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Lucy Avellino
Stressfully Clean
Mon Mar 28, 2005 18:34

“Oooh, we’re early!”

Well, of course they were early, it was only four o'clock!

Caleb had been in a jovial mood all afternoon, however, which she attributed to the steak-and-potatoes meal he'd devoured at lunch. Never one to complain about red meat, especially now when she needed all the nutrients she could get, Lucy had ordered the same -- their meal puncuated by long stretches of silence. It was odd, but neither had found the need to break the quiet spell with innane chatter.

It was a tribute to how comfortable each had become with their respective lover's company.

And afterwards, they'd found thier way home - always a difficult proceedure. Made even worse when they couldn't keep their hands off one another, and Lucy took full blame for that one. One kiss simply hadn't been enough, so by the time the couple fell through the front door, the fight was almost over. Fight, you may ask? Well, the one involving struggling to get various garments away from arms and torsos and legs.

He'd made love to her on the living room floor, slow and sweet. So tender as to make her cry. Only then did the pair of human rabbits make it to the bed for a second round of making themselves exhausted. Boy, with workouts like this, the singer would retain most of her shape through the pregnancy. Or so she had proclaimed, giggling, before rolling over to plant a kiss on the back of Caleb's head and scamper off to claim the shower.

“Past the point of no return – no backward glanced: The games we’ve played till now are at an end… Past all thought of "if" and "when" - no use resisting: Abandon thought, and let the dream descend… What raging fire shall flood the soul? What rich desire unlock its door? What sweet seduction lies before us…?” Brought out of her daydreams with a very familiar song, Lucy found herself locked into a strong embrace. Interesting .. “Past the point of no return, the final threshold - what warm, unspoken secrets will we learn? Beyond the point of no return…”


Twisting around gently, she circled her lover like a frigging vulture, “Past the point of no return - no going back now: Our passion-play has now, at last, begun… Past all thought of right and wrong - one final question: How long should we two wait, before we're one…?" A finger trailed along his shoulders, seconds before she found herself back in the same stance as when he'd started singing. Amusing. Sooooooo amusing. "When will the blood begin to race, the sleeping bud burst into bloom? When will the flames, at last, consume us…?”

“Past the point of no return, the final threshold – the bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn…” Her arms held almost taunt in Caleb's grip, then slowly sinking down to brush across her torso as their voices mingled perfectly in the empty space,
“We’ve passed the point of no return…” Lucy hadn't realized how much she had missed this role -- how could she ever view Miss Daae as anything but a dear friend for bringing herself and the agent together? If Gaston Leroux himself had been alive, she could have kissed him too.

“Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime… Lead me, save me from my solitude…” The soprano shivered, hearing so many layers to her lover's voice now, the raw emotion just underneath the surface, “Say you’ll want me with you, here beside you…" Do. Not. Cry. Stoppit! “Anywhere you go let me go too – Christine, that’s all I ask of—!” Ragged breathing, her mouth so close to his now that tipping forward would produce a kiss. And by the look on his face ... it wouldn't stop there.

Oh, well. You only live once, right? She started to tip forward . . .

“Holy shit you two!” Huh? The exclamation startled her enough to sway backwards, out of Caleb's suddenly clumsy grip. “That was… Oh my God!” And they applauded! The entire cast moved en masse down the center aisle and piled on the stage, filtering between the couple and chattering about the impromptu performance. Lucy put up with it for about ten minutes, quietly trying to get a word in edgewise, "No, it was very kind ... but I don't belong on Broadway .... New York is too far away ..."

So she got mad when the critiques kept going. "Please stop!" It was the first time she'd yelled in public since ... since she'd last played Christine. And the strain proved too much for the still slender girl. After expending so much energy in the afternoon, and then stressing out over 'Broadway' comments, she took a step away from the milling actors . . .

And crumpled to the floor without a sound, fainting.

"Someone call a paramedic!"

"How are we doing this morning, Miss Nero?"

Six in the morning, an ungodly hour if there ever was one. The ob/gyn on duty at St Vincent's Hospital checked the info on Alexandra's chart, then settled down on her cot to check temperature and blood pressure. She'd been brought in the evening before, a victim of trying to do too much whilst pregnant. The nurses had quickly gleaned that she was dehydrated and running on too few carbs for someone in her condition.

Expectant mothers were required to eat something every few hours.

"We're doing much better."

Lucy didn't use his name. Trying to read anything at this hour was sheer folly, but she added 'Doc' so he'd feel better. That he'd know she took this seriously. Sighing, she lifted her right hand and eyed the IV needle and hookup taped along her forearm. Bugger. Caleb had been forced out of her room around midnight; unlike the movies, hospitals in real life required room visitors to be relations. 'Boyfriend' and 'father of child' just wasn't good enough. He'd promised to come back sometime this morning, though.

"Everything looks great. I'd like to keep you here until about two this afternoon. If the checkup then looks good, then we can discharge you. If you need anything, press the red button next to your bed and a nurse will be right in." Rising from the cot, he scribbled some notes down and replaced the chart in its holder next to the door. "Breakfast will be served in about an hour and a half." Off to the next vict--er, patient.

Alone in her room, Lucy scowled at the wall opposite her bed, then reluctantly reached over to grab the remote and start flipping channels. Bored. Bored, bored, bored -- Oooo.Good Morning America was interviewing Gary Oldman about the actor's latest venture, and she found herself quite unable to look away. That was okay, Caleb wasn't around to tease her about her sole entertainment crush.

The news kept her occupied until the wardens deemed fit to feed nutricious, bland food to everyone in the maternity unit. Eat, resist asking for a cheeseburger, chew. And repeat. Sometime soon after scarfing down breakfast, the brunette fell asleep while watching a daytime talk show ... Jerry Springer to judge by the low IQ level. The next time she opened her eyes, it was to see Caleb sitting in a nearby chair, idling skimming through an official-looking file.

"Hi ..."

Oh boy, was she ever in for a lecture.

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