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Lucy Avellino
Morning Report
Wed Mar 23, 2005 04:28

“I love you, Lucy. I’ll be back soon, I promise.”

She was not going to cry. But for one endless moment, she clung to him -- letting his unique scent absorb itself into her memory. Could not shame her lover. This was his job! Fingers slid easily through his hair, giving the girl enough time to stuff every instinct to keep him safe into a mental box. Too difficult to resist one last libido-stoking kiss, though. Blame the hormones.

"I love you, Caleb. Come back in one piece."

There. Said without too much of a tremor. Avellino women had sent their men off to battle for many generations without breaking down and sobbing in public. Even at twenty, she could do no less than her own mother. Luciana stood tall and serene until the car bearing her lover away had vanished from sight. Only then did she burst into tears and hole up in her bedroom for two hours.

The first night was the most difficult. Twas a sobering experience, lying on one half of a bed and wondering where he was. Who he was with. Oh god, her imagination seemed to be painted liberally in the viridian hue of jealousy. Imagine that. Here she was, carrying the child of the most amazing man on the planet, and desperately trying not to picture him cozying up to another broad.

Seriously, could she get any more stressed? Probably not.

Morning finally heaved itself over the Sangre de Christos, bathing the town in a warm, and orange, glow. After disposing of her stomach's contents in the toilet, Lucy ventured quietly out of the apartment to retrieve the paper. It arrived via the hand of an ... agent. His haircut was military issue, as was the near-fatal shine of his shoes. Sorry, luv, but real joggers dont' look like they've been groomed within an inch of their lives.

Teasing him was never not an option, "Tell Rob good morning for me." Delivered with a saccarine smile, no less.

Paper firmly tucked under one arm, the singer wandered back inside and set about rummaging up some breakfast. Everyone had ganged up on her and prepared little containers full of good, nutricious food -- the kind she usually described as 'rabbit eats'. Veggies, sprouts, fresh fruit. One donut, that's all she asked for. Honest!

Hugh wandered out around nine, followed shortly after by Ben. Exchanging polite nonsense, Lucy did her best to ignore the heavenly smell of coffee soon floating out of the kitchen. No caffeine for her now -- either soda or the rich, black cocoa extract. Darn them elitist OB/GYNs! Mournfully forcing down the dry toast and melon slices, our darling mafia refugee stole the shower and deliberately spent over an hour getting ready for the day.

The first present arrived just after three that afternoon; two dozen roses in varying shades and a teddy bear almost the size of Hugh! It was white and black, and came with its own bamboo leaf .. and made Lucy cry so hard that she had to wash her face and reapply makeup before leaving for rehearsal. Stupid panda.

Lets remember to be professional, folks! No sobbing during rehearsal, and definately do not keeping wishing that Marius looked just like Javert. Who wasn't there, damn him. No, wait. Job -- Caleb had one and it was very important to him. Ugh. Maturing was such a pain in the ass! She barely made it through practice, and almost wrecked the car on the way home. Why, you might ask. Well ... blame on Bryan Adams and that stupid Robin Hood song. It reminded her of her agent too much.

Day two followed much the same course as the first, only the flowers numbered three dozen ... and the stuffed animal wasn't stuffed. Or an animal, for that matter. It looked suspiciously like a bracelet. A gold one. Who could scowl after recieving a bloody gold bracelet, I ask you!? More smiles at rehearsal that night, and Ben was gracious enough to be her driver for the evening. Man ... one tiny dent in a red fender and people start thinking you cant drive properly. Sheesh.

Day three ... the morning sickness began to dissipate. W00t! Lucy celebrated by renting as many Gary Oldman movies as the video place would let her carry out, and spent the afternoon drooling over the one man on the planet who she considered even close to as magnificent as her lover. Young lass, but she had good taste in actors, no? Yes, indeed. And then five o'clock came 'round, forcing her away from Harry Potter the Third and out the door to the theatre.

Wet, lather, rinse and repeat. Blah. Practice was practice -- the only time she didn't miss Caleb was when she sang, and even then there was a faint melancholy tinge to her voice that added another depth to Cosette's portrayal. Ah, well. At least she was ugly when she cried. Right?

Day Four.

Not pleasant. Lucy woke up with a splitting headache around eight o'clock, and lost bathroom time to Ben. Grumbling at the old bastard under her breath, she stalked into the kitchen after tossing a thin robe over her equally thin nightshirt -- and then decided to rebel. Nope, dry toast and fruit was so not her effing breakfast this morning! It took some time, but the ingenious lass managed to locate a package of frozen waffles behind some juice mix, and gleefully shoved two of them into the toaster. Screw healthy -- she wanted tasty!

And ain't no one gonna mess with a pregnant lady.

Waffles and maple syrup were almost as good as sex. At least this morning. Finishing before Ben vacated the bathroom, because she was a smart person, the brunette retrieved the morning paper from the latest agent-cum-jogger and delivered her usual greeting to send back to Rob. Aha. Eventually he was going to get tired of his men being spotted before they could attempt being helpful. Or maybe he wasn't trying to be subtle this time. Huh .. worth ruminating over later.

The phone rang when she was haflway through the day's comics, "Hello ... Nero residence. Alex speaking." Now who could be on the other end?

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