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Caleb Holmes
Euophoric Drinks!
Fri Mar 11, 2005 00:14

“What in the hell did you think you were doing?!” Oh dear, the Phantom was angry, yelling in a subdued fashion at one of the stage hands, who could only stutter when confronted by the man in the mask. “Next time put the mat back! It’s very simple, understood?”

“Y-y-yes sir!” Damn right.

Muttering beneath his breath, Caleb stalked off the stage, sucking it up to speak with some of the cast about the performance. The photographer hadn’t arrived today, some nonsense about another shoot and being double-booked. Quite a few of the chorus weren’t happy about that, but what could they do? He gave a few shrugs around, before retreating to the makeup room reserved for the Phantom. Raoul had one, so did Christine, while the rest of the cast was paired up or more than three to a room.

Peace and quiet, at last!

It didn’t last long once he was back on the stage, waiting for Lucy, but he made due. Frankly, Caleb was surprised when she turned down the offer for drinks with the rest of the cast, claiming she was tired. Shrugging to himself, he escorted her out the back door, surprised to find… groupies. Awe, how cute! They had their own little cult following! Young girls flocked to Phantom, a few older women as well, apparently being lost in his faux-colored eyes, while Christine had her own demons to deal with. By the time they had extracted themselves, he was just about ready to go to bed. Ungh…

One taxi ride later, with a cabbie that refused to let them pay due to Lucy’s singing abilities, Caleb trotted upstairs with the girl, ever so happy to kick the sandals off and drop the bags at the front door. Lucy headed straight for the sofa, which he couldn’t blame her one bit. “If we have any wine left, would you get me a glass?” Frankly, that didn’t sound like a bad idea. Two glasses later and he was shuffling into the living room he was greeted with the grand sight of the redhead in a tank top. Yum. Twitching at the thought, he allowed himself to be the puppet, and plopped down beside Lucy.

“Mmmm.” He eyed the wiggling toes, then the girl, and lastly the glasses. So many choices! “Ok, sport. What did you want to talk about?” Chuckling, he snatched up the glasses, handing one to Lucy before holding his up high. A silent toast and glasses clinked, before his was half-drank in one go. Eh, not a bad taste. But he hadn’t had alcohol in… Well, he just didn’t drink! Period. Frankly he had never even been drunk. Eyeing the glass in a considering fashion, he set it aside for the time being and started rubbing the arches of Lucy’s feet. There, ply her with alcohol and massages, just like every other time.

Its something that Bernardo told me. I wasn’t supposed to tell you… But how can I resist that cute face? “First things first!” Knocking back the rest of the wine, Caleb tugged Lucy’s legs straight before sliding around and on top of her. Woo, someone was taking the initiative for once! Caressing her face for a few brief moments, he planted a kiss on her lips that made his toes curl! Frankly, Caleb wasn’t sure if it was only Lucy whimpering by the end of the impromptu kiss. Though his lips lingered, brushing across her jaw and down the throat, finding sensitive spots along the way.

“All we do is tease one another…” Husky whisper, sounding as if he couldn’t take much more. And half of it was his fault! “I promised him that I would help protect you from the big-bad world,” Caleb chuckled, nuzzling Lucy’s neck as he wrapped an arm about her. “Scares me too. I know I run hot and cold sometimes and I don’t mean to. It’s just… Well, I’m not used to this.” Pausing, Caleb thought better of the situation and hopped up, running into the kitchen. Ah-ha! Bottle of wine; uncorked, at that. “Bought it this morning,” was his sheepish explanation, before refilling their glasses.

He couldn’t tell her what Bernardo had told him yet; he was afraid that it may cause the girl to run off. Well, everything in its time, he wasn’t about to rush it. Holding his glass on high, Caleb gave Lucy a grin, straddling her legs as he crouched down there. “To… The Angel of Music!” Cheesy toast, didn’t really give a rat’s arse about it either. Tilting Lucy’s chin up, wine sprinkled and consequently ‘drank’ off of the skin. Hah! Take that you damned tease.

The toasts went back and forth, the ante upped each time from one performer to the next, until the smaller woman was happily buzzed, and the ex-CIA agent was… grinning stupidly, as if this were the most amusing thing he had experienced lately. Oh God, he was getting drunk! Or something like that. Maybe he just couldn’t hold his liquor. Whatever it was, this was damned funny.

“Y’know…” Caleb was saying, half flopped against the sofa, and laying on Lucy. It was comfortable, but hot! He had long since taken off the tank top, and snuggled there, eyes flicking toward the mindless babble on the television. “That fall earlier hurt! God damn fukk bunnies stealing the crash pad!” Taking another drink – okay, so there had been several bottles, he just hadn’t admitted it until slightly tipsy – he pondered something. “I betchya it was Ray! Eww, gross!” Nose crinkled, the glass went back on the table for a moment and he stood up. “Seriously! Lookit this!” Mooning alert!

Apparently he wasn’t so self-conscious of his body when drinking, something he would have never suspected either. The track pants he had worn to the theater were dropped, and he pulled down the jockeys in the back. Didn’t exactly need to point out the bruise that made his hip a pretty shade of purple and blue; then again, he hadn’t exactly been acting like it hurt that much either. Who the hell knew? “It’s bigger than my hand!” Laughing, the skivvies were pulled back up, and he flopped over on the sofa again, though it didn’t look to be on purpose. Where was his drink?!

“Psst…” Eyeing Lucy, he tugged on her hand, dragging the girl over. Of course, her drink toppled toward the floor, which left both of them in a fit of hysterics that was unnecessary. Hey, people could be drunk, thank you very much! Finally, with Lucy straddling his lap, Caleb seemed placated once his hands were able to wander across her back and lips to consume her flesh. Definitely happy. Once clothing began to fly, primarily Lucy’s, he could only manage one thing.

“Bedroom… now!” Stumble.

Oh Jesus, his head was killing him!

Groaning, Caleb peered out from beneath a comfortable pillow, squinting at the bright light that filled the… erm… where was he? Rubbing sore eyes, he tentatively took a better look around. Oh hell, it was the bedroom! Then the person next to him must be… Uh oh. But she looked so damned adorable! Besides, half of her body was slung across his, and the subtle shifting that they both did made one thing abundantly clear.


Caleb had to peek under the covers just to be sure. Yep, naked. But when he rolled over, Lucy began to stir, her forehead furrowing in a way that conveyed she had one hell of a headache too. When his hand reached out to gently caress her brow in an effort to help rid her of the headache, she started, eyeing him like he was nuts. Okay, so he hadn’t been the only drunk one last night. Pointing to the covers, he lifted them, just to prove he wasn’t the only crazy one here. No, definitely not the only one. He didn’t know if that was good or bad though!

“Drunken sex.” Caleb delivered the line with a solemn nod, as if he had imparted some sage-like advice upon the girl. But he couldn’t help the rest; it started as a small smile, quickly growing into a grin as the laughter started. Enough that he gasped for air after only a few seconds. “You plied me with alcohol!” Wait. “Or did I ply you?” That seemed to be a question that would go down in the ages. “We should get up.” Should being the operative word in that statement.

Of course, that kiss didn’t help. Nor did the second one, or the third. And the squeaking mattress definitely was not making things any easier!

An hour and a half later, paired with giggling shower time, and they were flying out the door in a flurry of tank tops and comfortable pants. Taxi! Rushing in through the back door, Caleb tugging her along while they giggled, he couldn’t help but give her one last kiss before running off into the dressing room. Right, costume! Er, makeup too! Forcing himself to stop and take a deep breath, he poked his head of to find out if anyone had a bottle or two of Tylenol he could drown the headache in.


It was an hour later, and that was a rather rude awakening! Sort of. Caleb had just been pulling on his pants when Ray came in. “God damn Nick!” Well, either the director enjoyed a variety of things in life, or he was staring at the scars. Whatever it was, Phantom was quickly pulling on a shirt and giving a glare to end all glares. “Oh, the photographer is here. So chop-chop!” Sighing, he gave a resigned nod, snatching up coat and cloak before following after.

Lucy and Michael were already having their photographs taken, which gave him enough time to don the rest of the costume, and rummage about in an inside cloak pocket for the Phantom’s gloves and that infamous red rose. Ah-ha! There we go. Before he knew it though, someone was dragging him underneath the photographer’s lights. Oh look, another jackass! Quirking a brow, he allowed himself to be put into pose after pose, eventually being told to ‘act natural with Christine’. So did that mean they could have sex on the floor? Biting his tongue, a variety of placements rushed by, and they were done. Unfortunately it didn’t leave much time before curtain call though.

Of course, with a headache of this caliber, his day couldn’t possibly go right.

“Did I not instruct that Box Five was to be kept empty?” Raoul jumped in ‘Box Five’, searching about for the Phantom’s voice. He, of course, was up in the ‘rafters’, leaning forward to be more menacing. No safety wires were employed, because he didn’t want to have to deal with a harness! But he leaned too far forward…

“He’s here: the Phantom of the Opera…”

“It’s him! I know it!” There went Christine, and then Carlotta. “Your part is silent… little toad!”

“A toad, madame?” Oh shit! Caleb had begun to lean too far forward, and the cloak caught, toppling him over the railing about the chandelier. Only a last second grab kept him from being Phantom Pancake instead. “Perhaps it is you who are the toad!” See, even unintentional things could woo and audience! Then the production went on, and Caleb was left to slide down a railing to get to the catwalk above the stage. Lookit ‘em go!

Mmm… Punjab noose. This he had actually practiced with the fellow that played Buquet, getting the timing down so he wouldn’t dangle thanks to a hook in the vest he wore. Thud! There he went! Caleb enjoyed this portion of the show immensely, because sometimes it felt like he was… Well, those were silly notions. He’d never be scaling a building again in midday, managing to avoid notice. Still, it made for a very flashy Phantom.

By the time he had to sing I Gave You My Music, Caleb’s heart was thumping wildly from the exertion, just like it did before. Or maybe it was the song. Whatever it was, he was quickly becoming something more than just another Phantom.

“I gave you my music… Made your song take wing… And now, how you’ve repaid me: denied me and betrayed me… He was bound to love you when he heard you sing… Christine…” God help him, these lyrics weren’t helping anything either! He could see Lucy’s face, her hair tousled, lying beside him in bed. Shit, he couldn’t be falling for her!

“You will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you!”

Too late.

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