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Caleb Holmes
Fretting Over Life
Tue Mar 8, 2005 04:40

“Ow! Wench.”

Rubbing the knee as if she had really hurt him, Caleb leaned back; arms stretched across the sofa, and skeptically eyed the credits that began to roll across the screen. Erik the Viking? Was definitely a movie he hadn’t seen before, so why wouldn’t he be curious about it? Hey, it was the analyst in him, unable to help it. Damned training.

Within ten minutes of the movie dialogue Lucy was howling in laughter, and Caleb was gaping at the television. Gawking, leaning forward, unable to believe the opening scene. People… were insane! That was all there was to it! Shaking his head in disbelief, he was like that for most of the movie. The British were kooky, he already figured out that much. Every so often he’d give Lucy a curious, sidelong glance, wondering how she found this humoring! Maybe after he saw it a few hundred times it would sink in, but for now the shock value had grappled him.

“That was… Seriously messed up, Lucifer.” Blink. Watching her change the DVD, he admired the few for the few precious moments he had, and reached over for the telephone. At least they had the pleasure of a cordless; he likely would’ve gone nuts otherwise. Oof! Legs in lap!

“I know you swore off action movies for the night, but I kind of like this one.” Eyeing the innocent smile, his gaze flickered toward the television screen, laughing as the title rolled across. Oh jeez, Predator! Classic flick, even if they did a lot of it wrong. Grabbing one of the pamphlets next to the telephone, Caleb did a quick look through before dialing the number, so he’d miss as little of the movie as possible. Hey, it was nice to spend time with the girl!

“’Ey, whaddya want?” Whoa, Jersey accent. Where’d that come from? “The usual or something else?” Lucy just waved her hand at him, brushing him off, so Caleb shrugged and ordered for the both of them. Well, sort of. He decided to get a range of food, from rice, noodles, Kung Pao, Schezuan Beef, vegetables… The list went on. Declared it would be twenty minutes, which wasn’t surprising to say the least since they were right around the corner. Settling in, Caleb allowed himself to get sucked in by the movie and a pair of legs on his lap.

“Oh, and by the way, thank you for the roses.” Kiss. Gape! Starry-eyed from the show of endearment, he stared off toward blank space for a few moments, trying to gain his senses. Movie, right! Ooo, legs!

“Seriously! You don’t use that sort of equipment!” Uh oh, it was a debate. Lucy saying that had an artistic license, and Caleb declaring the Governor’s ass would’ve been long since dead if he had done it that way. Considering the argument was going no where quickly, their saving grace was a knock at the door, someone declaring themselves delivery. “Food! I’m famished!” Tickling the bottoms of Lucy’s feet so she’d at least shriek and shy away, Caleb bounded the whole twenty feet it took to get to the front door, digging out his wallet on the way.

Two minutes later, and an armload of food, Caleb was journeying back into the living room, giving an evil grin at Lucy as the food was set down upon the table. “You must eat! You’re skin and bones!” Popcorn flung in her direction and he snatched up a pair of chopsticks and opened a few of the boxes. The movie had been put on the backburner when the food had arrived in his opinion. “Oooh, this is good. Here, try this.” Bite of beef offered, which was odd considering how rarely we saw Caleb actually eat meat of any kind.

Eventually the duo settled into some sort of compromise, which he wasn’t quite sure what it was, but a bite of food here and there, then exchanged, a bit of rice flung… It all ended up the same! Sated, Caleb settled back happily, pulling Lucy over to give her a warm hug and use her as a teddy bear through the rest of the movie. Unfortunately that wasn’t lasting very long, considering what sort of movie it was, and when the end credits began to roll, the now green-eyed man eyed the television, then Lucy, and the television once more.

“What else do we have?” All right, so the reason he hated copious amounts of red meat was because he always felt so damned lethargic afterward. Besides, half of that shit was unhealthy for you, with all the freaking injected hormones and God knows what! Dragging Lucy with, he leaned forward in an attempt to peer through the darkness at the last case. No luck! Grumbling all the while, Caleb extracted himself from the sofa and fumbled about, just tossing it into the DVD player without looking. Turning about, only to find a redhead sprawled across the sofa.

“Hey! No fair, you stole my spot…” Yet another grumble, though playful, and Caleb unceremoniously lifted Lucy by the shoulders, sat down, and let her back down. One of the throw pillows gave her a bit more of a comfortable headrest, and he reached over to hit play on the remote, temporary muffling the girl. Muahaha! Enough silliness, and he toyed with her hair as the opening scene came on.

“Whoa there!” Clop-clop-clop. “It is I, Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, from the castle of Camelot. King of the Britons, defeater of the Saxons, Sovereign of all England!” Gape. Caleb stared in wide-eye wonder for a few long minutes, before Lucy could suddenly feel him bouncing on the sofa.

“Nooo way!” Bounce. “This movie is great!” Wow, when was the last time you had heard him so enthusiastic about something? And of all things, a movie? A Monty Python movie at that! Caleb continued the absent-minded toying of Lucy’s hair, sometimes braiding a few strands, and other times merely running his fingers through it. As an ironic point, he realized how much he preferred her with her natural hair color, though they had to have their dye jobs touched up every week or so. Was it too much to ask that they could be themselves, inside and out?

The movie stretched out, time disappearing as the townspeople were slain, and songs were sang, enticing laughter from the duo on the sofa every so often. Caleb was surprised to find that he was enjoying himself, there in the dark with Lucy. It brought about the wrong sort of thoughts that could potentially lead to another sob session for the girl, which was the last thing in the world that he wanted. But then the credits rolled, and they were left with nothing but themselves.

“Mmm… You awake?” Lucy gave a noise that could have passed for affirmation, and he shrugged, flipping off the DVD player and television at once. Only the light from the slightly open blinds filtered in, and that was from a shop across the way, with its damned marquee. “Its late, we should get to bed.” But neither of them moved of their own accord, and he was more than happy to just sit there, though it was going to be an uncomfortable sleeping position after a short while.

“Psst…” Caleb half leaned down, fingertips caressing along Lucy’s jaw until she tilted her face toward him. Payback was supposed to be a b-tch, though he really couldn’t see how this was revenge. His lips brushed hers teasingly before allowing a kiss, deepening the act and becoming lost in it. He couldn’t help it, she was just so damned sweet! Gah. Noses touched, an intimate sort of sensation lingering between the pair until it was nearly palpable. Oh, he hated to break the silence! But he had to know.

“Hon…” A breathy whisper, ragged as if they had done something more. “Last night… Why did you cry?” Caleb asked tentatively, as if worried of her answer. Not a performance issue, but an emotional one. “Did I do something wrong?” He cringed at the question, not wishing to sound over-protective, or anything of that nature, but there was no other way to pose it.

Ironically, he was cuddling the woman now, instead of groping. A nice change for both of them.

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