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Caleb Holmes
Fri Mar 4, 2005 16:32


Day of the Gods!

Caleb half stretched on the sofa, somewhere in between the world of wake and sleep, and he wasn’t quite sure which he preferred at this point in time. All he knew was that his back felt like utter shit, his head was pounding like he had a hangover, and he hadn’t slept well at all. But there was precious little that he could do about it now; the damage was already done by this damned couch!

Futons suck.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had held a residence of his own, honestly. In London, it had still been a front, even if he had worked in the offices as an analyst. Before that… Sighing, Caleb buried his face in the pillow, remembering all those times that he was called by a number, not a name. Stalking through the shadows and rappelling down the sides of buildings. It gave a man the biggest rush of adrenaline! And he missed it all, for now he was stuck in this rotting hellhole of deceit.

Oh, goody. There went the alarm clock. Once it had finally ceased its incessant blaring, he covered his eyes with an arm, intent on getting just a bit more sleep. It really couldn’t hurt, could it? After all, it was Sunday, and they hadn’t a damned thing to do today, right? Well, he didn’t think they did anyhow. The whisper of silk lulled him further to sleep, though the momentary noises of life twisted his mind toward wake. It was useless, and he was gone.

Everything was back to normal, playing Gino incessantly, through trial and tribulation, again and again in a never ending cycle that Rob put him through. Sometimes Lucy found out about him, other times she didn’t. Once she was dead, another they had a meaningful relationship. Caleb’s heart fluttered rapidly with irregular beats at the sequence, finding it horrifying and enrapturing all at once, from the nightmarish qualities to the fairy tale endings.

The last comprised itself of Lucy’s untimely death, again and again, because the agent hadn’t been able to fulfill the promise he had kept with the girl’s grandfather. Bernardo’s glassy eyes staring him down, Sonny’s psychotic shrieking laughter piercing his ears. Caleb’s body quaked with rage, both in dream and in reality; before he struck out with everything he had, maiming Sonny. Killing the bastard for taking Lucy away from him.

I loved her, damn you! I—loved—her!

Returning to his consciousness with a start, Caleb’s breath hitched upon feeling smooth fingertips touch his brow, brushing aside the hair that had fallen. The sensation of silk against his roughened hands felt luxurious, and he couldn’t help but wonder if that was what her skin felt like. Or was it her skin? He didn’t know, or care, in the haze of waking, and pulled the girl close to ease the wild beating of his heart.

“Morning…” A kiss, that would mend it all.

Without thinking, Caleb blindly sought out the girl’s lips, finding peace and longing in the not-so-subtle gesture. His flesh crawled and his skin felt heated to the point of boiling. And it was grand! Eventually he pulled away, the stubble upon his cheeks scraping lightly against Lucy’s throat as he nestled his head against her shoulder in a show of comfort. She felt… good. So much so that Caleb felt himself drifting off again, no matter that she lay stretched out on top of him after he had pulled her closed.

“Mmm…” When he better senses began to recuperate, and a longing sort of kiss was placed against the hollow of Lucy’s throat, his nose crinkled slightly. “Sorry about the morning breath. Ew…” Caleb let out a rough chuckle, breath tickling her neck as he wiggled into a slightly more comfortable position. As if such a thing existed upon this sofa!

“Please tell me we don’t have to go anywhere…” Words were thick, slightly slurred, and it was becoming obvious that the agent was not wholly aware of what he was doing at the moment. Perhaps not instinctual, but the barriers he had placed had fallen, and it felt good. “Just stay like this… all day… Only two bathroom breaks allowed.” There came the laugh again, vibrating his chest and causing him to hug her all the more warmly.

With it came comfort, and the sensation of longing had disappeared. It had always been twisted and broken affairs that Caleb had entered into, nothing with someone he would have deemed an innocent; not unintentionally. Oh, there were times where he had corrupted those younger than he, just for the sake of his duty. But he no longer had those thoughts to contend with, and God it felt fantastic! Caleb felt his eyes drift shut, listening to the slowing heartbeat of the girl above him, and gave a contented sigh.

“Love ya, Luce…” Moments later, he drifted back toward the land of slumber.

  • Breathless*Audience Participation*, Fri Mar 4 15:51
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    • Breathtaking — Caleb Holmes, Fri Mar 4 16:32
      • Stolen BreatheLucy Westren-- er , Avellino, Fri Mar 4 19:00
        Oh my god. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! She was drowning in a veritable deluge of ... well, everything. The way his lips felt against hers, the stubble of his five o'clock shadow tickling her chin. The... more
        • Stolen SpotlightsCaleb Holmes, Fri Mar 4 23:40
          “The name is Lucy. Lucifer if you absolutely must. Not Luce.” As it was whispered against his ear, Caleb roused slightly, chuckling at the comment she made about her name. There was no way she would... more
          • TantrumsLucy Avellino the Great, Sat Mar 5 00:26
            “Well… Ahem, yes! Christine,” Ray said, quickly shifting to Lucy and stating his typical pompous little lines. Or he would have if there had been anyone else but this couple up onstage. Lifting her... more
            • Bellyflops!Caleb Holmes the Insecure, Sat Mar 5 01:44
              Well, that was fantastic ! Resisting all urge to gape at Lucy’s sudden turn about, Caleb decided to settle back and watch the fiasco play itself out. Hell, it had to be more amusing than the shit... more
              • JackknifesKatherine Hepburn II, Sat Mar 5 02:24
                Divinely inspired as well as talented. Kinda made you believe in the Almight again, didn't it. And what are we discussing now, true believers? Why, the leaps the stunning redhead kept making into the ... more
                • Losing It All!Caleb Holmes the Nudist, Sat Mar 5 16:14
                  Gotcha! Caleb grinned under the water, tugging on Lucy’s ankles to bring her down to his level. Well, that was a whole new thought process, wasn’t it? But there was something interesting here. She... more
                  • The Full MontyLucifer, Sun Mar 6 01:18
                    Ha! Jackpot. Lucy held the flimsy creation in her fingers, wondering why in the nine hells of Purgatory that Caleb would ever stoop to buying something that ridiculous. Not that he didn't look ...... more
                    • Front Row SeatingCaleb Holmes the Seducer, Sun Mar 6 03:03
                      Ah-ha! Caleb was immensely pleased with himself. After all, he had one-upped Lucy. But currently, he was ‘concentrating’ upon the Point of No Return, which was quickly becoming one of his favorite... more
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