Caleb Holmes
And Into Trouble
Wed Mar 2, 2005 23:13

Snatching a pair of jogging shorts on his way out, Caleb stripped once he hit the living room, and got rid of the rest of his clothing, stuffing it all into the infamous blue hazard bag after emptying the pockets of his pants. Two cellphones went on the table, wallet, money clip and all the usual odds and ends. Rubbing his face in an exhausted motion, he flopped down on the edge of the sofa, feeling the painkillers begin to run their way rampant through his system.


Eyeing the door, he wasn’t all too surprised to see several men walk in. Never mind that he had locked it, that didn’t matter when you were a government pawn! Last, but not least, Rob trailed the pack, heading right to Caleb. The other blokes were taking care of the apartment, looking around to see if he had missed anything. “Look all you want, guys. You aren’t going to find anything.” Oooh, evil glares! Too bad he was right.

“What the hell happened, Caleb?” Rob demanded, taking a seat beside him to get a better look at his arm. “And how’s that feeling? Not to mention Luciana!” Though he didn’t seem all that concerned with anything but Caleb and the mission, he shrugged it off and answered as succinctly as possible.

“Sonny was at the Avellino house, killed Bernardo Avellino and Giacomo Balducci. When Luciana came home, she found them dead, and I believe that he began to assault her inside the home. She got away, but he chased her out into the street, where I found them.” Rob seemed shocked, but there was a question on the tip of his tongue. Why did you go back? “She left her bag in my Jeep, so I was going to return it, see if I could get Bernardo to talk in a general way…” Rubbing his face, Caleb waited for it.

“And then?” Well, at least he wasn’t being ripped a new one!

“I smashed Sonny’s face into a light pole and helped Lucy into the Jeep.” One of his shoulders shrugged in a self-conscious gesture, knowing that it wasn’t quite the right thing to do, nor was it the wrong thing. “That was when he got a shot off, quick and clean. I retaliated and moved in for subdual, and that was where I left him.” Rubbing the back of his neck, Caleb quirked a brow at the men moving around the apartment. “Hey guys, get out, would you? There’s a lady trying to sleep.” Whoa, they left.

“I’m sorry to say, Caleb, but Sonny’s dead.” Dead…? “The last blow cracked the sternum and a few ribs, puncturing his heart. He bled out within minutes.” It wasn’t the first time he had killed, but somehow this felt different; like it was his fault, in the most personal sense he could think of. “Get some rest, and take care of yourself. Work on Luciana as well, got it?”

“Yeah… Got it.” Frowning to himself, he watched Rob walk out of the apartment, and heard the door lock behind him. Great, just great. This night wasn’t getting any better, and he highly doubted that it would all suddenly vanish and he’d be back in London. Hell, now he wondered if that would be any better! Sighing, Caleb hefted his bulk off of the sofa and half-stumbled his way down the hall. Oh, he knew he had taken too many painkillers, but it was better than going to the hospital and trying to explain everything away.

Sliding into the bedroom as quietly as he could, Caleb left the hallway light on to give a bit of illumination for Lucy in case she woke. In the meantime, he pulled over a laz-e-boy and stretched out in it. He wasn’t about to crawl into the bed with Lucy, not if she woke up when he wasn’t awake as well.

“I’m sorry, Lucy…” Caleb whispered to the sleeping girl. “I didn’t mean for all of this to happen, honest. It just sort of… did. I’ll make it up to you though, the best way I can. I promise.” Bernardo Avellino had asked for his promise that he would watch over Lucy. Could the old man have seen this coming? The timing was almost too coincidental, but Bernardo had mentioned that he would likely be gone in five years, not five fukkin’ days! But was he really going to be able to pull it off? Rob was likely going to see him as Lucy’s only lifeline through all of this. With Bernardo out of the picture, there was only one person left to take the throne.


Popping out the footrest on the armchair, Caleb stretched out, watching Lucy sleep. It wasn’t entirely his fault; most of the difficulties had come from the Avellino family themselves. But, still, if it had not been for Caleb’s intervention, things would have gone along their merry way for another few years. Damn it!

With those frustrated thoughts running through his head, Caleb began to fall into an uneasy slumber.

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