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*Guarding Innocents*
Murderous Joy
Fri Mar 4, 2005 14:02

“Damn you! You little prying Pandora! You little demon - is this what you wanted to see?” Caleb watched the mask fall to the ground, finding an ironic sort of symbolism in that action. “Curse you! You little lying Delilah!” Reaching out, he snatched the girl’s jaw, making it appear as if he were digging painfully into the flesh. Such a shame that no one could see the digit stroking beneath Lucy’s chin. A comfort factor, or so he called it. “You little viper! Now you cannot ever be free! Damn you… Curse you…” It was supposed to be one of the Phantom’s few vulnerable moments, open to the world, and he played it out as such.

“Stranger than you dreamt it - can you even dare to look or bear to think of me: this loathsome gargoyle, who burns in hell, but secretly yearns for heaven.” Now Caleb’s hand swept across Lucy’s hand and across her throat, caressing the flesh in a wondering manner. “Secretly… secretly… But, Christine… Fear can turn to love - you'll learn to see, to find the man behind the monster: this… repulsive carcass, who seems a beast, but secretly dreams of beauty, secretly… secretly… Oh, Christine…” It was almost like Caleb was trying to convince the girl of the Phantom’s words, which brought a whole new dimension to it all.

Accepting the mask with a lingering caress from ‘Christine’s’ hand, he affixed it to his face once more, glaring down upon her, as if it were all her fault he was here. “Come we must return - those two fools who run my theatre will be missing you.” Standing there, he froze, hardly willing to move until there was some sort of reaction. Of course, it really wasn’t the one he had come to expect after everything they had gone through.




“Amazing. I can’t begin to describe what you did!” Quirking a brow – well, the only one visible frankly – Caleb watched the following introductions in a perverse manner. In one aspect, he was more than happy for Luciana; but on the other hand… Well, Caleb felt the protective nature attempt to take over, and it was difficult not to slip his hand into Lucy’s. She wasn’t some damned object, and she certainly was not his wife, no matter the paperwork! Still, he worried for her well being, even if she was a capable young woman

“So you've obviously got the parts. Rehearsals start a week from Monday. Here at five o'clock. My assistant will give you additional information. Bring your Equity cards, she'll make copies of those and your headshots.” Fuuuuun.

Caleb wasn’t all too shocked by the change in his relationship with Lucy. It had gone from snapping at one another, to a wary sort of truce. Still, he slept on the sofa while she was in the bed, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Never mind that it took a while to work the cricks out of his neck, which he was currently doing while listening to Ray give instructions.

Blahblahblah, okay, so he wasn’t listening very well. Calling everyone by their character name because he was a formal ass, and all of the nonsense that came with it. From stage to seats, he watched the first practice of the play commence, observing how Ray worked since there was precious little for Caleb to do, honestly. Before, he had been able to concentrate on Lucy, and occasionally Jackie, because it had been his job. No longer! He just had to make sure she was safe.

Now he truly was infinitely happy for the mask, which Ray insisted he wore through the practices, even if it was only the beginning. Sometimes, Caleb wondered if he was going to wake with this thing permanently attached to his face. Watching the new Raoul and his ‘wife’, a brow quirked every so often at their behavior on the stage in between blocking movements. The idle touches and smiles made the hairs on the back of his neck stand upright; it was like watching a man train a horse. Get the animal used to your touch, and the close proximity, and move from there. This really did not bode well. That was his wife, damn it all!

Erm… Yeah, right.

“Okay people!” Blinking, Caleb was pulled out of his reverie as Ray began directing people on the stage, skipping wildly about from song to song. Apparently he enjoyed directing scenes on a whim. “We’re going to try Down Once More, and I want to focus on the scene where Christine has to choose between the Phantom and her lover Raoul first of all.” Just… great.. Mutter.

Climbing up on stage, one of the hands tossed Caleb a rope. It wasn’t all that sturdy, and was made of nylon; it would slip if a knot was tied off if Raoul tugged too much. Well, better safe than sorry he supposed. Apparently Ray had been avoiding using the Phantom as of yet, for Caleb found the way people were looking at him in an expectant fashion rather uncomfortable. Sure, he could deal with that from his superiors, but from peers… Wait, he had never had any peers before. Shit, this was not going to be good.

“Remember, Phantom. You’re angry at Christine for spurning you, and angry with Raoul for taking her away.” Like he had forgotten it! Caleb eyed the script in his hand, with its few notations, before tossing it upstage and out of the way. With Ray looking at him in that eager expression, the agent sighed and looped the rope in his hand, tucking it into his belt for easy access. “Begin!”

“Wait! I think, my dear, we have a guest!” Caleb brought out an odd emotion in his voice, menacing joy, upon seeing Raoul step onto the stage. “Sir, this is indeed an unparalleled delight! I had rather hoped that you would come… And now my wish comes true – You have truly made my night!”

“Free her!” That wasn’t exactly a very demanding plea, if you asked Caleb. “Do what you like, only free her!” He had always found that line a bit disconcerting. After all, Christine’s lover gives the Phantom permission to do whatever the hell he felt like with her, and then hand her over. “Have you no pity?”

“Your lover makes a passionate plea!” Oh, he was definitely amused at the undercurrents that Michael was attempting to project through Raoul.

“Please, Raoul, it’s useless…” Their ‘dialogue’ continued, with the Phantom one upping the pair of lovers every sentence. It was his domain, his whole world, and it showed in the telling. And then things became interesting.

“Stop!” That was Ray shouting from the audience as the Phantom advanced upon Raoul with the rope. Frozen in the tableau, Caleb glanced at the director, wondering what the hell he was doing. “Raoul is supposed to be pleading for Christine’s life, the woman that he loves, not some useless bravado like he can fix it all. Everything is up to Christine at this point. Remember that!” Now stagehands were hefting a large gate outward; apparently a prop from another show that was to be used here.

“Make it real,” ‘Raoul’ hissed beneath his breath to Caleb. Make it real, huh? “I can take it,” the boy muttered in response to the unspoken question. Well, if he thought he could take it…

“Continue!” A’ight bawss!

“Raise up your hand to the level of your eyes!” the Phantom all but shouted, though Raoul did not listen, a pleading hand stretched toward Christine. Oh well, noose, here we come! Caleb did it quickly; around the neck, and almost as an after thought the wrists were tied as well. Though he’d never admit that the quick choked sound Raoul made was surprisingly satisfying… The Punjab Noose! “Nothing can save you now – except perhaps Christine…” Yank!

“Start a new life with me – Buy his freedom with your love! Refuse me, and you send your lover to his death!” Ooh, look, the Phantom can snarl! “This is the choice – This is the point of no return!” Unfortunately, Caleb really enjoyed this song for some twisted reason, and he was thoroughly enjoying it now.

“The tears I might have shed for your dark fate grow cold, and turn to tears of hate!” Nice! Lucy was sure in the hell getting into this, though he couldn’t help it was directed at him, not the Phantom. Shrugging inwardly as they worked through the rest of the play, Caleb put all he had into it from day one, as did Lucy. At least they were alike in that respect, unable to do a half-assed job through it all. Not so for Raoul, who seemed more intent on making calf’s eyes at his wife. Not your wife, damn it all! Not your wife! Oh yeah…

“Good work people! Let’s take a short break while I go over some things.” Look, the staple of every singer’s life; a bottle of water! They were passed about, and Caleb could not resist, scooping Lucy up with his free arm to twirl her in a tight circle before taking a seat. And tugging her right onto his lap.

“Well, this isn’t so bad,” Caleb confessed. But was he talking about his new lap ornament, or the fact that they were still in San Fran? Who the hell knew anymore? But Michael was giving him a dirty look now, and he conveyed this to Lucy. “I think someone has a crush on youuuu!” Whisper whisper. Like the rest of the cast needed to hear that, thank you very much! “Either that or he fancies the tight denim you’re wearing, m’dear.”

And through it all, Caleb’s arm tightened protectively about Lucy’s waist.

  • Moments of Clarity*Virginal Ingenue*, Fri Mar 4 01:37
    "I remember there was mist . . ." Lucy stood several feet behind Caleb, and to the side, so her figure would be viewable from the currently nonexistant audience. Her voice was soft and clear -- a... more
    • Murderous Joy — *Guarding Innocents*, Fri Mar 4 14:02
      • Breathless*Audience Participation*, Fri Mar 4 15:51
        Go on, go on Leave me breathless Come on “I think someone has a crush on youuuu!” His breathe crept along the surface of her neck, producing a tiny shiver. “Either that or he fancies the tight denim... more
        • BreathtakingCaleb Holmes, Fri Mar 4 16:32
          Sunday. Day of the Gods! Caleb half stretched on the sofa, somewhere in between the world of wake and sleep, and he wasn’t quite sure which he preferred at this point in time. All he knew was that... more
          • Stolen BreatheLucy Westren-- er , Avellino, Fri Mar 4 19:00
            Oh my god. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! She was drowning in a veritable deluge of ... well, everything. The way his lips felt against hers, the stubble of his five o'clock shadow tickling her chin. The... more
            • Stolen SpotlightsCaleb Holmes, Fri Mar 4 23:40
              “The name is Lucy. Lucifer if you absolutely must. Not Luce.” As it was whispered against his ear, Caleb roused slightly, chuckling at the comment she made about her name. There was no way she would... more
              • TantrumsLucy Avellino the Great, Sat Mar 5 00:26
                “Well… Ahem, yes! Christine,” Ray said, quickly shifting to Lucy and stating his typical pompous little lines. Or he would have if there had been anyone else but this couple up onstage. Lifting her... more
                • Bellyflops!Caleb Holmes the Insecure, Sat Mar 5 01:44
                  Well, that was fantastic ! Resisting all urge to gape at Lucy’s sudden turn about, Caleb decided to settle back and watch the fiasco play itself out. Hell, it had to be more amusing than the shit... more
                  • JackknifesKatherine Hepburn II, Sat Mar 5 02:24
                    Divinely inspired as well as talented. Kinda made you believe in the Almight again, didn't it. And what are we discussing now, true believers? Why, the leaps the stunning redhead kept making into the ... more
                    • Losing It All!Caleb Holmes the Nudist, Sat Mar 5 16:14
                      Gotcha! Caleb grinned under the water, tugging on Lucy’s ankles to bring her down to his level. Well, that was a whole new thought process, wasn’t it? But there was something interesting here. She... more
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