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Caleb Holmes
Unknown Facts
Thu Mar 10, 2005 12:19

“So, classes start in three weeks - right after the run is finished. I figured since it would take a while to find another play, that we needed some income.”

Caleb didn’t say anything, though he heard Lucy quite clearly. He just didn’t want to respond to her yet. Things had still been topsy-turvy over the last two weeks, and he felt a bit on edge. Strike that, he felt like a nervous wreck half the time. He was supposed to be taking care of the girl, not letting her out to go drinking with a reckless next door neighbor that enjoyed sleeping around! Some days he swore Monica was on a mission to contract every single sexually transmitted disease known to man, and several that would be discovered in her.

“If I go part-time, then I should be able to collect about two thousand a semester in grants and stuff. Also, there is a deli just down the way looking for a waitress. Or the video store ... I know where most of their movies are by feel now.” Uh… huh. Well, was that just great. Snatching a few glasses from the table, Caleb returned to the sink, trying to find a reason to prolong his cleaning. Frankly he had become ridiculous about it as of late, though they could have eaten off the carpet in the living room. Imagine that it was light beige, and not the gray they had thought upon moving in! He just had to bite his tongue for a while longer and it would all be over.

Who the hell was he kidding? Once you hit the program, you never came back to reality. This was your reality. A rather disturbing thought for him, considering he had been unknown all of his damned adult life, only to be thrown into the limelight. Quite literally, we can note. Rolling his hunched shoulders, Caleb tried to calm somewhat as he scrubbed the sinks and countertop, hearing Lucy pick up her mess in the living room. College was admirable enough, but the way she spoke of it… Well, the girl made it sound like it was her only way out of this hellhole, which was true; after a fashion, anyhow.

“I’m gonna head down to the deli and get dinner.” Distracted nod was her reply, as apparently all his attention was on a coffee stain on the cheap imitation Formica countertop. The door slammed shut, and he breathed a sigh of relief, rinsing hiss hands and drying them before eyeing the living room. More and more he found it difficult to hold back information from Lucy, and soon enough she’d be ferreting out his dark secrets. Hers too! God help him, it seemed like not even Rob knew what Bernardo had told him; not in explicit detail, unlike the rest of the assignment had been notated. Tugging at his lengthening hair in frustration, Caleb finally did what he should’ve done from the beginning.

Eyeing the bookcase beside one of the windows, items were taken off the shelf before he found the false panel. The infamous little phone was in there, but it was shoved aside. Instead a small ledger, looking much like a man’s little black book, and some paperwork was drawn out. Everything replaced and the books righted, he tossed the small bundle on the cleared coffee table, flopping onto the sofa to wait for Lucy’s return. Oh, look! Jerry Springer.


“Back.” Like he couldn’t hear her stomping through the door! Eyeing the bags set on his lap, and a bit surprised at the heat radiating from them, Caleb went about setting dinner on the coffee table for them. He would have gotten drinks and everything, but Lucy was seeing to it. So when she joined him with a pleasant, “Here you go,” he took the juice without saying a damned thing. The way things were working out was weird. Just after the last debacle, Lucy had been waiting on him, like a little housewife! He didn’t understand why she would demean herself like that, but he did not stop her either. Sometimes men had good reasons for doing what they did, and other times they were just pigheaded. Caleb unfortunately fell into the latter category, and knew it.

Halfway through the clam chowder and Philly cheese steaks, he set the food aside and took one last sip of the apple juice before turning his attention to Lucy. She didn’t even notice, which was nothing spectacular, honestly. Or she was affecting not to notice. Whichever it was, he cleared his throat, drawing her gaze over.

“You don’t have to work if you don’t want to.” Huh? Lucy eyed him, on the verge of saying something, but he forestalled her with a raised hand. “Let me finish, all right?” Ouch, that wasn’t a happy look. “It was safe to assume that… Papa set up a trust fund for you in the event of his death, so we’ll go from there.” Especially since we’re dead too. Well, Gino was dead. Any more it was all the same. “The funds were seized due to the nature of the situation, and allotted elsewhere.” Picking up the papers, he flipped through them briefly, showing them to Lucy. He figured she’d likely seen paperwork like this before. “Its still exists, but in another account.” Ooh, well it made sense, in a conspiracy-r-us sort of way. Especially considering the hefty sum he had made up for her, all legit and legal. Not even the government could take it.

“From there, we have these funds…” The black book brought over, and he scooted closer to show her what he was talking about. “My pension.” Hah! That was a joke. Frankly, Caleb had been surprised at the amount that was being deposited into the account; it was the size of what his average paycheck had been with the agency, which was a hefty amount. “Everything is taken care of; for both of us. When you need to transfer funds…” The infamous bookcase! The tall man showed her where the false panel was, how to extract it, and then walked her through the process of transferring funds.

“Shit.” Eyeing the clock, he hurriedly replaced everything and ushered her along. “Come on, we’re going to be late.” Grabbing a tank top from the back of the sofa, Caleb pulled it on and hurried to the door to slip on a pair of sandals. There, hippie transformation complete! Sort of. Snatching up their bags and the few props that were kept at the house, he opened the door for Lucy. “We’ll finish this conversation after practice, okay?”

But Caleb could see one thing; the gears in Lucy’s head were turning. She was brewing something up, but he didn’t know what!

“This costume is worse than the last one!” Caleb murmured against Lucy’s ear offstage, holding up an edge of the cloak for evidence. Ray definitely wasn’t sparing a single cent in the production, and it showed. He could have made the clothing a bit lighter though! Sighing, he turned her face toward his for a moment. Though the mask made a kiss difficult, and the prosthetic beneath was hardly feeling comfortable, he leaned closer for a brief one. “For luck,” was the breathy whisper as he caressed her cheek before the stage lit a bit further.

“Lot 666, then: a chandelier in piece.” Nodding off toward the stage, Caleb watched the girl’s chorus get into place in their first set of costumes, along with a good majority of the cast. There was an amazing facet to the settings, for each rotated out, guided by ropes and pulleys, allowing the next to be pulled forward with the cast already on it in mid-action. It was a great deal better than having to take thirty seconds in between a scene to set up the next one. So when the chandelier came to life with the power of electricity and rose up to its appropriate place above the stage, the scene shifted; ballerinas going through warm-ups, men helping, and the opera singers practicing.

“Brava, brava, bravissima…” There had been two boxes installed to overlook the theater, drawn back during scenes in which it was not the ‘theater’ on stage, and there Caleb lurked, watching Lucy’s performance. Definitely more sophisticated than the one in New York that was certain. It was amazing what a large budget could do for you! Then there was the Mirror. Now that was a piece of work if you asked him, for the set spun as Christine stepped through the mirror and into the arms of the Phantom, tilting dizzyingly to the eye that was not used to the motion.

“In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came… That voice which calls to me and speaks my name…” Lucy seemed off her game tonight, though he didn’t understand why. Perhaps he had done something wrong. “And do I dream again? For now I find the Phantom of the Opera is there – inside my mind…” If only he could crawl inside her head, able to understand her!

Caleb wasn’t exactly comfortable with Stranger Than You Dreamt It still, because Ray wanted to have the shirt laces on the Phantom’s costume nearly completely undone, displaying his chest and part of his back to the crowd. The director had been absolutely enthusiastic about the man’s scars, even if he was self-conscious about it. Its perfect! Don’t you see? Symbolism and all that. Right. Well, with any luck the audience would think that it was makeup and nothing else. But what could he really do about it? Say no? Hah! That was laughable.

“I remember, there was mist… Swirling mist upon a vast glossy lake… There were candles all around, and on the lake there was a boat…” Lucy paused as Christine, rising from the bed the Phantom had placed her on, looking about curiously. “And in the boat there was a man…” Things got tricky here. Once Christine was at the Phantom’s side, he had to turn, leaning into the caresses that she gave to his throat and jaw, completely enthralled with the touch. At least he didn’t have to fake that. “Who was that shape in the shadows? Whose is the face in the mask?” Ray had taken advantage of the mask Caleb had brought to the production, having a gruesome defect cross down the side of Erik’s face, the skin of the eye pulled away, and a hundred small things magnified by the stage lights.

“Damn you!” Caleb nearly shouted, leaping up before Lucy. “You little prying Pandora! You little demon! Is this what you wanted to see?” Now he was stalking, pulling at his hair in frustration, apparently trying to think of something to make Christine’s horror vanish upon seeing his ruined features. “You little viper! Now you cannot ever be free! Damn you! … Curse… you!” Unfortunately he was feeling a little bit too much into the character tonight. The scenery changed to Firmin and Andre, allowing the duo to skirt off stage to get ready for the next part.

Frankly, he was endlessly amused with the Phantom’s threats and warnings, delivered from on high through the sound system with the aid of a microphone. It took a bit of getting used to in practice, not panting into the damned thing with all the climbing he had to do in between scenes. And during the damnable chandelier scene! He actually had to hang from some rafters, and flip onto another! It was during times like that in which he wondered if he had been a gymnast in a former life. If he took a fall… Well, Lucy’s troubles would end then.

“You alone can make my song take flight…” Pausing, Caleb drew a deep breath for the final line, his face rising to stare out toward the audience. “It’s over now… The music of the night!” With the final notes, Erik was to be at his most vulnerable, Caleb forcing his shoulders to shake enough so the audience could see this easily. And in the end, it was a trapdoor that dropped down, allowing him to fall through, leaving only the Phantom’s cloak, mask, and a rose behind. Now that was a trick to get all that shit together in a few seconds. Thump! Done.

“Son of a b-itch!” The shout came from beneath the stage, disturbing the perfect silence that had encompassed the theater in those few brief moments. Loud muttering continued, before Caleb’s head popped back up and then the rest of him, eyeing a glaring Ray. “Hey buddy, you fall six feet without a crash pad and see how you like it!” Sigh. It seemed to mollify the director, if only a bit. Well too fukking bad, that shit hurt!

“Everyone, go through the bows!” Belatedly reaching down to flip the trapdoor shut, Caleb rubbed his hip and headed offstage to wait it all out. Normally he would have snagged the props from the stage via the trapdoor during the first bows while the line of sight was obscured, and steal off stage that way. Screw it! He didn’t care. It took a full three minutes to go through all the cast members, while Ray directed the trio of Erik, Raoul, and Christine to be up front longer, the girl the longest before the curtain dropped, shielding them from sight. Yes! Now they just had to do it every night over the following three weeks, and twice on Sundays. Twitchy-twitch!

“Fantastic everyone! Stagehands, make sure the damned crash pad is bolted to the floor next time so you’ll all stop using it as an aid during your sexual deviance!” Like Ray had any room to talk. “Everyone get some sleep tonight, and don’t practice too much! Take care of your voices! I’ll see everyone here bright and early for the usual photographs!” Ugh.

A half-hour later, out of costume and cleaned up, Caleb waited on stage for Lucy patiently. Eventually she came ‘round, speaking with one of the girls as they strolled on stage. “Ready?” Almost hesitant, but she nodded, and they were off! To have that little discussion he had so briefly described earlier that day.

But what did he want to talk about?

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