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Caleb Holmes
Sneaky Ways
Wed Mar 16, 2005 16:38

Caleb was ready to throttle Lucy.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt again!” Hurt? Hurt? She had no fricking idea how it felt! Frankly it was a self-centered reason, and idiotic all the same. It had started just after they had gotten home from Evita, Caleb barely having time to hang up his suit jacket before hearing this nonsense. How had she gotten that idea in her pretty little head? Just because he had been shot while they fled the theater? Ugh!

“That is the dumbest reason I have ever heard!” Judging by the glare he just got, that really wasn’t the best thing to say. “It’s my job, don’t you get it?” Don’t belittle the Ice Princess, Caleb! Too late. The vase whizzing past his head had been a favorite, right until it smashed against the wall. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

The rest of the night hadn’t been any better, especially after Caleb had taken Lucy by the shoulders and sat her down on the bed like a spoiled child. In fact, she was acting a bit too much like her persona for his liking, and told her so. That resulted in a slap, and him sleeping on the sofa, which he was more than happy to do at this point. Well, it was either that or a hotel, and since he didn’t exactly feel safe enough to leave her alone at this point, the guardian ended up on the modern sofa that wasn’t as comfortable as it looked.

The next morning hadn’t been any better, with his usual rush to get ready for work and the office calling every ten minutes with some sort of emergency. What a load of bullshit! He much preferred being the theater bum, instead of responsible agent. But what choice did he have here? Rob had literally moved him up the ladder; no wet team assignments, no more near-death experiences. Simple office work, learning the ropes as it were. It wasn’t until later that Caleb realized Agent Jackass was grooming him for his job. Shudder. Did Rob even have a family?

And then there was Lucy.

They had exchanged apologies, even shared a kiss that made him late for work. So things were going marginally better, even if Caleb had no clue what he was doing in this relationship. Frankly, he was pulling it out of his ass as he went along. Mindless work and fools abound, being mentally exhausted by the time he had gotten home. Dinner had been waiting – and it was edible! – along with a seductress that kept stealing his clothing. Well, no objections here, thank you very much! By the end of it all, each had confessed how stupid they were being, but made no promises not to do it again. That would have been idiotic; of course they were going to argue. But Caleb definitely had a smile on his face after that.

“Fantastic! No, thank you.” Caleb was talking into his cellphone at the office, jotting something down. “I’ll be there shortly to pick it up.” Phone shut off and the paper shoved into his pocket, he hopped up to run out of the office. Except there was this barricade at the door. Crap.

“Everything going all right, Simon?” He slumped his shoulders, wondering when this was all going to end. Rob shut the door behind himself, proverbially locking the two men in the office. No one ever came around when they were in conference alone.

“Weren’t you supposed to be going back to New York today?” No answer. Crap. What did he do this time? “Rob, do you have a family? All I see you do is work, work, and work more. I don’t think any woman could handle that.” Ooh, he hit a nerve! Caleb watched Rob settle down into a seat a bit unsteadily; this couldn’t be any good for him. Taking cue, he sat on the edge of the desk, somehow feeling that their positions were being reversed.

“I’ve been at this job longer than I’d care to admit. In fact, I started off as you did, even if I didn’t take as long to catch on.” An amused smile and a twinkle in the man’s eye showed exactly how much he enjoyed needling Caleb. “And I won’t be around forever…” Rob paused, taking obvious satisfaction in the way Caleb’s eyes widened. “Besides, the grandson of Holmes is a rather fitting analyst, wouldn’t you think?” Dumb nod. “Now, get out of here to do what you were going to do for her.”

How’d he know?!

“Thank you, Amy. We’ll let you know tonight if you’ve got the part.”

Caleb was leaning against one of the walls in the theater, waiting for Lucy’s turn up on stage. He had seen her eyeing the audition tryout times when they had first visited the places, and had been absolutely determined to at least get her to try out. Hopefully it was going to be part of the healing process, and wouldn’t hinder her at all. Besides, this was a small place; if it sold out, it’d be a footnote in the Lifestyles section of the newspaper. Nothing like last time.

“Next! Alexandra Nero.” Caleb gave her hip a light tap as she wandered near the stage, practically frightened out of her skin. Well, he couldn’t exactly expect the bright and confident Lucy to suddenly reappear. “What part are you gunning for, miss?” He knew what she could do, no matter her appearance, so the reactions should be vastly amusing.

“I… uh… Cosette. I’d like to audition for the part of Cosette.” C’mon dollface. You can do better than that! Silently, Caleb urged her on, giving a warm smile when she glanced his way.

“All right. Let’s see how you sing cold. In My Life from the top.” Wow, what a dickhead!

Watching the reactions of the crowd gathered was something of a novelty for Caleb anymore. From the begin, Lucy’s voice was a bit shaky for her, likely due to the fact that she hadn’t sung a damned thing in at least a month. But then her vocals began to warm up, that silken smooth sound he had missed suddenly ringing through the theater. It drew the blokes in by the droves! Toward the end, since the director had said nothing, a few mouths were gaping, and most everyone had her rapt attention. Caleb grinned to himself as her song wound down, watching the people present finally draw themselves out of the spell she had wrapped them up in.

“Rehearsals start tomorrow night. This isn't a professional production so don't expect to be paid. Bring a suitable 8x10 photo for the program and a short biography. Welcome to the cast, Miss Nero.” Grinning at Lucy as she came bounding down the stairs, he scooped her up in a warm hug.

“Congratulations sweetheart.” No typical kiss between them, considering this was public and they didn’t know anyone here. But he had a few surprises for her this evening, and one was about to come up.

“Next! Simon Halifax.” Tapping Lucy on the nose and giving her a wink, he trotted up the stairs and planted himself stage center. Unfortunately he was the only person present in a suit and tie, which made him look like a stuffy bastard. “Lose the jacket and tie please! This is not a formal event!” Uhm… Eyeing the director, Caleb sighed and did as told. By that time all eyes were on him, and not in a good way. As an agent, he did carry a weapon, and that was in display now. No one said anything, but he got rid of it all the same, tucked into the suit jacket. “And what part are you shooting for?” Haha. Funny pun, you dickhead.

“I’ll be auditioning for the part of Javert.” Well, it seemed rather appropriate after that snafu. Rolling up his sleeves, Caleb could already feel the negative vibes that were coming from the director and crew, which wasn’t going to help any. Eh, oh well. He’d just have to show them.

Javert’s Suicide Lyrics from the top, please.” Ich. No good! Nodding, Caleb drew a deep breath and went at it.

“Who is this man? What sort of devil is he… To have me caught in a trap… And choose to let me go free?” Instead of standing stock still on the stage, he went through the typical motions of denial and self-doubt for the audience, proving that he wasn’t just some gun toting bastard. “It was his hour at last… To put a seal on my fate… Wipe out the past… And wash me clean off the slate!” Wow, this song was sort of ironic. But he hadn’t heard a peep out of the audience, and the director wasn’t talking to anyone. At least he had their damned attention!

“All it would take… Was a flick of his knife. Vengeance was his… And he gave me back my life!” Oh look, angry constable! “Damned if I'll live in the debt of a thief! Damned if I'll yield at the end of the chase. I am the Law and the Law is not mocked… I'll spit his pity right back in his face… There is nothing on earth that we share. It is either Valjean or Javert!”

Then he was cut off.

“All right Javert. Same as Cosette; rehearsals start tomorrow night, bring the headshot and a short bio.” Just like that it was over with? “Next! Michelle Sykes.” Tromping down the steps after gathering up his things, Caleb ignored the few stares he got when putting everything back on. Lucy surely knew that he carried a weapon; it hung there every night in the closet! Wasn’t like he was going to sleep with the damned thing; not just yet. But he doubted her look of surprise was from the gun – he just hadn’t told her that he was going to be auditioning. He had been there for moral support, supposedly. Hah!

“It’s all your fault, y’know…” he murmured as they exited the theater, arm wrapped about Lucy’s shoulder. Leaning down to nibble on her earlobe, he gave a laugh as she squirmed in the slightest. “Your entire fault I became addicted to theater.” Yep! Escorting her to the car, door was opened like a true gentleman, and then they were off! Where to? Home, of course! The drive didn’t take especially long, but upon arriving at the apartments, there was a car in their parking spot.

“Damn it! Why do people always have to take our spot?” But there was something funny about the car. It was an old VW Bug, a deep vibrant red. He saw Lucy eyeing it curiously, and knew he had made the right decision. But the worst of it all? There was one huge bow on top; in paisley. Oh yes, he knew her well enough judging by all the hippie clothing and what not that this was definitely the car for her. Pulling up beside the Bug, Caleb killed the engine and rummaged about in his pocket.


It honked?! Jingle-jingle. When Lucy turned toward him, he had that devilish little grin, a pair of keys with alarm remote being jangled in front of her face. That afternoon he had taken the Bug and had it refurbished, considering it had just been rebuilt. Had to be the most reliable car he had ever seen, which made him feel better. And it gave Lucy the freedom she wanted – no, needed.

Who said he couldn’t be thoughtful?

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