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*Identity Crisis*
Shocked and Awed
Thu Mar 3, 2005 17:35

“I don’t hate you.” Well, that really was a shock, considering the way she had been acting toward him as of late. “Well… not too much, anyway.” So the truth comes out! Caleb gave a wane smile at her confession, nodding in understanding. He couldn’t blame her for that, he really couldn’t, but he was not the cause of all her frustrations!

When Luciana had finished listening to his story, he was surprised as she rolled over onto her stomach and scooted next to him. Wary of the action, Caleb remained perfectly still, his breath hitching as she brushed away some dirt from his chest. It was so hard not to tense during those moments! Then she flipped over and sprawled beside him, and he was tentative to do anything but lie there. So he did just that.

“My mother was Italian. She had the most beautiful speaking voice… it was like a lullaby, y'know? I remember listening to her hum folk songs as she painted. Dad was this big guy -- a walking bear, really. All dark-haired, and hairy. Just what you'd expect to see in a Mafia magazine.” She let loose with a giggle, though it didn’t sound a very happy sound. “I dunno… my story isn't all that impressive. Mom and Dad met, fell in love, married, had me, died when I was ten in a boating accident in Nova Scotia, and I went to live with Papa.” He knew all that, it was well documented in her file, along with photography of the ‘accident’.

“This is impossible.”

Blinking at the brief confession, Caleb turned his head in time to see tears welling in Lucy’s eyes. He had high doubts that she had ever dealt properly with the death of her parents, and it was likely that Bernardo merely sheltered her from the rest of the world at large. God, would he have done any different? Likely not, though he had high doubts of ever having children, it was a thought to contemplate.

“I miss them so damn much sometimes I just want to fall asleep and not wake up.” Sighing, Caleb eased the pair of them back down to the blanket, giving Lucy a warm hug as she soaked the front of his shirt. Well, he had others, and they were only tears. What, was he really going to shout at her to cease her sniveling? Hah! He didn’t even think he had the potential to be so cruel with an innocent.

“I understand, sweetheart,” Caleb murmured, stroking her hair as if it would ease all her pain. Luckily, the agent lived in reality, and knew nothing was going to help Lucy but Lucy. Placing a chaste enough kiss to the top of her head, he watched for any observers until she calmed down enough to sit back up, though still had her head on his shoulder. Well, hadn’t he liked that before when portraying Gino? But now it felt different, almost wrong.

Still, it wasn’t something they could change. Luciana had left behind the theater, along with all its occupants, and the home she had lived in for so many years. Only now were federal forensic experts able to discern that there had been five people in the fire. Gino Maurizio and Luciana Avellino were dead, but he wouldn’t tell Lucy that. She was a smart girl, and likely knew it all on her own.

“Come on, sweetheart. Let’s get some real food, and hunt out a few more places where we can be bums.”

The following week went along a bit more smoothly than the first three; towards the end, the pair had begun to goof off with one another again, instead of snipping and glaring. Caleb knew that Lucy likely saw him as a huge turning point in her life, and he couldn’t blame her one bit. Still though, she had made her way into the adjustment period smoothly enough. Better than some of the people he had seen in the protection program in the past. Now if you mentioned their birth names, they flinched.

Then it was to the theater!

They had secured auditions for the Phantom of the Opera, much to their dismay. It had become a note of irony in their new lives, shifting from one coast to the other, though their roles remained the same. Unfortunately for this role, they had to dress the part, and spent the better portion of an hour just getting into makeup and costume. The theater had provided everything, even a mask for Caleb, but he had declined.

After all, Rob had given them ‘gifts’.

It had been lurking there, on a shelf, staring at them. That damned mask! But now it was put to a semblance of good use as Caleb took the stage for his audition. There were precious few songs that either of them could sing for the part alone, so he had to make due with Music of the Night, while they instructed Lucy to sing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. From there, things became a bit interesting. It was like the government was torturing them intentionally!

“Okay!” The guy’s name was Ray, and apparently he was as every bit obsessed as David had been. Maybe directors were all the same. Shrugging to himself, Caleb watched Ray flip through the script, finding a certain portion of the play. “There it is. I want the two of you to perform Stranger Than You Dreamt It.” Eyes wide, Caleb chanced a glance at Lucy from downstage, almost laughing with the absurdity of it all. “Accompanist!”

“Just…” Caleb began, whispering to Lucy before they began. “Go with it. Just like we did before, okay?” Pausing, he thought better of it. “Oh, and be gentle? I’m new at this.” Snicker. Strolling away with a grin that he couldn’t quite get under control, he gave a nod to the accompanist. Now or never, Lucy!

“I remember, there was mist…”

C’mon girl, do me proud.

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