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*Rated G*
Thu Mar 3, 2005 15:54

"I don't hate you."

There was a shocker.

"Well .. not too much, anyway."

She'd listened. And watched. Listened some more. It was the first time she could remember being outside without a guard of suited men, or people shoving things into her hand at the airport. Just herself and Caleb now. If he'd created that story just to tug at her heartstrings, it worked. If the entire Greek tragedy was true -- that suspicion alone held her tongue back from blasting the man into the stone age.

Expelling a shaky breath, Lucy rolled over onto her stomach and scooted next to him in a show of: I'll bury the hatchet as long as you don't try to dig anything up Reaching out, she brushed a hand across his chest to get rid of the bits of dirt After a moment, she flipped over and sprawled next to him, looking up at the trees dotting this section of Golden Gate Park. "My mother was Italian. She had the most beautiful speaking voice ... it was like a lullaby, y'know? I remember listening to her hum folk songs as she painted. Dad was this big guy -- a walking bear, really. All darkhaired, and hairy. Just what you'd expect to see in a Mafia magazine." Lucy giggled, though the sound had a sad edge to it.

"I dunno ... my story isn't all that impressive. Mom and Dad met, fell in love, married, had me, died when I was ten in a boating accident in Nova Scotia, and I went to live with Papa." The redhead's lips pursed in an effort to contain the grief that and leaves that kept clinging to his shirt. Actually, she was beginning to look downright ashamed of herself. Pout included, just add water.

Ugh. "This is impossible."

she absolutely, positively refused to show. Aw, hell. She curled up against him, face burrowed into his chest. "I miss them so damn much sometimes I just want to fall asleep and not wake up."

There. She'd went and embarassed herself again. IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT! Damn, bloody agent.

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              Go on, go on Leave me breathless Come on “I think someone has a crush on youuuu!” His breathe crept along the surface of her neck, producing a tiny shiver. “Either that or he fancies the tight denim... more
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