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Caleb Holmes
Inciting Mayhem
Tue Mar 29, 2005 00:08

Broadway! Titter. Fantastic! Giggle. Bravissima! Squeal.

Caleb’s head was beginning to hurt.

“No, it was very kind…” He could hear Lucy off amongst her own throng; somehow it reminded him of the days back in New York at the theater with David. “But I don’t belong on Broadway…” Now that was complete bullshit, but he was entitled to his own opinions now and again. “New York is too far away…” Okay, he really had to put an end to this. Bending down to pick up his cane, Caleb nudged aside a few of the cast, moving toward his lover.

“Please stop!” People froze, eyeing Mizz Nero in shock. The warm hearted hippie with the easy going voice had just screamed. They all were looking like their favorite pet had been killed. But then Caleb saw the flutter of Lucy’s lashes and she took a step back, as if she couldn’t breathe. Then it was all over.

“Someone call a paramedic!”

Caleb wasn’t sure if it was his voice or someone else’s, nor did he care as he fell to his knees at Lucy’s side. Instinctively he straightened her limbs and tilted her chin, quickly making sure that she still breathed. Her chest rose and fell evenly with deep, clean breaths. God, it looked as if she was only sleeping! But he couldn’t stop his hands from trembling as his fingertips gently brushed against her cheeks. She was scaring the ever loving hell out of him! At the edge of the stage, he could hear someone speaking into a cellphone, about Lucy collapsing without reason. But she was pregnant, so there was reason. Even his ignorant male mind knew that much.

“Baby… C’mon, wake up for me sweetheart,” Caleb pled, tucking errant black strands of hair behind her ears. Absently he saw that she needed her hair to be re-dyed, and likely had been in need of it for a while. “Lucy…” he whispered against her ear. “Please hon, just get up…” Caleb hadn’t realized how much time had indeed passed before someone was shouldering him out of their way. His mouth opened angrily to protest before the latex gloved hands came into view. Oh. Well they could shove him aside then. Shakily rising to his feet and grabbing his cane as an afterthought, he leaned heavily on it while watching them take her vitals and come to no real conclusion besides possible heat stroke.

“Simon…” Blinking as he watched the medics gently raise Lucy onto a stretcher, he half turned toward Richard, wondering what sort of wisdom would be imparted on him now. “We’ll take my car.” Huh?

“No.” He didn’t want to be stranded at the hospital or put Ben and Hugh out by having them come and get his car after this was over with. Caleb didn’t have any worries that Lucy was in dire straits, but he did want to know why this had happened.

“Fine, but I’m going with you.”

“How is she?”

Caleb hadn’t even two seconds inside his own home and he was being asked questions! Swallowing the urge to scream, he eyed… Oh God, it was Rob. Hugh didn’t bother saying anything, and Ben gave a sheepish shrug as if to say, Who else was I going to call? Had a good point there though. Sighing, the agent flopped down on the sofa and shook his head.

“She’s fine; resting right now. Lucy was just dehydrated and ill nourished.” Snorting a laugh, Caleb leaned back and stared at the ceiling. “She scared the shit out of me!” Pausing, he eyed Ben. “I know it wasn’t her fault either, these things happen.” Right, sing the Point of No Return with the woman, and she’ll faint dead away! “I’ll head back as soon as visiting hours begin in the morning. With any luck, she’ll be discharged then too.” Turning his gaze toward Rob, he gave a mirthless smile. “I’ll be turning my cellphone off.”

“Understandable, Caleb,” the older man murmured, clasping him on the shoulder before rising. “I’ll head home and tell Beth so she’ll stop worrying. Don’t worry about dinner right now; just make sure Lucy takes care of herself.” Yeah, right. How was he supposed to do that if he was at work all the time? Giving a half wave as the man let himself out, Caleb decided that it was a good idea just to sit there for the time being, shoulders slumped and head hung low.

“Can I get you anything?” He wasn’t even really sure who asked the question.

“No… I think I’m just going to go over some paperwork.” Trudging to his feet, Caleb wandered into the bedroom, snatching up his briefcase. No one in the house ever screwed with his things, and didn’t think they would begin to now, but it was still locked with its own combination. Popped open on the bed, he rifled through the files, selecting out a few folders and set them aside with their own notepad, before setting to work. He wasn’t tired, hadn’t bothered to close the door, change or shower, and felt just fine with this. The only concession he had made was to remove the dress shoes and sit on the edge of the bed to take notes.

Theoretically, Rob would’ve kicked his ass into next week for having these files, or any number of other things for doing what he was doing. Caleb had ‘borrowed’ the case files from his last assignment as Gino Maurizio, along with Avellino and all the Piazzo files he could lay his hands on, as well as some other obscure Families. He was looking for something that would connect Jersey and New York on the Piazzo family side, and had been for the last week. Cynthia had proved surprisingly resourceful in her innocent little ways, procuring him everything he had asked for and more, while never questioning why he had wanted the files.

Hours of taking notes and reading later, Caleb was rubbing his eyes in pure exhaustion, searching out a respite. Well, nothing was likely going to help, and he thought a five minute shower wasn’t going to hurt anything. Ahh, hot water! Relishing the scalding liquid for the precious little time he allowed himself, being careful not to submerge his leg, he was out in record time. With a towel wrapped about his waist he stepped back into the bedroom, eyeing Ben studying his notes with an armful of dirty laundry.

“What’re you doing?” Ouch. Caleb hadn’t meant to snap at the man and sighed. “I’m sorry Ben. I’m just a bit frazzled with everything and…” Ugh.

“It’s all right Caleb. Do you need some help to re-bandage your leg?” Oh crap, he had forgotten to take off the old bandage! Looking pitiful for a split second, he nodded agreement and stripped away the soaked gauze, eyeing the stitches carefully as he sat down. Hell, he hadn’t even allowed Lucy to take a look at his leg yet, he had always taken care of it! “Fragments?” Ben asked, crouching down to inspect it. Nodding slowly, he frowned at the long incision that had been made in his thigh, a neat row of stitching holding it all together. It had taken surgery, and that was another worry that Lucy hadn’t needed to bear, so he refused to bother telling her. At least the older gentleman knew what he was about, making quick work of the bandage before settling back to admire his handiwork while Caleb eyed his notes. “Look for someone on the inside.”

“Hmm?” He really wasn’t paying much attention.

“I said, look for someone on the inside, Caleb. From what I understand there were not many happy Avellino men, as few as they were. And Sonny definitely wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. It’d have to be someone that knew both families intimately, could get inside Avellino’s head and puppet Sonny.” Ben quieted as Caleb stared at him with a tight jaw, ticking in anger. Not at the older gentleman, but at himself. He had been so certain that an outside source had influence Sonny, but why not one of the Avellino members that weren’t happy with Bernardo? Or Lucy, for that matter.

“You… are fukking brilliant!” Kiss! “Jesus Christ…” Deep breath, Caleb! “Okay, okay. You, go to bed!” Absolutely giddy with glee at the insight, the agent threw on a pair of boxer-briefs and went with it, quickly charting out everything and anything he could imagine. There were a shitload of possibilities within those pages, but one of them had the definitive answer; it had to! It was staring him in the face the entire time, along with the rest of them. So what if someone had been dismissed? They could get lucky a time or two, but wouldn’t be able to consistently do so.

Hobbling with a little hop in his… cane, Caleb headed up to Lucy’s room in the maternity ward, receiving smiles from the nurses as he went. Sorry ladies, not a new father, merely expecting. That thought still freaked the hell out of him, but he couldn’t exactly change anything now; nor did he want to! Well, a few things were going to change, and soon he hoped. Sneaking into the room, he smiled upon seeing his little girl sleeping peacefully. Pulling up a chair, he drew a file and notepad out of his briefcase like usual and settled in for the wait.

“Hi…” Glancing up from the file, Caleb smiled at seeing the sleepy Lucy stretching a hand out toward him. Gingerly grasping it – considering he was always gentle with the girl – he gave her a little squeeze.

“Good morning princess. Want some juice?” Folic acid was good! Pouring her a glass of orange juice with the typical bendie straw, it was handed over, and he waited until she was done until setting it aside. “Sleep well?” Inane question, for he laughed at her furrowed brow. He knew how it was in these places, and stroked her head. “You should be a brunette again.” Idle comment, because he was putting off what he was saying. And she could tell it too, he knew she could! Glancing over his shoulder toward the door, he eyed the time, figuring that lunch was soon, and no one would dare visit at all during that time. If she wasn’t out by then.

“I love you sweetheart, you know that.” Pause. This didn’t sound good. “When I was in New York, I… ‘borrowed’ some files,” he said with a tap upon the folder and notepad. “About the Families.” Oh, the F was definitely capitalized in that statement. “I have no definite proof, but it isn’t looking pretty.” Leaning over her bed for a quick kiss, he placed the notepad in her lap, pointing at portions of the chart with a pen. “Bernardo,” now it was a whisper, going through the flow chart. “Sonny,” went over on the other side, and all their tying points in the center. Lucy was the top, but also Jackie for his beating of Sonny in the theater, and a few others along the way. Hell, she may not even know about some of these men.

“I’m going to send the paperwork over, maybe take care of a few things eventually.” It translated into Caleb going away again, but for a good purpose for the couple this time. Perhaps the end of it all; that was how he saw it. And he had wanted to tell Lucy here, in the hospital, in case something went wrong. After the debacle about mentioning Broadway yesterday, he wasn’t going to be taking any chances. “But I think it was an inside job.” Now that had to hurt. Bernardo had painfully selected the men he held close to him, and the men that also cared after Lucy in Jackie’s absence, as few times as there had been. To know a turncoat had been associated with your own family… Well, it had to be like one of them going to the feds.

“But, come hell or high water Lucy, I’m going to make this end soon.” Caressing her cheek with his free hand, Caleb managed a warm smile. “No more hiding, you can be yourself again.” But the end of it all frightened him as well; she was still his charge, he was supposed to be protecting her. What was he supposed to do once it was finished with?

Ah-ah-ahem! Oops?

Drawing away from Lucy, and taking the notepad with, he saw a smiling nurse standing in the doorway, who made only a little fuss about checking the patient over and looking at her chart. “Oh, well we can’t have this!” Huh? “Two o’clock my rear. Give me about fifteen minutes and you can go home.” Whoa, neat! The nurse sashayed out of the room, leaving Caleb a moment to put away his things and snatch Lucy’s clothing out of the closet as another nurse came in to attack her for the removal of the I.V.

They could talk about this at home with more privacy. Hell, he had taken a huge risk doing this here! But it had to be done. A half-hour later, and a dressed pregnant woman who was beginning to show with a slightly rounded tummy on her slim frame, and Caleb gave her a warm smile as the wheelchair was pushed in.

“Ready, sweetheart?” his lips said. But the meaning was clear.

Ready to talk?

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