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Lucy Avellino
Proving Difficult
Wed Mar 9, 2005 02:55

You're nothing short of my everything.
~Ralph Block~

Surreal. That's how she would describe the last twenty-four hours. Actually, she could have described the last three months in such a way, but every day brought some new surprise. Laughter, joy, death, sarcasm. There were so many sides to her room-mate they seemed endless, trying to capture and describe one was the proverbial needle in a haystack. Quietly, the redhead went about hanging up the coats so Caleb could make a bee-line for the shower first. After the strenously stressful day he'd had, anything else would have been real selfish.

It also gave Lucy a few minutes by herself to shake her inner dolt until there was little chance of her own mask, this one purely allegorical, slipping away. He'd seemed amused the night before during her explanation, or maybe she was overly paranoid. Maybe a bit of both. Frankly, it never occured to her to simply ask. Not about this deeply personal subject. She'd always been able to sleuth around and figure things out on her own, albeit with Jackie just a step behind.

Jackie. Ugh. Hell of a time to go maudlin and mushy.

No, now was the time for action! Slipping into the bedroom, she shucked her clothes and pulled on the silk robe that Caleb was so secretly fond of. Tucking some courage under her arm, the girl bravely approached the closed bathroom door and knocked before slipping inside. At least the agent was still behind the partition, a real bonus tonight. "Hey, I just need to brush my teeth and apply make up. Take five minutes." Not giving him a chance to protest, Lucy unfogged part of the mirror and did just what she'd threatened too.

Took just over five minutes, too. Teeth brushed. A little lipgloss and eyeliner applied, small dusting of color across her cheeks -- every little touch conspiring to make her older than her biological age. It helped that Nora Cameron was twenty-four on her driver's license. There. "I'm going out. Don't wait up, dahling." That priceless gem had been delivered in her best Mae West impersination, which was good or bad depending on one's view. Can't you see the naive waif swallowed up in the clutches of the Bay? I knew you could.

It didn't matter, though, as she'd quietly vacated his space and vanished back into the bedroom. Now for the fun part: picking an outfit. Oh, boy! There was a small closet in there, aside from the dresser and it was here they kept the better clothing. The former Miss Avellino had a 'cunning plan'. In order to keep from going insane in regards to her problem with Caleb, she would find a .. a ... someone else. Hence the correct trappings.

Since the selection was sadly lacking in a variety of choices, Lucy went with a cream-colored, backless number and a black, oversized jacket as protection agains the sometimes nippy California fog. A pair of brown sandles found their way onto slender feet, and her image projected an independant woman of impeccable taste and sufficent funds to afford the ritzier places in the area. There was no she'd troll through a seedy bar.

Wandering out into the hallway, she passed a towel-trussed Caleb and smiled dazzingly at him on her way to the door. "Ta," she intoned just before whisking herself out into the hallway. And who should be up at this hour but Monica, also dolled up for a night on the town. In fact, she was more than happy to recommend a decent club just a few blocks away ... the brunette was headed there herself. "Girls night out," was thusly born. Sort of.

The club, as it turned out, was a high-class revue of ... well, lots and lots of foam and flesh. Bubbles was the name, and that was its game, providing a place to play for adults not into the SadoMasochist lifestyle that other such clubs offered. Sexy men in tiny loinclothes and beautiful women in gold lame bikinis. Lucy managed fifteen minutes inside before she made her escape and found a restaurant/bar just down the street from the apartment complex. Seated at the bar soon after, the redhead did her best to affect an aloof air ...and failed miserably.

In fourty-five minutes, she'd recieved a marriage proposal, two offers of a vacation outside the United States and a handful of business cards with private numbers. All this aside from the drinks people kept buying her. And not one of them eased the longing for that rat fink. Why was he now a fink? Because Lucy was well on her way to drunk and surrounded by men who gave the impression of affluence.

Bah. This was no fun.

So it was back to the apartment she wobbled, an hour and a half after walking out. Riding up in the elevator, the weightless feeling finally transfigured her mood from broody to giggly, and this was how Caleb first saw her. Too-bright eyed, subtly reeking of expensive brandy and fumbling her way through opening the door. Senses not quite dulled by the alcohol, the girl barely seemed to blink before she was grabbed and pressed back against said door.

"Where were you!"

Good question, that. "With sekshey, sekshey men ..." came the giggle, inhibitions lowered enough to just reach up and pull Caleb's face to hers for a smooch. "Soooooo many sekshey guys .... couldn't sleep wif 'em."Another giggle. She dropped her purse on the floor, still staring up into a very angry face. "Know why?" Oh, great. Someone had a secret! "Cuz .. I want you, ya old sourpuss."

Toe-curling kiss, here we come! It was pretty obvious she was very buzzed, knew exactly what she was saying, and didn't give a damn about it.

So. Agent-cum-actor ... ball's in your court. Will we play or retreat?

I fell in love with you the second I layed eyes on you, it had nothing to do with the way you looked, there was something in your eyes, then I found out what was in your heart.

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