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I Heart Frisco
Thu Mar 3, 2005 14:21


Little sun.

Lots of fog.

Those were the impressions she had after the first two weeks in San Fransisco. Even the salty air had a different flavor to it. And the natives! There was so little traffic on the streets before seven in the morning, it was surreal. Hell, New York had people pounding the pavement at all hours of the night. God, she was homesick.

And speaking of sick ...

"Nora, sweetheart. You promised to head downtown with me to scout out the local theatres ..."

Rob was one sick mofo. After transforming Lucy into a stunning redhead, sans contacts as she'd demonstrated an aversion to anything in her eyes, the project leader had spent an entire day coming up with new identities. His sense of humor was so warped, the former mafia princess was quite convinced he was Rasputin come to life. Why so, you may ask.

They were now living on the West Coast under the assumed names of Nick and Nora Cameron, a married couple from New York who'd made the continental switch after Nick had suffered burnout in the high-stress world of Broadway. Nora was his firmly commited, and certifiable, ladylove. New names. New lives. Their apartment complex boasted four walls, a floor and a roof, running water, electricity, and only an occasional rat. Slightly smaller than the bedroom she'd once lived in.

"Of course, Nick dear. Let me jump into something more comfortable."


How sickeningly sweet could you get and not die from sugar poisoning? The only reason she was talking to him at all were the neighbors out in the hallway. Theatre people, which was about the only bonus to this crazy plan. Bernardo had left directions to a safe-deposit box in Manhattan, and that's where they had gone after being attacked by insane stylists three weeks before. A treasure trove of secrets relating to various underworld families had been typed neatly and placed inside a manila envelope.

And Lucy, now Nora, had found enough funds to start over on her own terms. That had really ticked off the Agency; Rob fearing that she would simply walk out on them. Ha! No, the redhead needed the feds as much as they needed her ... how else was she going to find out who had set up the hit on her grandfather? Sonny didn't have the type of genius needed to waltz in and murder New York's underboss.

At least it was summer, right?

Wandering out of the sole bedroom wearing snug denim shorts and a t-shirt that read I survived the Phantom of the Opera and all I got was this lousy tee shirt!, she affectionately looped an arm through her 'husband's' and grabbed a canvas satchel that bore little similarities to her old purse on the way out. "Monica, Frank. Good to see you both." Bright, pleasant smile ... her cheek brushing absently against Caleb's shoulder. No. Not Caleb. Nick, now.

"We'll see you crazy people later ...."

Hips swaying in a subtly sensual manner, she traipsed down the hall with her fellow convict and stepped onto the elevator. Once the doors swung closed, any hint of barely repressed ardor was nipped in the bud. Caleb was male, so he obviously couldnt comprehend the sort of trust she had placed in him. In Gino. Of course, it didn't help that she'd been head over heels for the asshole! Still was, even though she was starting over from scratch in regards to his personality. Even then, this new character was also a lie.


Standing on her side of the moving metal box, Lucy refused to go anywhere near Caleb until the door swung open on the bottom floor and they had to pretend all that love nonsense again. The one bright spot was her continued progression in singing. Hence the reason they were heading down to the theatre district ... something that the Bay Area was known for.

Sure enough, not an hour later, the couple were walking across an empty stage with the place's manager, listening attentively to how many plays were done during a season, what kind, and assurances that there was always a place for such a devoted couple of 'the craft'.

"Oh, Nick can't keep himself away from the acting bit," Lucy giggled and reached up to 'playfully' pinch Caleb's nearest cheek. "It's what he lives for."

We, we must go on now, wherever people go who go on together
And now, try to hold on now, too many of us have run, run out of the circle

Can you hear me, are you breathing
I need you near me, no I'm not leaving
I'm in no hurry to do this alone

I am standing here with my arms open wide
I am waiting here, heart in my hand on the border

Dreams, dreams may seduce you
But sooner or later they're gone and you're back where you started
Oh look, look at these scars now
How many wounds does it take before we are healing

Can we go on now, from what we have done now
Yes we must go on, our questions unanswered
I know what we're after is right here in our hands

I am standing here with my arms open wide
I keep waiting here, heart in my hand on the border
And every step we take gives us the strength to go on
And all the love we make gets us closer to home

I can see it all so clearly now, I can hear your voice in a song
And it burns down inside my soul, it takes me down this winding road
We can find our way back home

We, we must go on now, wherever people go who go on together

I am standing here with my arms open wide
I keep waiting here, heart in my hand on the border
And every step we take gives us the strength to go on
And all the love we make gets us closer to home

Oh, standing here with my arms open wide
And I keep waiting here, on the borderline
And every step we take gives us the strength to go on
And all the love we make gets us closer to home

~Mr. Mister

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