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Lucy Avellino
Bosom Buddies
Tue Mar 8, 2005 22:00

Shriek and shy away?

Please, she was an Avellino female -- and none of her line had ever shrieked and shied away from anything, up to and including the murders of male family members. In fact, she tapped his rear end with the heel of her foot, perhaps as revenge for his perusement of her legs during the film. Each caress had made it that much harder to concentrate on one of her favorite shoot-'em-up movies. Bastard!

And good Chinese food didn't help. Lucy already had a decent appetite -- one of the reason she'd taken to swimming after a late dinner almost every night. Eh. Shrugging, she selected a pair of cheap chopsticks and began experimenting with bites from each of the small white boxes the delivery guy had brought. Once or twice she dropped a kernel down the front of his shirt, via aforementioned chopsticks, and had the gumption to smile innocently when he tried to protest. "Really, Caleb ... you're looking rather peaked." Smarmy wench!

Black screen. White credits. Wax on. Wax off. Eyebrows lofting at his unspoken query of whose turn it was, the redhead graciously allowed him to hoist his carcass off of the sofa and eject one movie for another. At least they were in the white and blue boxes from the video store so he couldn't get a good look at the name. Which was ok, she hoped to surprise him. And .. it gave her a chance to admire his butt. Something about men with well-formed asses just did something to her. Especially the agent's. Yawning, she stretched out across the entire couch, figuring to make him claim the floor. Her couch!

“Hey! No fair, you stole my spot…” Big baby!

"No shit, Sherlock." Awe, it hit her how appropriate that phrase was when directed at Mister Holmes, which sent her into something of a giggle fit. They quieted down when Caleb just lifted her torso high enough to twist himself underneath and added a small pillow to the itty bitty space between himself and the side to cushion her head. What a swell guy, no? Snuggling back against his chest, now so comfortable that the year 2525 would come and go before she moved again, Lucy idly moved her thumb and index finger across the stretch of leg between his thigh and knee -- almost mirroring the strokes he lavished on her hair.

“Nooo way!” Bounce. “This movie is great!” Whoa! The big guy liked a Python movie? Mental note: Rent a copy of Life of Brian! This was so nifty.

Yea, verrily, the movie unraveled ... er, unfurled. Brave knights ran from frightening things, a pure knight found himself surrounded by lusty nuns, and the animator had a heart attack and fell over dead. All in all, a good time was had by the participants. Gawd, it felt nice just to lie there on his lap and enjoy a good movie. There was no pressure to be anyone but herself ... she wondered if Caleb understood how precious that had become in the last few months, now that she was allowed to be anyone but a dead woman.

“Mmm… You awake?”

She grunted, turning away from the screen to bury her face in the pillow for a moment before shifting to a slightly more comfortable position atop him. So dark, enough to cast almost everything in shadows, but for the light from a marquee filtering through the blinds onto the floor. For some reason, the image struck her as extremely poignant. A real 'film noir' moment. “Psst…” Erm? Shifting again, her torso halfway facing his own now, faces close enough to trace curves and arches of noses ... and mouths.

What seemed to be a tongue tease lengthened into an actual kiss, intensifying until his tongue slid into hers in a breathstealing act of possession as intimate as what he'd done to her in bed. Falling straight into his trap, and not caring one white, Lucy concentrated on keeping herself still. It almost worked beautiful, but for the hand that stole up to caress the faint stubble along his chin before tangling into the hair at the nape of his neck. It was scarcely longer than it had been when she met him -- but there was a definate wave now.

“Hon…” A breathy whisper, ragged as if they had done something more. “Last night… Why did you cry?” Oh god. He sounded just like she felt, stripped bare of every wall she'd ever erected around the most private and deeply felt emotions, his confusion scraping across her soul like nails on a chaklboard. Her eyes closed momentarily, suddenly very glad for the enveloping near-darkness. It would conceal the blush spreading across her cheeks nicely. “Did I do something wrong?”

Blink. Oh, no.

"No." There was a pause, her voice held the teeniest hint of a tremor, which said alot considering the redhead held little back in their mish-mash of a relationship. Whatever her reason was, it had been extremely important. " I ... I went to the library today, but I wasn't there to check out research material on the Phantom." Oh dear. She sounded vastly ashamed, tone lowering into a whisper -- even though they were the only two people in the room. Fingers trailed back up his neck, skirting the jawline to brush hair away from an obscured forehead.

"Last night was ... I've never done anything like that." Dreamy tone now, as if she was five years old and describing the arrival of her very own pony, which surely was the dream of every little girl who saw National Velvet during her formative years. "I mean, the guys I know talk about it sometimes when they don't realize I'm around ... didn't realize ...that's what they do with their goomahs." She paused again, shifting to more easily face him this time.

"I thought you were marking me for a mistress, Caleb, and you have no idea how much that hurt. So when I found myself with some free time, figured the library was a good place to look for ... ah, information on ... uhm ...y'know ... oral conjugative ..." Oh, god. She was stuttering now, trying to make him understand her view of things without stamping all over his pride or making him think she hadn't enjoyed it. "That .. thing you did ... I found it in some women's sexual health books. And .."

It was easier to stare directly at the collection of dark gray and black that was his throat while she finished, " And I understood that you weren't trying to put me in my place ... but make me happy." Mere memory of those hours was enough to create a little of that liquid gold again, stirring slowly through her veins. Propping herself up on one elbow, she fit her mouth against his before he had a chance to reply, and spent a good handful of moments awash in some very arousing sensations. "Thank you. No one's ever been that sharing before."

A thanks? Ha! Well, why wouldn't she? Lucy was one of those people who wrote thank you cards for Christmas, not that he'd had an opportunity to really share a romantic holiday with her. Yet. Maybe sensing some of the lidded volcano stirring deep down ..somewhere, the redhead brushed her lips against his quietly before extracting herself out of his arms and off his lap, "Good night, Caleb." Tonight she'd backed off from declaring any sort of romantic attachment to him, frankly because she hadn't completely sorted out all of her feelings yet, and saying anything would only bring censure down on her head.

Beating him to the bathroom by virtue of surprise, and having been closer anyway, she quietly closed the door behind her and leaned back against it to steady her breathing. Right. Cold shower it was. A dip in the pool would have been preferable, but she didn't trust Caleb not to follow her down and steal her clothing in revenge. The big goof. Stripping out of her outfit, she turned on the water and stepped bravely into the stall. Eventually she planned on warming up the temperature and not giving herself a cold, but the first few minutes of chill liquid would serve as penance.

And maybe chase away a man's delicious laugh and amazingly green eyes.

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