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Lucy Avellino
Something Decided
Wed Mar 9, 2005 19:21

" So, classes start in three weeks - right after the run is finished. I figured since it would take a while to find another play, that we needed some income."

She was currently ensconsed on living room floor, a community college catalouge and other admission-type papers scattered around her in something resembling a fairy circle. A notebook sat on her lap, at least one-third of its pages already crammed full of notes in her handwriting. Body draped in baggy cut-offs and a badly abused tee shirt from a local thrift shop, she actually looked her age. It was almost time for another visit from the government's beauticians, the deep brown of her roots was beginning to show again.

"If I go part-time, then I should be able to collect about two thousand a semester in grants and stuff. Also, there is a deli just down the way looking for a waitress. Or the video store ... I know where most of their movies are by feel now."

Lucy glanced up from her scheming to eyeball Caleb. During her carefully prepared speech, he'd said nothing and favored one of his more inscrutable expressions. Spiff, wasn't it? After her drunken fiasco two weeks before, the redhead had awoken to a very bright world -- painfully so. To her way of thinking, being rejected twice was certainly enough. Very humiliating to realize one of the major reasons she'd put herself in the hands of the WPP was her bodyguard. Almost friend. For the last month she'd been acting like a complete disaster.

Well, with taking her destiny back into her own hands, this East Coast cookie was going to change that. Get back to school and earn a degree, which had been her plan since high school. Only this time, it wouldn't be some literature piece-of-fluff. No, there had once been a high probability of marrying Sonny after graduation ... entailing little of her own ambitions and caring for the children he was sure to insist on. So ... degree, job and a real life. Staying in the program long-term just wasn't an option in her book.

Quick glance at the clock told her they still had two hours before Ray wanted them at the theatre to do a full tech and costume run, the very last one before tomorrow's opening night. How quickly time flew when you weren't having fun. Her attention finally wandered to the television, volumne currently on low to prevent the insanity of afternoon talk show guests spilling out into the quiet apartment. Caleb was in the kitchen, washing dishes by hand.


Flipping the notebook closed, she set it down on the couch and began scooping up all the college proproganda into a pile before setting the stack on top of said book. From there it was easy to twist herself up into a standing position, idly stretching her arms above her head in an attempt to ease her muscles. Quietly she commensed a search for her Berkenstocks, sliding them onto slowly tanning feet.

"I'm gonna head down to the deli and get dinner."

Not expecting a reply, she collected her purse and headed out into the hall. It was empty, prompting a sigh of relief. For almost a fortnight there had been a game of cat-and-mouse between herself and Monica, and frankly ... listening to an older woman go on and on and on about her sex life was something that Lucy didn't want to deal with. In fact, at this point, she was thinking that joining a convent would have been much easier than agreeing to go into hiding with a man who either wanted you, or hated you.

At least that's what his expressions kept spouting.

The short walk to the store was uneventful, always a plus. Passing a few regulars on their way out, she made her way around various displays until she was in the back of the store. This deli was a real treasure -- it had everything from Philly cheesestakes to clam chowder. Heh, sounded pretty good. Order two of each, she exchanged the dinners for paper money and was back out the door ten minutes later. Twenty-minute round trip for a decent meal wasn't too bad.

Of course, the elevator had to be broken when she got back, propelling the young woman up seven flights of stairs with hot food. Whoa, baybe. Feeling just a teensy bit out of shape, because someone her age shouldn't be puffing over that measly amount of stairwells, Lucy made one of her infamous mental notes to go swimming after rehearsal tonight. Pool was there, hadn't been used in a week so why not?


Oooo, a single word issued oh-so-pleasantly to the man on the sofa when she eased her way back through the door. Setting both bags on his lap, she shed her purse on the kitchen counter before collecting fruit juice and a couple of glasses. Sure, it was a weird combination, but she'd learned the hard way that Caleb didn't drink. And since he was the man of the house, so to speak, it had fallen on her shoulders to keep him happy ... and she had done so for two ungodly weeks, in every way possible but physical pleasure.

What was that old saying? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Well, until she gathered enough information from the papers to begin planning her revenge, Lucy had every intention of staying out of the agent's way until they could amicably part each other's company. And, to be fair, perhaps she was over-reacting just a touch. Could you blame her? Being a grown-up when you expected to stay little more than a child forever is very disconcerting.

So down she plopped on the other side of the sofa, handing a glass of apple juice to Caleb. "Here you go." Yes, in that oh-so-pleasantly-polite tone. The kind that made you wanna ... do terrible things.

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