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Caleb Holmes
Surprises Abound
Fri Mar 18, 2005 02:27

“Look down, look down… Don’t look ‘em in the eye… Look down, look down… You’re here until you die…” Ooh, chain gang! All right, so they weren’t going to be in costume yet, but apparently these men knew the score seeing as how they were acting like a chain gang. Caleb eyed the script in his hand, already beginning to look slightly worn and dog-eared, with various little notations here and there. It was all Lucy’s fault that he had gone and bought those Broadway music CDs for the car ride to and from work. Now he couldn’t get the damned songs out of his head! Argh.

Some of those songs were never-ending, you know.

“There, out in the darkness – a fugitive running. Fallen from grace, fallen from grace. God be my witness… I never shall yield till we come face to face. Till we come face to face.” Caleb couldn’t help but feel like he should be identifying with the song; not only because of his profession, but his life as well. Maybe he really was a goody two shoes. “He knows his way in the dark. Mine is the way of the Lord… And those who follow the path of the righteous shall have their reward. And if they fall as Lucifer fell – the flame, the sword!” Whoa crap, deep breath! He wasn’t used to this after not singing; he just wasn’t trained like Lucy. “Stars in your multitudes, scarce to be counted… Filling the darkness with order and light. You are the sentinels, silent and sure, keeping watch in the night. Keeping watching in the night…”

God, he was glad he hadn’t taken up smoking or some other atrocious habit. Otherwise this play would have been short lived by Javert’s early suicide masked as a heart attack. The song continued in much the same vein, though he did get marginally better than some shouted words or bravado for the angered constable. Oh, Caleb could have tried for Valjean, but that would have been slightly creepy. I mean, living with the woman that played your daughter in the production? That definitely had an edge to it. Being too young for Marius, that left one option, and he was perfectly content with it. It was his chance to find out if he actually enjoyed this nonsense without interacting with Lucy.

Oh who was he kidding? She had created a monster.

After the suicide, in which Caleb ironically fell backwards behind some scenery and disappeared from view with a thud, he was basically done excepting the chorus at the end of it all. For a dry run it was absolute shit, and they were told so. But hell, it couldn’t kill his bad mood at this point. Especially not after a little nymph tackled him once they were in the door! Sated and smiling, twisted up in the sheets beside his lover, it felt like nothing could go wrong at this point. Curling up behind Lucy, he hugged her close, wondering how long they could sleep in this position. Or how long he could hold on to her.

“Love you…”

“Damn it, Steve. How many times do I have to tell you to check the tapes before asking about certain things?” Oh, ‘Simon’ was in fine form today with an incompetent staff, ranting about this or that. It wouldn’t be too long before he’ll be needing blood pressure medication at this rate. “It is very simple. You’re all analysts, yes? If unless I missed the memo that my staff were a bunch of high school drop outs?” Nods then shakes of the head followed in quick succession, no one actually daring to speak. “So analyze. What is the first thing you look at?”


“Come on folks! It’s not that hard. Think back to college. Think back to your training. As a rule of thumb, where is most of the evidence going to be?” Rob couldn’t have handed me a bunch of flunkies as a ruse, now could he? I wouldn’t put it past him… They were going to have some serious business to talk about later on when he saw the bloke.

“Uhm… The… crime scene?” One woman toward the end of the table, diminutive in stature said tentatively, her hand half-raised.

“Amazing! Someone around here has the lion’s courage! And the tinman’s brain to boot! People, it is not as hard as you make it seem. Think of it like a damned puzzle. Find the pieces at the crime scene, and put them together.” Definitely low-level bullshit if the CIA was involved with criminal activity. Or maybe he was just here to train these blokes. Whatever it was, Caleb was nearing the end of the rope.

“Oh, holy christ. Who is she and where do I sign up for a piece?” Huh?

Crap. Anything in a skirt could distract this guy. Glancing through the windows that comprised the meeting room’s inner wall, Caleb could suddenly feel his blood pressure increase. Shit. What the hell was she doing here? Vainly he tried to remember what she had been babbling on about after sex last night, and couldn’t bring a damned thing to mind. Oh hell, the stereotypes were true; men really did fall asleep right after sex! Cursing inwardly and calling himself nine kinds of a fool, he decided he couldn’t take much more of it. The pencil in his fist made a little snapping noise, mimicked by the way eight heads turned toward him. Snap!

“It would do you very well, Steve, if you did not speak of my partner like that.” Wait, what kind of partner? Life or crime? Er… government. At least the lesser agent visibly blanched at the comment. That made him feel the teensiest better. Of course it couldn’t last long, not with Lucy strolling toward the meeting room with a cool and aloof expression on her face. When in the hell did she get that dress, anyhow? Eyeing her legs, he reminded himself to buy her more of that variety.

“Gentlemen, I am so sorry to interrupt. But Simon left this at home and I needed to run it over before he got into serious trouble.” Eyeing the wallet she tossed onto his paperwork, he quirked a brow skyward. That definitely wasn’t his wallet. Especially since he had paid for lunch with the money in his pocket! Besides, he didn’t own a brown wallet! “Ta, hon. Gentleman, good afternoon.” A wane smile followed her back, and Steve’s eyes followed her legs. It was only logical that one of the cassettes homed in on the man’s head with a lovely little cracking noise.

“Mind your manners. Or did the agency forget to give you some of those when you were standing in line for seconds?” It wasn’t the first time Caleb had made a snide joke at someone’s expense, and this one actually earned a few snickers. A glower as well, but there was precious little to be done about this. “Now, if you all remember how to process information, my day will go that much quicker. There are a few things in the lab as well, first come first serve. I hope I won’t be hearing from any of you again today without a very good reason. If you don’t know how to do something, look it up. That’s what books are for! Dismissed.”

Gathering his paperwork, which was a great deal more than the case files that the agents had, he heard a few subtle comments about ‘Simon’ and his leadership abilities. And he didn’t give a rat’s ass. Then the usual rumors, about the man becoming unhinged out east. If that were true, an agent would’ve been sent to a treatment facility then a desk job where all they did was shuffle papers. Rob really had given him some greenies, hadn’t he?! Tossing everything into its appropriated file – i.e. a box with the case number on the side – he hauled it down the hallway to his office. Along with the brown leather wallet.

Box tossed aside, Caleb carefully inspected its contents; sixty dollars, all in twenties, and business cards. The same business card in every single slot to take up space. He really was wearing off on her, wasn’t he? Sighing, he took out the money and shoved it into a pocket, before tucking the wallet away in his briefcase. It didn’t take any longer than that before a timid knock came at his door. Why in the hell couldn’t anyone just leave him be for five minutes?! “Agent Halifax?” Sigh. Turning about, he eyed one of secretaries that were normally staked out by the entrance. Those women were seriously frightening – all the things they could do with an emery board? Enough to give a grown man nightmares for years. “Agent Fowler said to tell you that he was taking your girlfriend to the doctor.”

“Wait. What?” The woman repeated the message, with no pomp or circumstance, eyeing him as if he had gone a bit off kilter. Like this was an every day occurrence! Well, according to these people it was; supposedly Halifax and Fowler were old partners in crime. If you chose to look at it that way… “Thank you.” A nod from the woman, no smile, and she was off down the hall. Quickly shutting the door, Caleb sat down at his desk and fished out his cellphone, punching a series of numbers in rapid succession.

Ring... Ring…

“Come on Rob. Answer! It’s not like you don’t have a signal; you have a freaking SAT phone!” Ring… Ring… This was bullshit! If he didn’t– “Where in the hell are you, Rob? What’s this about my girlfriend at the doctor?” They didn’t say emergency room; he had explicitly stated doctor, otherwise the secretary would have said otherwise. So it was mild worry churning in his stomach instead of an all-encompassing fear. Still!

“I’m with Alex now. Though I think its best that you get home. We’ll meet you there.” Huh?

“Wait, what do you mean? Is she all right?” There went another pencil. Maybe he should invest in one of those stress balls.

“She’s… fine. Take the rest of the day off, and head home.” Click.

“Son of a bitch!” That shout turned a few heads. Snatching up his briefcase, Caleb began high-tailing it out of the office. Only to be barred by three people on separate occasions, for one reason or another. The last was Steve, and that man got the same brush off, even if he muttered a few not-so-nice things. Mental note: Throw his ass to the higher ups later. That was a worthy post-it against the inside of his skull, if you asked this guy.

Now all Caleb wondered was how long it would take him to get home when breaking the speed limit.

That was the worst twenty minutes of his life! And it was only twenty minutes because he had gotten pulled over for making a rolling stop at a four way intersection with no one around. If he could have gotten away with it, he would have gunned the engine. But the poor little Volvo would have likely died when it shifted gears at that speed. So a flash of the badge, and a convincing story about some bullshit – which he didn’t know had actually happened – and he was let off the hook. Sort of. The police officer instead gave him an escort at high speeds to the boundaries of his jurisdiction, only a few blocks from his home. Fantastic!

Lucy’s car wasn’t in her normal space, but an indiscrete Cadillac sat there. Damned federally issued cars! Wondering when he’d get one with the altered transmission and powered engine, Caleb’s hand glanced across the hood. Still hot and pinging; they couldn’t have been here more than five minutes. His suspicions were confirmed when he hustled into the apartment, in time to see Rob handing a glass of water to Lucy, which she gratefully drank from.

“What’s this all about?” He didn’t demand, but quickly gave his lover the quick once over to make sure that nothing was visibly wrong. No obvious bruising, burns, cuts, marks, sprained or broken bones. So what the hell was going on here? Tossing the door shut behind him with a heavy hand, he waited impatiently for the explanation.

“Caleb, my boy…” Oh shit, he was in trouble. Rob had used his name. “You are now a proud father.” Giving a blank stare, it was likely the only time either one of them had seen the agent truly shocked, because Rob was giving one hell of a grin.

“Huh… Wha… How did…?”

“Well, you see, when a mommy likes a daddy, they call the stork!” All right, now that was pushing it too far. Caleb ceased gaping like an absolute fool at this point, shooting a glare at Rob for poking fun at him right now. Deciding to ignore the idiot right now, for it was in their best interests all around, he crouched down in front of the girl, cupping her face in his hands.

“Lucy, hon? Are you all right?” Even with all the concern and worry in his voice, there seemed to be the edges of a smile beginning to form. This was way too creepy.


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