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Lucy Avellino
Whiskers on Kittens
Fri Mar 25, 2005 02:45

“Still wrapping your legs around strange men, princess?”


Nearly expire on the spot.

A confused jumble of thoughts and emotion swept ramshackle through her brain at that moment, Lucy only heard bits and pieces of the ongoing monologue - it was almost too much work remembering how to breathe. My God, no one's voice had ever sounded so much like an angel to her.

Not even Bernardo, and surely he was dancing attendance in Heaven now, laughing about having slipped in on Saint Peter's watch. Her grandfather had always had the most delightful sense of humor.

“Rob says you should stop taunting his men with peeks down your nightgown, sweetheart. Supposedly it isn’t good for concentration, though I have no clue where he got that crazy idea.”

. . . . .


"Well," Pleasant surprise there, her voice steadier that she might've hoped. "I really didn't think you'd appreciate me out and about in just the robe, love." Wow. Where had she gotten the brass tacks to flirt with him over the phone?! Absolutely no idea where the burst of courage had come from, but hey, whatever worked.

"I love you so much, Caleb. Even when you're off shagging Bond girls." Silence. Oh shit! Recognizing her blunder just a few seconds too late, the girl hastened to try and repair the damage. "I meant the movies, not --- bugger! Would you accept a verbal apology or will we wait until you come back?" The sudden guilt was crushing her, she should've remembered the fiasco.


When she continued to recieve just static from the other end, Lucy bit her lower lip, now quite sure (in the way that all young women are) that she'd just ruined a perfectly wonderful relationship with hastily spoken words. Ben wandered out just then, took one look at her trembling mouth and yanked the phone away from her. "Whoever this is, I'm going to kick your ass for making a goddess frown."

Now just a bit petulant, thanks to her youth and those lovely raging hormones, the brunette stalked out of the front door after remembering to open it up just a second too late ... and ran smack dab into a pair of tall, blond vikings. Hitler would've given his left arm for either of them.

"Alexandra Nero?" At her quick nod, one pulled a gigantic cluster of lilies out from behind his back. Apparently the expression of shock was a good one, because he reached forward to set her upright before the poor dear fell over. They were so bloody beautiful. No need to ask whose name was on the card -- she'd just about mangled everything on the phone with the sender.

Oh bother, to quote a favorite bear.

"Tell ... tell him thank you." Delicate flowers were almost suffocated against her chest, and only one thing saved the bunch from a horrible death. "Mrowl ..." Little fuzzy face peeked out at her from the shoulder of the other agent, his look suggesting the feline was putting its claws to very good use.

"Oh my god ... a cat!"

Her yelp was heard as far away as St Louis, and definately heard on the phone. Well, hey, the door was still open. Lucy reached out to rescue the tiny kitten, depositing a kiss on two cheeks before fairly bolting back into the apartment. "A kitten, Ben!" She held the creature up for inspection, fingers tangling briefly with the collar and tag. "Gino ... GINO?!" Quick abduction of cordless ....

"Caleb. A kitten. I ... I don't have the words."

That was true. Noisy, incoherent babbling mixed with happy sobs could hardly be construed as 'words'. Ben, trying to look indignant about the theft, reached over and gently extracted the piece of machinery in order to speak on his friend's behalf, "She likes the cat and no doubt will bestow lots and lots of affection once you wing your way back to us. Why don't you call back tomorrow night -- if you can?"

A short silence followed as Ben listened, watching Lucy dart into her bedroom with her new pet. By the time the conversation was over, she'd returned wearing very hippy-ish jeans and a shirt that appeared to have been mobbed in a paint factory. There was a decidedly glowing spark in her eyes now. And Gino? He was perched on her shoulder, looking for all the world like a miniature Bagheera.

Not to mention the Berkies on her feet.

The rest of the day was spent ... shopping. Gino needed a food bowl, water bowl, little bed of his very own, a scratching post, a veterinarian and as many toys as she could get away with. Most of these were found at the local PetsMart, and one of the employees was kind enough to direct her towards a decent animal doctor. He, in turn, was generous in his gifting an entire bag of kitten chow to her ... with instructions to come back in one month to 'fix' the little bugger and purchase nourishment.

"Do you think Gino is alright?"

She glanced towards the clock again and tried not to wince when the director singled her out. Again. "Will you please pay attention to the scene, Cosette? It's pivotal to the story. Marius is going to glimpse you on the street and fall in love on the spot. If you aren't going to pay attention, then the entire moment is wasted."

Lips pursed in embarassment, and cheeks flooded with color in added humiliation. Six days without Caleb. It was Hell on earth, though she didn't have much room to complain. He traveled alot in his job, and that wasn't ever going to change. It's just ... well, she missed him terribly. He'd called two days ago as he'd told Ben he would ... but Gino had taken the opportunity to mess with the phone cord, nearly electrocuting himself in the process. Needless to say, the Nero residence now boasted a new phone. And the call had been ... wasted.


"I'm sorry, Richard. It won't happen again." Tonight, anyway. Torn between actually behaving, or throwing a tantrum to see what she could get away with, Lucy concentrated on her stage lover for the next hour, managing to nail all of her lines and marks in a show of cooperation. Ok, so ... behaving it was. Marius helped her down from the stage, opting to settle in the seat next to her.

There had been no more flower arrangements either, so the girl was unsure if Caleb really was mad at her or so busy that spoiling her rotten had not crossed his mind. How sad was that? At this point, she just wanted him back home, where he belonged. Another week of this and she'd start haunting the building downtown and threaten to be recruited.


That would be the day ... an Avellino crossing the line in the dirt to stand on the side of Law and Order! But the image lifted her mood a little, enabling the singer to make it through the rest of rehearsal without going insane. No one had ever affected her so completely that a performance of any sort ranked second best to physical company. God, she was really and truly in love with him.

Bloody hell.

Let go at half past midnight, because of her earlier inattention, Lucy found the roads almost deserted. She sped past the Dunkin Donuts on St Francis, giggling at the herd of cop cars out front, and cruised past the plaza on her way home. It was seriously spooky, seeing her current hometown so devoid of life. At least it made the drive easier to deal with.

All the lights were out when she pulled into her parking space, freezing the brunette in her seat. Stark, brutal memories rushed by; her grandfather's home had given off this very aura. The sense of isolation deepened, making it extremely hard to leave the safety of her car. Her heart made a valiant effort to leap repeatedly out of her ribcage, but the thought of Ben and Hugh possibly lying inside ... hurt or worse ... finally prompted her into the brisk night air. Sandals slapped hollowly against the pavement as she walked up to the front door.

Creeeaaaak ....

Out of a fecking Hitchcock movie! Mental note: stop watching scary films. "Hello?" And then she got the fricking scare of her life when the switch was flipped ... bathing the living room in light. Dozens upon dozens of flowers lined the space in vases, there was at least three hundred dollars worth of lillies and roses in the unoccupied portions. Gino sat lazily on the counter, green eyes watching his namesake.

Yep. Caleb stood in the middle of the florist explosion, arms open and waiting. Well, what was a girl to do? "Oh my god ... Ca--" Her words cut off by the advent of his mouth clamping down on hers, she hadn't even seen him move to close the space between them. Ok, that answered one question. He obviously wasn't mad at her ... at least not now.

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