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Lucy Avellino
Fatal Euphoria
Thu Mar 10, 2005 17:37

“You don’t have to work if you don’t want to.”

Was he nuts? Of course she had to work! Actors didn't get paid nearly as much as ordinary people assumed, and she opened her mouth to day just that, but Caleb raised a hand. Okay ... “Let me finish, all right?” Uh huh. Go right ahead. “It was safe to assume that… Papa set up a trust fund for you in the event of his death, so we’ll go from there.” Trust fund? But Luciana Avellino was dead. “The funds were seized due to the nature of the situation, and allotted elsewhere.” Huh? “Its still exists, but in another account.”

The papers he handed over were similar to the bank statements and attorney letters she had sometimes seen on Papa's desk at home, during the rare times he allowed her in his private study. The legalise tried to blur, but she held the tears back, allowing the moisture to sting her eyes.“From there, we have these funds…” Pause. “My pension.” From there it was all downhill. Barely paying attention to the secrets of the bookshelf, Lucy was adjusting plans she had assumed would take years to commence. But now ... ?

“Shit. Come on, we’re going to be late.” He tossed a shirt on and only then did the redhead realize she'd actually become accustomed to the man walking around half-dressed. Well, with her emotions in such an upheavel, who could really blame the poor gal? Humming an absent reply to whatever he'd just said, Lucy moved quietly into the hallway and hovered next to him all the way to the theatre. So many things to think about. First and foremost, when the run ended ... she could go home!

Maybe not to New York right away, but there had to be some safe place on the East coast for a walking corpse like herself.

“For luck.” Still not paying complete attention to everything around her, the singer found the breath kissed right out of her, and very sneakily at that. Giggling softly despite herself, she reached up to tug gently on the Phantom's visible ear before darting off to reach her place with the other chorus members. And he was right, they had spared no expense for the costumes. Christine's Hannibal harem skirts were just sheer enough to allow a lovely view of her legs as the ingenue danced in front of the newly arrived, and new, Opera owners.

"Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said goodbye ..." Lucy's incredible voice swept across this new audience, demanding and recieving absolute silence as she performed, for no one wanted to be heard talking .. or coughing. Even the opening night critics were trying to scribble down their impressions as quietly as possible, which was almost unheard of. Standing there, still in her harem outfit, the redhead stretched out her arms to the space beyond hot stage lights, inviting the enraptured assembly to believe whole-heartedly in her story. And when Raoul popped up from one of the 'boxes', there were a few gasps and scattered applause.

"Angel I hear you speak ... I listen. Stay by my side. Guide me." And yes, the trick mirror produced another ripple of low gasps, though the two principles had been practicing with it over a week now and no longer boggled at the sheer magik that people would see in the audience. Actually, with her first real look at Caleb in full costume ... time wound itself back to the first production they had done, sending tiny shivers down her spine. God, he was magnificent! Half-formulated plans rushed in, drawing her back from the precipice of a third heartbreat, voices whispering to her about vengeance. Oh. Yeah.

Time skipped hither and yon, giving her a vast array of newly minted memories in the space of a single night. Dear Lord, the expression on her Erik's face when she'd first caressed the visible side of his face, the look in his eyes. So intense she'd almost forgotten to rip the bloody mask off and feign horror at the deformation --- when really all she wanted to do at that moment was snog the hell out of him before complementing the make-up artists on a job well done. Gah, hidieous transformation there. Woot!

She had no time to recover from the entire Music of the Night scene during Acts, for the costumers were already helping her to the Barbie dress -- this one a magnificent creation of varying shades of pink. Even with her dyed red locks, the effect was very striking. Skin. Tingling. Must. Stay. Sane. Not when Caleb stalked down the stairs in his sexy Napolean outfit, those red pants outlining just about everything! Gah ... drowning in the pool afterwards seemed a better way to spend the evening than talking! Ha. Why would Christine ever run away from this hunk, as she was now tugging Michael off stage.

"No more talk of darkness. Forget these wide eyed fears ..." Speaking of Michael, he was surely enjoying his own dose of noteriety, what with that angelic face and enjoyable tenor. Praying the techies up in the rafters wouldn't fall down on top of them, Lucy did her best to ignore the fake snow being sprinkled down and concentrated on looking so absolutely in love with the Ken doll that it engender sympathy for him later on. " Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime. Say the word and I will follow you ..." But it was Caleb she was looking at, on his perch behind Box '5'.

"Do what you like ... only free her" Poor, brave Vicomte de Chagny; desperate to exchange his life for that of his lover's. The Phantom stalked after the young man like a cat does a mouse, delighting in the misery his actions were inflicting on his rival. And then Christine dared to express the tiny ember of love she still held for her mentor, revealing his groteque face to the audience even as they mouths fit so perfectly together it was the physical last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Not a dry eye in the house, thank you very much!

“Everyone, go through the bows!”

Belatedly Lucy turned her attention away from the last heart-wrenching sight of Erik dissolving into thin air, leaving only a few items for Meg to find. In fact, she was trying not to giggle at the muffled cursing and hoping he wasn't too injured. Or injured at all. Gah. Linking one arm around each of 'her' men, the Three Stooges waited backstage until the cast swept aside to let them through. Only Lucy tried to scoot into the back row too early, thinking that Caleb should get the most applause, but found herself securely trapped between a smiling noble and a smiling bastard. So. Totally. Unfair.

When the curtain finally dropped, so did Lucy, sinking against Andre until someone found her a very well-received cup of water. Dayum. With this seductive, collapsible bodice outfit, the lights were still too hot! While Caleb and Ray yelled at the stage hands for moving the mat, she escaped to her dressing room and just sat down for a few minutes before peeling slippers from her feet. On one hand, she was bone tired. On the other -- this was opening night! They'd done it; a second time for the 'Camerons'. Huh, maybe there was a theatre degree she could aim towards since the future did not include any real marraiges in it.

Michael caught her thirty minutes later, stepping onto the stage with an invitation to a nearby bar with the rest of the cast. “Ready?” That was Caleb with impeccable timing. Smiling apologetically to the assembled bunch of ragtag actors, she made a quiet excuse about being tired and promised to head out with them the next evening. Slipping out the stage door proved to be a mistake, as there were about twenty new groupies awaiting their appearance. It took another fourty minutes before Lucy had talked with and signed something for the last fan standing, and only then was Caleb able to cart her away.

Unfortunately, All I Ask was stuck in her head tonight, so that was what she hummed on the way home. By taxi tonight, thanks. Her feet would have commited suicide after all that galavanting around stage. And, Frisco being true to form, their cabbie refused to accept money. "The lady's voice is payment enough, mon." Yes. He was Jamaican. From cab to front door was a record five minutes, thanks to the fixed elevator. By this point, Lucy could barely see straight and fairly collapsed on the couch.

"If we have any wine left, would you get me a glass?"

Awe. How could you resist that adorable wheedle? Yawning, she sat up long enough to struggle out of her sweater, now displayed nicely in a tank top and the abused shorts. When Caleb returned with two glasses, she extracted both from his grip and set them on the floor before tugging him down beside her. From there it was a matter of plying him with alcohol this once and locating the remote to provide a low flurry of babble.

"Mmmm." Lucy wiggled the toes dangling off the other end of his lip, eyes firmly shut against any outside interference. "Ok, sport. What did you want to talk about?" Actually, her toes were flexing themselves just past his thighs. Not a purposeful attempt at foreplay, she was still riding the euphoric wave of a great first performance and taking it out on an innocent ex-CIA agent. Ha!

So. Start talking, bub.

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