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Caleb Holmes
Out from Under the Covers
Wed Mar 2, 2005 23:13

Indeed, Caleb had bought out the local deli for the night! And with the agency’s money, no less. But it was an expense account, and to make his story more believable, a man had to do certain things to get there. Now that was accomplished, considering David was more than amenable to the foreign draft that Caleb had placed in his hand.

Grabbing a couple glasses of bubbly, the Phantom headed toward the stage door, depositing one in Luciana’s hand, as well as Sean’s as they spoke to audience members. In fact, Caleb stole a sip of Lucy’s drink before giving the glass up with a mischievous grin. That was about the time he remembered that there were audience members present, and right in front of them! Turning an eye toward the assemble personage, he caught the glance of one slightly besotted woman who was a painfully obvious theater junkie and groupie, and then a few younger girls. Victims!

Giving an evil laugh, Caleb swooped down upon a girl that was likely only a few years younger than Lucy, really. Appropriately the girl shrieked as the Phantom gave a short chase, apparently in which she wished to be caught. Something appropriately nefarious was stated, and with a rose procured from somewhere within his cloak – likely thanks to Shelly, who always supplied the cast with extra props – he was happy enough to speak with a few people. Well, until ‘Raoul’ attacked him right there! So they were all being a tad silly; strike that, the cast was being downright insane.

When it got to the point that Hugh declared his undying love for ‘Gino’, going down on one knee, it was painfully obvious several of the cast members were drunk.

Caleb stole off to get rid of his makeup, greased back hair, and costume, returning in the nick of time, apparently. To hear the announcement: “Screw JC. We’re doing My Fair Lady! I’ll let you all know when auditions start.” Oh hell, he was going to have to learn another play! Knowing Rob, he was going to be around for another production or two, at least Caleb assumed this judging by the time he had spent in London. So his assumptions were pretty safe. Back out in tight jeans and a fitted shirt, Caleb took to waltzing about the stage with Ben until Lucy was ready to go.

Hey, a man can be secure with his own sexuality, can’t he?

“It's barely eleven. Christ, Gino… we actually managed to get home before midnight. Good on ya, mate!” Laughing, he hugged Lucy before she toppled out of the passenger side door, at which time he only began laughing harder. She really was a klutz sometimes; cute, but still a klutz all the same. Getting back up in less than ten seconds, which he was impressed with, Caleb returned the kiss that she laid on him. Hey, she wasn’t going to remember it come morning, and she gave the kiss, so there wasn’t anything wrong with that. Right? “See you tomorrow. I’ll call when I wake up, k?”

“Sure thing princess. I’ll see you then!” Wriggling his fingers, Caleb sped away from the brownstone, hardly surprised to see Lucy waving like a mad woman in his rear view mirror before he made it off the lot. Only able to laugh and shake his head, the agent darted through traffic at near reckless speeds, pulling up to a small restaurant that had absolutely amazing smoothies. Hey, he was entitled to a reward too! Especially since he didn’t drink.

One strawberry banana smoothie and ten minutes later, he was hopping into the Jeep, completely happy for the moment. It was that pleased sort of feeling; a sense of accomplishment, if you would. That was about the time he spotted a suspiciously patchwork quilted bag on the passenger floor of the Jeep. “Jeez girl, you really must be drunk to forget that!” Caleb muttered to himself, pulling into a fast food restaurant to do a U-turn back into traffic. At least the brownstone wasn’t all too far away.

Cranking the stereo up loud, and with occasional sips from his drink, the agent sped down the street at illegal speeds, almost zoned out. The adrenaline rush from being on stage was fading away, and he was in that cooling off period that was usually relaxing. Well, right until someone decided to stumble out in front of his damned Jeep! Laying on the horn and swerving around the person into oncoming traffic, he recovered and pulled it to the curb in time to see a man land on top of whoever it was. Oooh, brawl!

There was one thing in the Jeep that Caleb couldn’t have explained away to anyone but the police; near the gear shift, there was a compartment that could pop open. Would an agent really go wandering about without a handgun somewhere nearby? Inside he had something simple, a 9mm Sig Saeur that he was rather fond of. Tucking the chrome weapon into the small of his back, Caleb hopped out of the Jeep with every intention of breaking up the fight.

That was until he heard the voice pleading for her life.

Lucy! All logical thought skittered right out of the agent’s head, and he made a run for the man on top of Lucy. It almost looked as if Caleb was going to run right past the pair, but instead he snagged the man’s collar at the last moment and used the momentum to send him head-first into a steel light pole. Ouch. Getting a good look at what remained of the bloke’s face, he didn’t seem all too surprised to find that it was Sonny. “Fukkin’ bastard…” But someone was more important right now.

“Lucy!” Rushing over to her side, she screamed in terror when he touched her. Oh shit, this wasn’t good. Thinking quickly, he did the only thing he knew. “Nighttime sharpens… heightens each sensation… Grasp it… sense it… savor each sensation…” The Avellino girl had begun to calm down, much to his relief, and he was able to help her into the passenger side of the Jeep with little difficulty, but she wasn’t looking all too hot. “Lucy, hon… Where’s Jackie? Bernardo?” The shaking hand pointed toward the brownstone and the tears that followed were answer enough.

That was when Caleb’s world exploded in a flash of pain.

The crack of a gun told the story, and Sonny’s screams of anger said the rest. Unfortunately for him, Caleb acted out of instinct and rushed forward. Already one firearm had been discharged, and that was enough. Hitting the hoodlum into the sternum with his shoulder, the agent heard the satisfying crack of ribs. But it got better! Sonny’s gun hand rose, obviously intending to kill; Caleb couldn’t allow that. With a boot to the chest and all the force he could muster, he felt something… crumple in the Jersey goon’s chest before he went slack.

“Oh shit…” Moving back onto the curb and pulling a cellphone from his pocket, Caleb flipped it on and waited. He was too near to Lucy, so he tried to stay hushed about it all, but likely didn’t manage it. “Self-defense… Yes, he fired a shot and hit me. Beat Lucy pretty bad. Have the stuff ready at the place. Yes, that is correct.” Absently nodding, Caleb moved to the driver’s side of the Jeep, giving one last suggestion. “Change the plates.” Then the phone was flipped off.

“Lucy? Sweetheart, listen to me for a second,” Caleb murmured, climbing into the Jeep. He heard her let out a little whimper when she saw his arm; the bullet had gone in, and hadn’t come out, a trail of blood leaking down to his wrist. “It’s all right hon, it doesn’t hurt at all, I promise. But we’re going to go to a place that’s safer right now, okay?” He had to ask her a second time before receiving a sort of dumb nod from the girl. It was better than nothing though. Hey, what happened to the NYC accent?

You thought that Caleb drove like a madman before? That was nothing compared to now! He was down side streets, alleyways, and every feasible shortcut he could use to his advantage; including all the illegal ones. Instead of taking twenty-five minutes to get from the Avellino home to Gino’s apartment, it only took ten minutes or so. The trip left Caleb’s heart thumping from all the close calls, but what could he do about that? Not much, really, except learn to calm down.

“Lucy? Come on, we’re almost there.” It was either to his apartment, or the theater, and at least this place would be secure! You could always kill people, but you couldn’t get an agent until he was down; if unless they were incredibly stupid. Helping Luciana out of the Jeep, they headed up toward one of the top floors, where Gino’s apartment was located. Oh, he knew that Rob could see them right now, and was likely overriding the security cameras for the apartment building. If not, he could take care of it later.


Onto the floor, and Caleb was soon helping Lucy into Gino’s apartments. Quick tour: Spacious, with wooden floors, it had a modern flair that someone would expect from this guy. A few paintings, a baby grand in the corner and down one hall must have been the sleeping quarters, while another likely held the kitchen and pantry. It was simple really; all Caleb would have needed if he used this place for more than a place to crash at night. “Take a seat, doll. I’ll be right back with everything.” Mad dash!

It was a minute later that Caleb returned with something that looked like a black toolbox, but too large and unwieldy for that, clean towels, fresh clothing, and several bottles of water. First thing was first; he used a rubber band to hold back Lucy’s hair while he inspected the damage that had done to her face. Beneath the grime were scrapes and a few small cuts, along with a fresh set of bruises that were going to hurt her like hell. Antiseptic was the only thing needed here though, which was used liberally, before he inspected the rest of her.

Bruises littered her torso, and he was extremely apologetic at having to shed her of the peasant blouse that she had donned with the girl that had played Meg earlier in the evening. The ankle and knee had to be wrapped though, which he wasn’t happy about, but knew there was nothing to do but that. Last, but not least, he helped her into a woman’s sleeping tank top and matching shorts, taking her skirt off afterward. It would have to do for now, if it was deemed that she needed medical attention. Funny, at that very moment, the medics were saying the same thing about Sonny… At least if they had made it in time.

“Take these, sunshine.” Two white tablets and a bottle of water were offered. “Just some painkillers, even with the alcohol you’re going to need these.” He was too worried to bother with any sort of disguise, accent, or any nonsense like that. Pulling the gun out of his waistband, he set it on the end table while rummaging about for the items he needed. Right off three pills were popped, using the remaining water that Lucy had left in the bottle. Using a towel to clean up the blood and help stop the flow, Caleb cut off his shirt in that time; he didn’t want to use the left arm any more than he had to.

From this vantage, if Lucy was even paying attention, she’d be able to see the scars that littered his chest and back all these years later. They had lightened with time and laser surgery, but still weren’t completely gone in most cases. “Hon, stay awake just a few more minutes, okay? That’s all I need…” Withdrawing a pressurized injector from the medical box, he used it above and below the gunshot wound, obviously biting his tongue each time. That shit hurt, thank you very much! Then came the hemostats…

Caleb wasn’t all too thrilled by the time the bullet was plunked onto a nearby towel on the coffee table, but it was done nonetheless. From there he went about cleaning the wound and stitching it up, much to his imminent dissatisfaction. At least the medication was beginning to work on his arm! And on Lucy too, from the looks of it. Throwing everything into a blue hazard bag he had pulled out of the medicine box, with the exception of Lucy’s clothing, he tied it off and set it aside. There, he was stitched and bandaged up, as was the Avellino girl.

“Sweetheart, let’s get you to bed. We can talk more in the morning, okay?” Hell, she had begun to babble and mumble beneath her breath – likely not even realizing it at this point in time. Sighing to himself, Caleb helped her up and carried her to the bedroom, his arm screaming agony the entire way. But, beneath the covers, he hoped she would rest, if just for a little while.

“Good night, princess…”

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