Caleb Holmes
A Horse of a Different Color
Thu Mar 3, 2005 02:44

Caleb didn’t know what to think. He was in absolute shock, able to only listen and nothing more. It was like story time with your grandparents. Except he had never known his grandmother, and his grandfather… Well, he told odd stories. Factual events that sounded completely preposterous, God rest his soul.

“He… knew. He knew he was going to die.” Really, it was difficult not to gape at this point in time. “Oh my god.” Lucy clamped a hand over her mouth, and he wanted so badly to comfort her, to do something to ease the pain. But he couldn’t, he was just another fukking agent! “Do I have to make a choice now?” The nod said it all.

“Avellino came to us several months ago. He offered inside information in exchange for our aid in extracting you from… from a place he didn't want you to live in. His words, Miss. I'm not that poetic.” Rob thought he was so witty at times like these. Caleb wondered if this was all the man lived for. Thrived off of other people’s pain like a blood sucking vampire. Wow, the urge to smack him was rising.

Watching Lucy hobble into the kitchen, Caleb glanced to Rob uncertainly, who shrugged his shoulders as if to say: It’s her choice now, buddy. Right, it was her choice, but what was it going to be? When the girl returned into the living room, still using the stalling tactic of drinking water, he didn’t think that it could get much more uncomfortable than this.

He was wrong.

Sputtering and quaking, partially from anger and the rest from shock, Caleb stared up at a very furious Luciana Avellino, who had just dumped the glass of water over his head! The stitches in his arm already burned enough as it was, and he didn’t need the extra moisture to agitate it further! But, it didn’t look like he had much of a choice here. Why in the hell did she do that?!

“You son-of-a-bitch. You lied to me.” Staring up at her, Caleb couldn’t help but look into those brown eyes he had so many times before on stage. This time he didn’t see delight, he saw rage, pure and simple. He was taking the brunt of it all. “I don't have any alternatives, do I sir?”

“Not if you want a good chance at staying alive.” That was Rob for you, always being the drama queen.


What?! Caleb leapt to his feet, staring down at Lucy. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. She had agreed to go with the agency, into protective services, without much thought! The gape came back, and his shoulders began to shake with rage. She blamed him for lying to her!

“Lucy, listen to me.” She was still trying to stare him down, and it wasn’t going to work. He had faced down bigger and badder people than this girl. “I followed orders, do you understand that? I work for the government, not some backwater private dick. If I do not follow those orders, I am charged with treason, and put to death.” He wasn’t trying to frighten her, or even antagonize the girl. If she was perceptive enough, she could tell that by his stance.

“Get some clothes on, you two. Luciana, we’ve had some brought for you, along with a few of your belongings. Caleb, you know the drill.” Sighing to himself, Caleb trundled off to the bedroom to change; making quick work of it since he knew Lucy wouldn’t be in there with him at the moment. Not after everything that had just happened.

Less than a few minutes later, no belongings in hand, Caleb came out of the bedroom in a three piece suit that fit him rather well. Dark gray with a blue dress shirt and black tie, he looked much like the government lackey he truly was. Gathering up the few items on the sofa-side table, the gun went into a holster beneath his jacket, and he was ready to go. Of course, Lucy took a while longer, and was likely lingering in the bedroom. Eventually she came out, garbed in her typical outfit, and things began to roll.

“Let’s go.”

It was an hour later that they arrived by SUV to a nondescript office building, entering the lower-level garage. From there, it was a trip via elevator to a place that Caleb knew well. After all, he had been here before for this assignment. With the makeup artists lining up, and Rob overseeing things, this really couldn’t get any better.

“Well, you two. What would you like to look like?”

Just… great.

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