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Caleb Holmes
Proving... Something
Wed Mar 9, 2005 14:20

Mmm… good shower! Knock-knock… What the hell?

“Hey, I just need to brush my teeth and apply makeup. Take five minutes.” Makeup?! Why in the hell would she need makeup after practice? Shrugging to himself, and completely not understanding women, Caleb cranked up the hot water in the shower another notch, determined to be medium-well done by the time the water ran cold. Oh yes… “I’m going out. Don’t wait up, dahling.” Wait, what was that?

Caleb stuck his head out of the shower stall a second too late, seeing the tail end of a silk robe trail out of the bathroom. Bah! The opposite sex was a continuing mystery to him and likely always would be. Rinsing off, and deciding that he had been drowned enough for the night, the agent shut off the water and grabbed a fluffy towel, a luxury in this damned place! At least he was feeling marginally better, scrubbed and relaxed. Of course that wasn’t going to last long. See, there was this thorn in his side, and he had fondly named her ‘Luce’. Wench!

“Ta!” Blinking water from his eyes, Caleb quirked a brow as the thorn in his side wandered past in cream-colored dress and black jacket. Hey, when did she get those things? Feeling highly confused by the time the door had open and shut, he stared toward the entry way. What the hell had just happened? Scratching the top of his head, the agent quickly shook it off and slipped into the bedroom to pull on a pair of skivvies and dry his hair.

Twenty minutes later, after picking up the bedroom, living room, and cleaning up the bathroom, Caleb was surprised to find that Lucy really had not walked back in the door. Well hell! Feeling slightly abandoned, and consequently left to his own devices, the agent-turned-actor – and not by choice, thank you very much! – ended up cleaning the entire damnable apartment. Top to bottom, each room in and out, which was frightening in itself. It wasn’t that their living quarters were dirty, or even really cluttered! He just had that little to do. Hell, he even briefly pondered returning to the theater out of sheer boredom, but quickly decided against it. That was a level of fanaticism he wasn’t willing stoop to yet.


Quirking a brow, Caleb reached for the phone and hit the talk button, only hearing a dial-tone on the other end. But the ringing continued. Naturally suspicious and paranoid, he knew the ring sounded eerily familiar, yet couldn’t place it. Quite literally! Using the whistling trick, he found a compact, slim phone tucked away behind the bookshelf, in its own little cubbyhole that he hadn’t ever noticed before. Hell, they hadn’t even bothered inspecting the apartment upon arriving! Just flopped down and went at it.

Wait, wasn’t this his phone? Shit!

“Speak.” It was better than any other option he had, like declaring one of a dozen names, or a number. Safer this way. Dead air met his ear, and Caleb waited patiently for thirty seconds. Just about the time he was about to hang up, he could hear the crackle of someone pick up the line.

“Enjoying yourself, my boy?” Oh, that bastard! Caleb sighed, taking a seat on the sofa to deal with this telephone call. Now that he had been freed from the figurative shackles that Rob had imprisoned him in, he had forgotten exactly how much he had dreaded these telephone calls. Usually because it meant that he was moving on, going somewhere new and supposedly exciting.

“I’m sure you see us all the time, so you tell me.” Leaning back, the dark-haired man sighed, knowing that all the fire in him had been snuffed out by being stuffed into this program. If you asked him, it was a waste of a good mind. So what the hell did he know that Rob didn’t want leaked into the wrong hands? No, that was too simple; it had to deal with the Avellino case, since that was the last one he had worked on. Bernardo… “Was that the reason you called?” Okay, so he sounded a bit calmer there. Better.

“Just to see how you’re acclimating to everything.” Hmm, that was a short response coming from the long-winded bastard, which really couldn’t mean anything good. Well, Caleb could play the wait game, and had many a time with Rob; and he always won. Long moments of uncomfortable silence passed between the pair as he plucked up the television remote, muting the sound and flipping through the channels. Hey, he had nothing better to do! “Its just that…” Yes, oh mighty government man? “I need to pick your brain.” Great, just great.

“Well then, you should’ve stuck me at a desk job.” Woo, snippy answer! Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Caleb sighed. “Yeah, yeah. Come in the back, you’ve got the key.” Phone snapped shut; he returned it to its hiding place for safe keeping, knowing that it would eventually be used again. Maybe not for years, or just a few hours. He could never tell with those things. Tromping into the bedroom for a pair of shorts, he heard the door open quickly and shut quietly, locked afterward. That would be Rob. Or, at least he hoped it was.

“What do you need?” So what if his hair was still damp and tousled from the shower? He didn’t care, this was supposed to be his home now, thanks to this egotistical bastard. Wandering barefoot into the entryway, he quirked a brow at Rob standing there, the trench coat and suit screaming G-man; along with a thick file tucked under his arm. So it was one of those nights. “C’mon…” It was the vaguely pitiful look that his boss – former boss? – had that made him given in.

Once everything was spread across the coffee table, and speaking of which he had the caffeinated delight brewing, Caleb eyed it all critically. Everything from crime scene photographs, evidence lists, testimonies, statements, and anything else an investigator could want. Then why the hell was he being involved? Quirking a brow toward Rob, he made an impatient hand gesture to begin explaining as he slipped into the kitchen for two cups of java.

“All right. Your basic bull story here with everything that follows. Man loves woman, man marries woman, faerie tale nonsense. Except the wife finds him cheating, gets the nine millimeter out of the closet, and kills them both in a fit of rage.” Hah! That was sort of amusing, really. Returning with two mugs of coffee, Caleb sipped gingerly at his, just waiting for it all. “No seminal fluids were on the sheets, the woman was homeless that had been cleaned up and dumped there with him.” Refusing to even speak until the entire story was told, he tapped the man’s photograph, a rather decorated military officer. “Retired back in ninety-five, been working for the NSA ever since.” Ah, that explained that.

“Well, the bodies were staged, obviously. Even if the gunshot through both of them is a nice piece of work, neither one bled out much. His legs are on the outside of her hips, which would indicate that he was straddling her, hardly conducive to sex…” The list went on with what was wrong with the photographs, paired with the evidence lists and statements from the wife and officers first on the scene. Bits here and there that made something tickle at the back of his mind screaming that it wasn’t right. But like everything in life, it was a large jigsaw puzzle.

The next hour of Caleb’s life was spent that way, exchanging information back and forth, his thought process roused a bit by the coffee he was drinking copiously. A generalized picture came into focus the further he delved into the case file, and the bits of information that Rob was willing to give up. It was a tantalizing image, one he knew that there was no way he could be involved in, so it could only tease him. Even so, being able to use his mind like this again felt as if her were stretching an old muscle that hadn’t been used nearly enough in the last few months.

“Why the hell did you come to me with this? You’ve got an entire staff of people that do this for a living, and others…” Others that are like me. Were like him, more aptly put. Sighing, Caleb pinched the bridge of his nose as Rob began bundling the file up, taking his sweet time. Oh, that just meant he was trying to put something as nicely as possible.

“You can see through the bullshit.” Blinking, he quirked a brow at Rob, surprised to find that the man stood there, file tucked neatly beneath his arm. “That’s all. I’ll see myself out.” That had to be the weirdest experience he had as of late. But it didn’t end there!

Not five minutes after Rob left, the door opened and shut again, but this time it was rather noisy. Clumsy even. Risking chance, Caleb wandered that direction, eyeing Lucy as she stood there with a bright smile, eyes a little too wide this late at night. God help him, she really had gone drinking! Stalking up to her, he pushed the girl against the door, not having to draw a deep breath to know she fairly reeked of that horrid brandy she seemed to favor. “Where were you!” More of a demand than a request, he didn’t exactly expect an answer.

“With sekshey, sekshey men…” Inebriate giggling followed, and Caleb rolled his eyes skyward, praying for the strength to deal with Lucy right now. Caught off guard, he was pulled in for a kiss, which wasn’t unpleasant except for the taste of alcohol. “Soooooo many sekshey guys… couldn’t sleep wif ‘em.” Yes, God was definitely putting him through one hell of a trial here, because he felt like smacking the girl silly. Purse thudded to the floor and she got closer. “Know why?” He really didn’t care! “Cuz… I want you, ya old sourpuss.”

Here came that kiss again!

Caleb was the first to pull back, pushing Lucy’s shoulders against the door as she squirmed so she couldn’t lunge at him. Okay, so due to the girl, he was becoming used to the taste of brandy. Not a bad thing within itself, but he definitely wasn’t about to drink it. What in the hell could he do to rectify this situation? Give in, toss the girl into a shower, just throw her into the pool to drown… There were so many options available! Sigh.

Taking Lucy by the hand, Caleb led her toward the bedroom, turning off most of the lights along the way. She smelled of cheap cigars and expensive brandy, a nauseating combination. But he knew what would fix this! Stopping the redhead in the middle of the bedroom, he peeled the overgrown coat from her shoulders and set it aside, then did the same with the dress. Every time she tried to help he batted her hands away, and each word that was uttered was met with a quick shh’ing noise from the man. Keep her quiet, keep her happy, and he could control everything tonight.

Damn… Unfortunately for Caleb, Lucy looked good. As in good enough to eat in so many figurative and perverted ways! Helping her over to the bed, he stripped her of her remaining clothing and sat her on the edge of the bed, taking his time with the strappy sandals she had decided to wear. Whatever! He definitely wasn’t into the foot fetish thing, but the guttural moan she loosed as he rubbed the arches of her feet gave him a wicked idea.

“Lay on your stomach, head on the pillow.” As she did what was instructed, Caleb rummaged in the bedside drawer, knowing it had to be in here somewhere! There it was! This stuff called silk skin, or whatever it was. Drizzling some between his hands, he warmed it up quickly and applied it to Lucy’s back. Ah-ha! Massage time! Hell, she was compliant enough for him to order her around in bed, or so he was beginning to think. Frankly he had never seen the girl this amenable, except with old man Avellino.

Up and down her back, from the base of her skull to the top of her hips, Caleb put everything he had into that massage. Nor was he entirely surprised to find that she was tense as a snare drum. Things hadn’t been especially easy on either of them, but he was used to this sort of thing. She definitely wasn’t, not with how Bernardo had shielded her from society as a whole. But his one intent with this ‘kind’ action was to hopefully put Lucy to sleep while she was still tipsy, and slip out of the bedroom with his body parts all still attached. Hey, it sounded like a good plan! Besides, he wasn’t about to do anything to her while she was inebriated. Caleb was just too much of a good guy for that.

Sort of ironic, huh?

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