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Lucy Avellino
Hijinks Away
Sat Mar 26, 2005 13:01

“Hi princess…”

The two most beautiful words in the English language to her right now, floating on the air despite his next comment. Rather embarassing, really, only noticing now that he was using both herself and a cane for support. “Now that I have you though…” It was so hard not to melt at the decidedly wicked 'Heh he he' he made, but she managed not to puddle at his feet -- a very impressive feat indeed. Pardon the pun.

Truth be told, however, it was embarassing to realize that during his flesh-searing kiss she in fact had wrapped her legs around his waist ... hence the need to use his cane. Still, the fact that his mouth was so potent didn't bother her overly much. Nevertheless, the brunette slid back to the floor on her own volition, untangling herself from him to make sure Gino hadn't darted outside ... and to close the bloody door.

Hunger mewled pitifully from her stomach, prompting Lucy to move around Caleb to get to the kitchen. She'd put together a sandwhich, get something to drink and then take a bath before welcoming her lover home properly. Or .. that had been the sketchy plan. Instead, the agent tossed his cane on the sofa before scooping her up into his arms and navigating the hallway to their bedroom.

"But you're inj---"

Well, if this wasn't the night for interrupted sentences! His mouth came down on hers again, tongue sliding forcefully into her mouth. Hey, it shut her up nicely! There was another benefit, the heat stoked by kiss numero uno came back from nourishment's exile, pooling in her belly in preparation for another sort of meal alltogether. Easing into the room now, she found herself dumped unceremoniously on the bed.

For one split second man and woman eyed each other.

"I love you." Moments after she uttered that, Lucy found herself in the midst of an assault, his mouth bruising her own before moving on to her throat. God, his near-frantic passion made her tremble -- hell, the stubble decorating his chin rubbed against her shoulder in the most delicious way, producing a heartfelt moan. Apparently that was the correct answer to his silent question, because desire was rushing up to greet her post-haste, and through the delirium she could feel her shirt being yanked off.

Two could play at that game, however. Despite her unsteady breathing after he paid homage to the whole of her shirtless chest, lavishing attention on his child's future source of nourishment to the extent that Lucy was literally squirming against him, she turned the tables and went for his earlobe first ... remembering how sensitive that area was. Aha! A moan. Bwuaahahahahaha! Teeth scraped gently against his neck, her tongue slid down across his collarbone and hovered there while she fumbled with his shirt buttons.

Bloody, fukking, infernal creations!

Oh screw this. She'd buy him a new set of clothing if it came to that. Lucy tugged -- hard, and managed to get the blasted garment open with only a small loss of tiny, clear spheres. God, he was beautiful. Such a magnificent chest, and so deserving of attention. Fingers slid across the expanse of muscled flesh, toying with the light covering of hair. And then it became too difficult not to kiss, so she lowered her head and pressed her lips against the highly sensitive nubs of flesh, tongue flickering out to tease as one hand slid down his stomach to rest against the protrusion behind his zipper.

Caleb growled, there was simply no other way to describe the sound, and ... lunged, pinning the impudent wench to the bed underneath him. "Oh, that's macho ..."she giggled, apparently able to still string words together coherently. About time for Operation: Snogfest to commence, no? So it began ... hands and lips coaxing a rosy glow from youthful flesh to the point where all said wench could do was wrap herself around her lover and hold on for dear life.

Needless to say, the tangle of limbs and other organs continued into the wee hours of the morning, two sated bodies finally seeking slumber a scant hour before the sun rose over the mountains. A herd of elephants could have wandered through and not disturbed the couple -- in fact, a couple of noisy blokes arrived around lunchtime, creating so much racket to draw down a poltergeist. Or a sleepy soprano. Rather surprised to find the bed still intact, Caleb's favorite brunette nudged him awake as well with a very well-placed kiss before sliding out of his embrace and into a sleep shirt.

"Morning, Ben." Time to go watch him make the coffee she couldn't drink!

Okay, fine. His leg was healing nicely, despite the workout they'd been putting it through late at night. The agent had presented her with a copy of the Kama Sutra in jest, one of his many gifts from New York, but the singer had taken the damn thing to heart. Well, as she didn't plan on sleeping with anyone else in her lifetime ... surely it was okay to experiement, right? Not like another lover would've shown such patience with a young partner. No, no problems with their sex life at all.

So ... what? Well, in the week Caleb had been back, he'd been working so hard that the time she got to spend with him out of bed was a small parcel indeed. Another appointment with the obstetrician had come and gone without his presence, and while she knew that he couldn't help not being there, it still hurt a little. Ok, ok. It hurt alot ... but she was determined to present a sunny disposition to him at home. His refuge from work had to be comfortable, not frought with anxiety. Or so Good Housekeeping claimed. And that Bewitched tv series.

Elizabeth Fowler had found her puttering around the tiny garden that sat outside the apartment, trying in vain not to kill off the few flowers that had managed to blossom. Lucy did not have a green thumb. Hell, plants withered at a single glance from the floral terror. "Go change. Put something cute on." That had been a direct order from the boss's wife ... so how could she argue? Besides, getting out of the apartment for something other than rehearsal was a godsend. Darting in to feed Gino his lunch, she tossed on another sundress in a flattering red shade, slipped on some sandals and grabbed her hippy purse.

Off to -- wherever!

Wherever turned out to be a side stop at one of the local burger joints to pick up twenty-five orders, and then ... downtown to the two story building that housed Beth's husband and Lucy's lover. Wow, that last one rhymed. They each managed two flat boxes of bags, and made one of the lower level peons carry the other three in after them. Well ... ya know, homemade cheeseburgers, fries and sodas took up alot of room. And that was how Lucy reached Caleb's floor for her second visit.

"Oh ... my god. Simon, your girlfriend is back! With food!:"

Aha. That caused a stampede out of the conference room, with two dozen analysts being overly helpful in divesting the two women of their burdens. One enterprising fellow, he of the big mouth, even drew Lucy over to a chair next to Mistah Halifax before darting off to get her a glass of water. Apparently Rob, or someone, had let slip that Simon's pretty little lover was expecting their first child.

"Hi, honey." Lucy smiled apologetically. "Mrs Fowler abducted me, so please lay all the blame at Rob's feet." Rob? Wow. So the beauty was on first name basis with the boss's boss? It didn't help when aforementioned weasel wandered in and planted a kiss on his wife's cheek ... and then another on ze pregnant ladee. "Alex, you're looking well." He grabbed one of the remaining bags, settling down next to his wife. A look passed between them, then Beth spoke.

"We'd like to have dinner with you next week, Alex. You can bring Simon along if you like." There was a wealth of amusement behind her hot pink smile; a color that no blonde should ever wear, and yet the older woman managed to pull it off nicely. Lucy shrugged affably, in the middle of chewing her bite of red meat and cheese. Caleb could answer for them both, since his mouth wasn't full at present.

"Yes, bring Simon along ... if you must." Rob was such a smeghead.

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