everything stopped. Sonny vanished from atop her frame ...and all she could do was curl up into a ball and expect the worst.

What would happen next?

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